Curriculum Outline

In your first year, the Haas core curriculum gives you a foundation in business basics. Then, an array of electives offers the flexibility to tailor your studies to meet your goals.

Core courses

The 12 core courses (21 units) that all full-time MBA students take in the first year of study ground you in the fundamentals of business and provide essential knowledge and analytical tools.


Starting in the Spring semester of your first year, you apply the lessons learned in your core courses in elective courses (30 units) of your choice. Electives give you ample selection to focus on an area of emphasis, sharpen specific skills, and gain specialized knowledge.


Honing your collaborative skills is part of the Haas experience. Each incoming class is divided into cohorts—called Blue, Gold, Oski, and Axe—of approximately 60 students for the Fall semester core courses. Each cohort is divided into 15 teams of 4 to tackle team class projects.

First-Year Courses

The Fall semester consists of two seven-week modules:


  • MBA200S Data and Decisions (2 units)
  • MBA201A Microeconomics (2 units)
  • MBA205 Leading People (2 units)
  • MBA200C Leadership Communications (1 unit)


  • MBA200P Problem Finding, Problem Solving (1 unit)
  • MBA202 Financial Accounting (2 units)
  • MBA203 Finance (2 units)
  • MBA206 Marketing (2 units)

The Spring semester includes 4 core courses taken in 7-week modules, as well as two electives, which typically run for 15 weeks.


  • MBA201B Macroeconomics (2 units)
  • MBA204 Operations (2 units)


  • MBA299 Strategic Leadership (2 units)
  • MBA207 Ethics (1 unit)