Evening & Weekend MBA Program

Modifying Your Graduation Date

Typical timeline: In general, EWMBA students graduate after three years or 6 consecutive regular semesters in the program (3 fall and 3 spring semesters, with MPAR in the spring of their second year).

Minimum timeline: Students must be enrolled in no fewer than 5 regular fall or spring semesters. 

Maximum timeline: Students who matriculate prior to Fall 2014 have up to seven years to complete the degree starting from the semester they enter the program. Students who matriculate in Fall 2014 and later have a total of five (5) years to complete the degree starting from the semester you enter the program.

The program allows modifications of your graduation date by one semester:

  1. Early Graduation: graduating after 5 consecutive regular semesters (3 fall and 2 spring semesters.)
  2. Late Graduation: graduating after 7 consecutive regular semesters (typically 4 fall and 3 spring semesters.)  Graduation may also be postponed if a student withdraws for one or more semesters.  Please see withdrawal policies for details. 

Approval Process
In order to modify a graduation date, a student must fill out the Graduation Modification Form, and turn it into the program office to initiate the approval process by program staff. 
We strongly encourage you to submit your form as soon as you know your plans.  The latest deadline to submit your form is: 

  1. Early Graduation: Paperwork received no later than the 4th semester (end of 2nd year)
  2. Late Graduation: Paperwork received prior to January of your 6th semester (end of 3rd year)