PhD Program

Job Market Candidates

The following is a list of candidates on the job market in 2017-18. For more information, please contact the Berkeley Haas PhD Program Office at or (510) 642-3944.


Student Job Market Paper CV
Samuel Tan

Accounting Choices and the Legal Environment: The Impact of the Ex Post Loss Rule

Henry Laurion

Does the Use of Non-GAAP Earnings Influence Managers’ Real Activities and Accounting Choices?



Business and Public Policy

Student Job Market Paper CV
Parham Holakouee Deregulated Securities Markets, Lax Corporate Governance, and Corruption: Evidence from the Nevada OTC Experiment CV
Aisling Scott Trust, Society, and Information: An Experiment CV


Student Job Market Paper CV
Carlos Avenancio

Incarceration and Access to Credit

Tristan Fitzgerald Financial Contracting for Innovation: Property Rights in Action CV
Andrew Schwartz

A Harming Hand: The Predatory Implications of Government Backed Student Loans




Student Job Market Paper CV
Nan Chen

Estimating Airlines' Dynamic Price Competition



Management of Organizations

Student Job Market Paper CV
Sanaz Mobasseri Emotional Alignment: Gender and the Give and Take of Emotional Expressions in the Workplace CV

Real Estate

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