Evening & Weekend MBA Program

Evening & Weekend MBA Program Writing Requirement

The EWMBA program has an academic writing requirement designed to assure the professional writing competency of our graduates. You must meet this requirement during your first semester at Haas.


Whether you work in investment, marketing, finance, or the non-profit sector, your writing competency matters. We are often reminded by recruiters how much persuasiveness, conciseness, clarity, and fluency as a writer play an important role in determining your success.


On or before December 14, 2013 please submit a 500 word (minimum) writing sample to Ericka Lutz, the program's Writing Consultant.


What to Submit

You may submit a professional business document or a paper written for a Haas class. Your sample must contain a persuasive element; a recommendation or an argument. (A technical description, for example, will not suffice.)


What NOT to Submit


Submission Process


Assessment Criteria and Process

Ericka Lutz will assess your sample on the overall quality of the writing. If your sample demonstrates competence, you will be notified that you have completed the writing requirement.


If your sample indicates writing issues, Ericka Lutz will offer you one-on-one writing coaching, in person or over Skype. Coaching may focus on persuasiveness, organization, clarity, conciseness, paragraph structure, sentence structure, word use, grammar, and/or revision techniques. This valuable service is included in the cost of tuition.


Please direct any questions to Ericka Lutz, lutz@haas.berkeley.edu.


Ericka Lutz has taught writing and public speaking at the Haas School of Business since 1998, on both the graduate and undergraduate level. She is the author of eight books as well as numerous articles, essays, columns, short stories and theatrical pieces, technical documents, training manuals, and scientific papers. Her international writing and editing clients have included Silicon Valley startups, Russian, Hungarian, and Finnish organizations, and the US Department of Energy. She also consults privately with individual clients on writing, speaking, and public performance.