Evening & Weekend MBA Program

Recommended Electives by Career Field

Each semester you are able to choose from some 20-25 different elective courses in the Evening & Weekend MBA program. We recognize that the task of choosing which courses to take can be daunting. This section is designed to give you some advice on the courses that are considered to give you the best preparation for a specific career field. The list is compiled with input from the faculty, career advisors, current students and alumni.

By no means are these lists intended to be anything more than advice that you can choose to follow or reject. The lists have courses ordered numerically, not in order of importance.  Hence, you should consider your own strengths, weaknesses, experiences, and interests in deciding which electives are more important for you to take.  We know that some students have successfully gained employment in a career field having taken only a few of the recommended courses while others have taken most of the courses and have not been successful in their career search. However, some recruiters want to know which electives you are taking and view your answer as evidence of your career focus and preparation efforts.

While the EWMBA core is designed to provide you an overview of the various disciplines of business, the coverage is, by design, broad. The expectation is that you will pursue more advanced courses in those disciplines that you believe will best serve you in your professional career. We strongly recommend that you not restrict your choice of electives to just one or two disciplines since the most important things that you learn here will not be specific, discipline-based tools or techniques but the ability to analyze and solve problems. Most problems are not discipline-specific but require you to bring into play a variety of concepts and tools that you have learned in all of the courses taken while an EWMBA student.

The following career overviews were provided by WetFeet.com. Click on "Research" in CareerNet to access more detailed information from WebFeet and Vault to help you gain insight into various industries and functions.

Haas Career Services can assist you with your career development. Resources include workshops, job fairs, one-on-one career advising, self-assessment, and CareerNet, our career intranet. To learn more about these services or to make an appointment with a career advisor you can e-mail careers@haas.berkeley.edu.