Evening & Weekend MBA Program


Why should I update my job information in CareerNet?


Reporting this information is a simple way to maintain the prestigious value of a Haas MBA.  Employment data is used to support our national and international rankings.  With more students reporting, we will have the information we need for the upcoming rankings and surveys. In addition, this data is summarized to help you and your fellow students negotiate optimal offer packages and to help our admissions office recruit new Haas EWMBA students.   


Employment/Salary data is strictly confidential and only published in aggregate – individual information is NOT visible to others in CareerNet.


It’s fairly simple to do:
·         Login to CareerNet, click on the “Job Reporting” on the sub-menu.
·         Complete all details of your current or new job (regardless of source).


By reporting your job search status and any offers that you have received you help your fellow classmates and the entire Haas community! 


Please contact careers@haas.berkeley.edu if you have any questions.