Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program

Fall & Spring Add/Drop Process for Elective Courses

*Helpful tips: Top Things To Know About Add/Drop

  1. Add/Drop Rounds
  2. Things to Remember
  3. Adding a Class
  4. Dropping a Class
  5. Course Materials during Add/Drop
  1. Add/Drop Rounds

    1. The Add/Drop period will consist of four rounds. This includes a week prior to the start of the semester as well as the first two and a half weeks of the semester (Fall or Spring). Please note there is a separate Drop process for Summer Session. Round 3 will be the final round of Add/Drop for the semester. Round 4 will be for Drops only. No further transactions will be processed thereafter per Add/Drop Policy.
    2. Start and end dates for Add/Drop Rounds will be posted on the Registration Timeline.
    3. Students will receive 3 waitlist points per round. Students are allowed to sign up on a maximum of 3 waitlists per round, and a student may only submit one point per waitlist.
    4. After each round of Add/Drop, the EWMBA Program Office will process waitlists according to the following rules:
      • Students will be prioritized on each waitlist by seniority in the program, then randomized students within seniority, and as many students will be added to the course as there are available spaces.
      • For students who do not get off the waitlist after the first week of Add/Drop, they will remain on a ranked waitlist for the following round. The waitlist will again be ranked by seniority in the program and randomized within seniority. Those already on the ranked waitlist will have priority over new students signing up on the same waitlist during the subsequent rounds of Add/Drop.
      • After the EWMBA Program Office processes all the waitlists, an email will be sent requesting that all students log into OLR (Haas On Line Registrar) to view the complete results of their waitlist requests. Once a student is in the waitlist report, a student will either see an "E" next to the courses a student was successfully enrolled in, or a "W" with a waitlist number next to the courses a student was unable to enroll in. (Please see above regarding the ranked waitlist.)

  2. Things to Remember

    1. The waitlist function will not be available until add/drop begins according to the Registration Timeline.
    2. The following courses will not be included in the normal add/drop process:
      • EW247.1B - Data Analytics (Fall)
      • EWMBA295F.1 - Lean Launch Pad (Spring)
      • EWMBA290H.1 - Haas@Work (Fall and Spring)
      • EWMBA292S.2 - Social Sector Solutions: Nonprofit Consulting (Spring)
    3. All drops are irreversible in the OLR system. A student will have to add themselves to a waitlist again to re-enroll into it. Please see above for how waitlists are processed.
    4. A minimum of 6 units per semester is required to receive Financial Aid.
    5. The maximum course load per semester is 9 units, unless exceptional approval is granted by the program office.

  3. Adding a Class

    1. Evening & Weekend Electives
      1. Students may add a class during Add/Drop via OLR during Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3 only. All classes, regardless of space availability or unit value, will have a waitlist on OLR.
        • Log in to OLR with your Haas username and password. Click on the Current process for the semester, ie. Fall 2015 Add/Drop.
        • From the drop down menu at the top of the page, select "List of EWMBA Courses" then click "View courses". All EWMBA courses will appear on the screen. For each course, all the relevant information is given, including class capacity, number of seats filled, and the number of students who have signed up on the waitlist. (A student will not see who is on the waitlist; just how many people are on the list.)
        • If a student wishes to add to a particular course's waitlist, click on "Add to waitlist" to the right of that course listing. You will be redirected to a screen where a student can submit one waitlist point for that course by hitting the "Submit Waitlist Request" button.
        • Once a waitlist request for a particular course has been submitted, a student will see that the waitlist status changes when going back to the EWMBA course listings. A student should see "Waitlist request received" to the right of that course listing. A student may continue to add themselves to more waitlists by following the above steps until they've reached the three waitlist maximum.
        • A student may view or change current waitlist requests in a given round by going to "Current waitlist requests" from the drop down menu at the top of the page, then clicking "View courses". A student will then see a list of the courses for which waitlist request was submitted. If a student wishes to drop a waitlist request made previously during a given round, click on "Waitlist request received" to the right of that particular course listing. The next screen is where a waitlist request may be dropped by clicking on the "Drop Waitlist Request" button.
      2. Online courses/hybrid courses
        • In addition to adding themselves to the waitlist in OLR, a student must email indicating interest and confirmation that they are on the waitlist. Note: Only enrolled students will be able to attend live, online sessions. If a student is succesfully added to the course, they will be given information about accessing live sessions. This process applies to the following course(s):
          1. EWMBA290T.11 Managing Innovation & Change (Spring)
          2. EWMBAW211.1 Game Theory (Spring)
          3. EWMBAW254 Power & Politics (Fall)
    2. Full-Time MBA Courses
      • Full-Time MBA courses can be taken on a space available basis. Please review the policy regarding FT courses. Please submit requests as early as possible during Add/Drop by completing this FTMBA Course Request Form. Requests will be reviewed by the Program Office and students will be notified via email.
    3. Seminars in International Business, International Busines Development, Washington Campus
      • These courses have separate sign-up processes outside of Add/Drop. More information about each program can be found on the Other Academic Opportunities.
    4. Non-Haas Courses
      1. Information about Non-Haas Courses is available here.
  4. Dropping a Class

    1. Students can DROP classes directly through OLR at any point during the Add/Drop period (Round 1, 2, 3 or 4).
      • While OLR will process the drop request(s), a student will still need to return all course materials before the drop is finalized. Students who do not return the course materials for their dropped course(s) will be billed at the end of the Add/Drop period.
      • Please note that all drops are irreversible in the OLR system. This means that a student will not be able to re-enroll in the course if the student changes his or her mind. Only drop the course when you know for certain you will not be taking the course.
      • If a student wishes to drop from a waitlist from a previous round, they may go to "Current waitlist requests" from the drop down menu at the top of the page, then click "View courses". For the courses a student was placed on a ranked waitlist from a previous round, there will be a link called "Drop Waitlist Spot" underneath the waitlist number. The next screen is where a waitlist request may be dropped by clicking on the "Drop Waitlist Request" button.

        Note: If a student drops a waitlist request from a previous round, the student will still only be able to add up to 3 waitlist requests for the next round. Dropping from a ranked waitlist from a previous round is an irreversible transaction, and the student will permanently lose your spot.

  5. Course materials during Add/Drop period

    • It is your responsibility to ensure you have the approriate class materials for your class.
    • For the students matriculating prior to Fall 2014, textbooks will not be available until a student is officially enrolled in a course.
    • All students will be able to gain access for up to 8 courses in (including enrolled and waitlisted courses) for the entire Add/Drop period. However, TEXTPAKS will not be available until after Add/Drop has ended. Instructions about accessing Study.Net can be found here.
    • If the course utlizes bCourses, you must notify the instructor and/or GSI to gain access to the course. Information on this process can be found here.