Jenny Zha

Jenny Zha

PhD Student, Accounting

Previous degree:
BS, Business Administration, Finance
BS, Accounting
University of Southern California

The Dodd-Frank Act multiplied the number and type of disclosures public companies must make. That presents an opportunity for Jenny Zha, who wants to examine the signals some of those disclosures—like the ratio of the CEO's salary to the median employee pay—send to investors.

"I love being to take classes in the departments of Economics, Public Policy and Agricultural Resources Economics. Once you have finished your core courses, you have the flexibility to take classes pretty much anywhere."

"At another university's PhD program, I would be reading keystone research papers written by professors like Richard Sloan and Patricia Dechow. Here at Berkeley Haas, I am actually being taught by them. Berkeley Haas gives you the real thing."

"The Defining Principle Students Always is particularly relevant to PhD students. We literally will be students for life."

"PhD students are constantly trying to be creative in their thinking, to come up with and answer novel questions. We are here to Question the Status Quo. "

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