Evening & Weekend MBA Program



If a student is not taking any classes, i.e., not enrolled in any courses/units in a given semester, they are automatically considered withdrawn.  When a student is withdrawn they are ineligible for:


If you must withdraw* from the program for any reason (and for any length of time), please notify the program office right away. Students who matriculate prior to Fall 2014 have up to seven years to complete the degree starting from the semester they enter the program. Students who matriculate in Fall 2014 and later have a total of five (5) years to complete the degree starting from the semester you enter the program.


*NOTE: If your graduation date will change as a result of your withdrawal from the program, you must complete the Graduation Modification Form and return it to the program office.


A form is required to re-enroll after any absence of one regular (fall or spring) semester or longer.  If you wish to re-enter the program after an absence, you must complete a readmission petition and return it to the EWMBA program office. If you were on academic probation at the time of withdrawal, your readmission to the program is not guaranteed.

If, at the time of withdrawal, your GPA is less than 3.0, the department may not approve your future readmission request. Should you stop attending classes and do not inform the instructor or the administration of your intent to withdraw from the course or the program, you will automatically receive a grade of "F." Readmission to the program in this case will be subject to strong scrutiny.

If you or your partner are expecting a child while you are an enrolled student, please contact your assigned advisor. Your advisor will discuss your individual parental leave options with you and help you work with your instructors if needed.