Subprasiri Siriviriyakul

Subprasiri Siriviriyakul

PhD Candidate, Accounting

Previous degrees:
BA, Accountancy
Chulalongkorn University
Bangkok, Thailand

"Accounting is much more than numbers. There are stories and events behind the numbers, and the numbers don't always represent things accurately. Accounting standards often lag behind management practices. I'm interested in researching that discrepancy."

"I like the flexibility of the Haas PhD curriculum. You can choose courses from other graduate schools and departments to put together a program that suits you. I want to pursue empirical research, so I have been able to take courses that support that goal."

"The Haas faculty is so approachable and understanding. Professor Patricia DeChow even had a welcoming party for all of the first-year PhD students at her house. I wasn't expecting that."

"A professor who mentored me in Thailand was a Berkeley Haas PhD. He was a very good role model, so that's one of the reasons Haas was at the top of my list for my own studies. I picture the Haas Alumni Network as a big, virtual society. Just by virtue of being a Haas graduate, I will be connected with people all around the world."

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