BitCoin Registration for WebEx

How To Register/Login:

  1. Ensure your Webcam is plugged into your laptop and you have a landline phone available.
  2. Please go to 15 minutes before the event, and click on the appropriate Session:
    1. Machine generated alternative text: Scheduled 1:00 pm E t ‘‘ MFE Program 1 hour Siii
  1. Type In your full name and e-mail address. Approve/Install any WebEx add-ins if necessary
  1. Type your number into the Audio Conference box so you can communicate with us on the audio teleconference portion of WebEx
  1. Your video feed hasn't been enabled yet, so click on the video icon next to your username to enable it.
    1. Machine generated alternative text: ‘V  Participants Speakinq: “ Panelists: 2 Aaron Hebres (Host, me) Eric R. “ Attendee: O


  1. You're done!