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Real Estate Program


Haas Real Estate Scholarships and Fellowships

In addition to the national awards offered to students pursuing careers in Real Estate, the Haas Real Estate Program offers two of the following to members of the Berkeley Real Estate Club.

Gerson Bakar Scholarship - This annual merit-based scholarship provides $10,000 of unrestricted financial support to its recipient. It is intended to support an exceptionally meritorious graduate student who has a passion for real estate, entrepreneurial drive, demonstrated creativity and an ethical focus. The successful scholarship recipient is invited to attend the semi-annual meetings of the Fisher Center Policy Advisory Board.

ULI Graduate Student Fellowship - This Fellowship is offered in conjunction with the ULI Foundation and provides the highest-level exposure to the ULI experience for exemplary graduate students in real estate and design programs. The beneficiary of this annual fellowship receives benefits, including a ULI membership, admission to a Product Council, a personal mentor, as well as travel and lodging for two ULI semi-annual meetings and one annual conference.

For information on these and other scholarships, contact creue@berkeley.edu.