Check Processing Form

Key Contact for Processing Sponsorships

Ernie Fok, Assistant Director of Student Affairs

1. Once sponsorship is confirmed, please complete the following form:

Check Processing Form
Student Group
Event/Reason for Gift
Date of Event/Gifts
Amount of Sponsorship/Gift
Contact Person at Company
Contact Phone
Contact E-mail
Contact Mailing Address

Please note: This form will be used to track the sponsorship check and will be used for internal use only. Also, please remember that the processing of the check takes approximately 2-4 weeks. This means that your club will receive payment about a month after the check is received. For more information about payment from the MBAA, please contact the VP Finance, Steven Truong.

2. Ask if the organization wants their gift to be tax exempt.

The question to ask is whether the company will require a W-9 form or tax ID number from the University.

If yes,

- The check must be made out to University of California Regents
- Mail to:

Haas School of Business
Attn: Ernie Fok
2220 Piedmont Ave.
430 Student Services Bldg.
Berkeley, CA 94720-1900

- Under memo, please indicate the club or event name
As a rule of thumb, checks for $500 or more must be paid to UC Regents and processed through the Development Office.

When the check arrives, Ernie will submit it to the Development Office for processing and deposit. Gift checks payable to UC Regents will be assessed a 2.5% gift tax by the University. Payment will be made to the student organization once the check has been processed and the funds clear. This generally takes 2-4 weeks. The MBA Program will then make payment to the student group for the amount of the sponsorship minus the 2.5% gift tax.

If not,

You can have the check made directly to your club and deposit it into your checking account. This is generally done only for checks under $500.

Important Note

Your club cannot issue a W-9 form at the end of the year. If you do not ask the sponsor about the tax exempt status of the sponsorship and have the check made directly to your club, you may jeopardize the gift. If the company asks for a W-9 form at the end of the year, you will have to refund them the first check amount and have them re-issue a check to the UC Regents so that the University can issue them a W-9 form. This is an awkward and arduous process for the sponsor and the University. Please be sure to ask about this at the time the company commits to sponsorship.

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