Evening & Weekend MBA Program

Books and Reading Packets

Students enrolled in the Evening & Weekend MBA program are responsible for the cost of all required texts. Reading packets, consisting of cases and other reading materials (commonly referred to as readers) for your classes are covered by the program. Readers are available on-line through StudyNet. Instructions on accessing and ordering your readers can be found online. Starting in Fall 2014, incoming EWMBA students will receive iPads that serve as an instructional tool to aid in accessing student and university systems and course materials. iPads will be distributed during Orientation.


Students enrolled prior to Fall 2014 will continue to have their textbooks and reading packets covered by the program. Textbooks will be available at the beginning of each semester in the program office.


Students enrolled in a Full Time MBA course will need to purchase required text books on their own and submit appropriate documention to EWMBA_Office@haas.berkeley.edufor reimbursent. Documentation needed includes a proof of purchase (i.e.: Receipt) that includes the following information:


- Student name

- Textbook name

- Method of payment (credit card, check, cash, etc)


PLEASE NOTE: Students who repeat or drop courses are responsible for the associated text and material expenses.