Evening & Weekend MBA Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Class Information
Computing Issues
Financial Information
Parking and Transportation

Registration and Class Information
  1. Where can I pick up my course material?

    Your tuition fees will cover all required textbooks and readers for your courses. All textbooks and readers will be distributed at the beginning of the semester at the EWMBA program office.

  2. What happens if I lose my book?

    You may purchase a replacement copy here at the office, or through an online retailer.

  3. How do I request a class to be videotaped?

    You may request classes to be videotaped by calling our office or emailing ewmba_office@haas.berkeley.edu. Deadline to process a videotape request is 12:00 noon the day of the class. Please note that we are only able to accommodate up to 4 videotape requests per night. (Saturday courses are taped automatically, so there's no need to phone in a Saturday request)

  4. Taped lectures will also be available for viewing on-line, via video streaming. You can access them at the Current EWMBA student website.

  5. How do I check my current class schedule?

    You may log into Bearfacts to check on your class schedule. You can also check grades, registration, and financial aid, as well as update your mailing address through this system.

    To log into Bearfacts, you will need your CalNet ID and passphrase.

  6. How do I request a transcript?

    All official transcript requests are processed at the Office of the Registrar. You can make your request at Office of the Registrar's website.

  7. When do I get my grade letters for reimbursement?

    The EWMBA office generates grade letters at the end of every semester for all students. For first year students, grade letters will be generated twice a semester (once at the end of the each core course).

  8. What if I need to withdraw for a semester?

    You are required to fill out a Withdrawal form, and return it to the program office. If the student's GPA is below 3.0 at the time of withdrawal, the department may not approve future readmission request.

  9. How do I add or drop a class?

    First year students are automatically enrolled into their required core classes.

    Second and third year students will bid for elective classes through the On-Line Registrar system the semester before. The EWMBA program office will hold information sessions each semester regarding course description and the bidding process.

    Students will also have the opportunity to add/drop elective courses during the first few weeks of each semester. Add/drops at that point will need to be done in person at the program office.

  10. How many units do I need to graduate?

    To graduate from the Evening and Weekend MBA program, you will need to complete 42 units of course work. Most students will follow the schedule below to complete their degree:

    First year: Nine core courses 17 units
    Second year: Four elective courses 12 units
      Mid-Program Academic Retreat 1 unit
    Third year: Four elective courses 12 units
      Total:  42 units

    Please refer to the Student Handbook for a complete list of graduation requirements.

  11. When is the first day of class?

    Refer to the Academic Calendar on the EWMBA website for all important dates of each semester.

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Computing Issues
  1. I forgot my passphrase to Bearfacts. What should I do?

    You will need to contact User and Account Services to get a new password.

  2. How do I forward my Haas email to another email address?

    All questions regarding your Haas email services, and any other technical questions, should be addressed to the Haas Computing Services.

  3. I'm having problems getting into bSpace. What should I do?

    Access to the bSpace system is restricted to students and faculty only. If you are experiencing difficulties with the bSpace system, please contact the Haas Computing Help Desk for assistance.

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Financial Information
  1. Who should I talk to if I have a question about my bill?

    All billing issues should be addressed to the UC Billing and Payment Services. You may contact their office at 510-642-3190, or via their customer service support website.

  2. Who can I talk to about financial aid?

    Please contact Daniel Roddick for all questions regarding financial aid. You may contact Daniel at 510-643-0183 or you may contact financial aid via email

    Also, you can check out the Financial Aid website for more helpful information.

  3. Where can I get my 1098-T Form, the Education Tax Credit form?

    For information about the education tax credits and the 1098-T form, please call the Tax Credit Reporting Call Center at 877-467-3821 - (press 0 at anytime to get to an operator). These credits allow taxpayers to reduce their federal income tax based upon qualified tuition and fees paid, assuming the taxpayer meets all TRA'97 requirements. If you didn't receive your 1098T form, you can request another one by calling the call center or you may visit their website.

  4. How do I waive the health insurance fee?

    You will need to fill out a health insurance form before each school year in order to waive the health insurance fee. You may view and download the health insurance waiver form at their website.

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Parking and Transportation
  1. Where are the pickup/drop off locations for the shuttles?

    South Bay: The South Bay shuttle leaves 5201 Great America Parkway at 4:15 pm

    Peninsula: The Peninsula shuttle leaves the Costco parking lot at 1000 North Rengstorff Ave at 4:15 pm. The shuttle will pick up near the McDonald's.

  2. Where can I pick up my parking passes?

  3. All parking passes will be handed out at the beginning of each semester in the program office. If you lose your permit at any point in the semester, please contact the program office.

  4. Where can I park on campus?

    All students who choose to drive to class will be issued a standard number of parking permits each semester.* Students may refer to the Haas Parking Guide to determine which parking lots are available for student parking near Haas.

    You may also view a campus parking map to see other parking alternatives around other parts of the Berkeley campus.

    * Please note that all students are required to fill out a transportation form. If you choose to take the shuttle service, you will not be issued parking permits.

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  1. How do we get in touch with the EWMBA staff?

    You can go to the EWMBA staff site to get contact information on all staff members.

    Our office hours are:
    Monday to Thursday: 9:00 am to 8:30 pm
    Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
    Saturday: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

    Our mailing address is:
    Evening & Weekend MBA Program
    440 Student Services Building, #1908
    Berkeley, CA 94720-1908
    Ph. 510-643-9000
    Fax. 510-642-0631

  2. Where is the Lost and Found at Haas?

    Lost and Found is located in the Mail Room (S545), on the fifth floor of the Student Services Building.

    You may also contact Lost and Found by sending an email to lost@haas.berkeley.edu.

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