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Christopher Palmer featured on NPR's Marketplace on rising rents. "It just doesn’t pay right now to build workforce housing."

Christopher Palmer on Oakland's moratorium on rent increases, in SFGate. "We can’t continue to build luxury apartments and expect that is going to lower rents."

Ken Rosen talks about housing affordability on the Bloomberg Terminal podcast.

NPR interviews Ken Rosen on startups, after Zynga sells its HQ: "They should not be in the real estate space."

"It's the beginning of the change." Ken Rosen in Bloomberg Businessweek on the tech slowdown in SF.

Professor Palmer interviewed at about property taxes.

Chair Ken Rosen and former Regional Economist Cynthia Kroll on the deflation of the Bay Area tech bubble, and the effect on housing.

Professor Palmer on CNBC on the tech stock downturn impacting SF real estate.

Co-Chair Richard Stanton advises the world's largest government-owned investment fund on investing in real estate and infrastructure.

How China's slowdown hurts California

Ken Rosen discusses how the unsustainable tech boom will impact Bay Area real estate in the SF Chronicle.

The Wall Street Journal quotes Ken Rosen on the easing of curbs to foreign real estate investment.

Ken Rosen on the end of tax-free real estate spinoffs, in the New York Times.

Ken Rosen on affordable housing, in California Real Estate magazine.

Professor Palmer interviewed on KALW on Chinese homebuyers in the South Bay.

Professor Palmer was on Fox News 2 discussing the potential impact of the stock market turmoil on Bay Area real estate.

The three things that are causing the Bay Area housing boom—the huge increase in jobs, the supply shortage and very low interest rates—will all begin to change in 2016, says Ken Rosen in the San Francisco Chronicle.

How will rising interest rates affect the housing market? Chair Ken Rosen discusses the Federal Reserve's impact and latest housing stats on CNBC - 8/21/13.

Chair Ken Rosen addresses the housing market and factors contributing to the Bay Area's strong recovery on the latest CNBC Street Signs - 7/30/13.

Professor Dwight Jaffee testifies as an expert witness in the high profile SEC lawsuit against former Goldman Sachs employee Fabrice Tourre. See the NY Times article, 7/15/13.

New book edited by Professor Dwight Jaffee, Dr. Cynthia Kroll and Dr. Ashok Bardhan measures impact of offshoring on worldwide employment. For more information, see the latest Haas Newswire, 7/13/13.

Chair Ken Rosen discusses rate increases and the imminent risks of adjustable-rate mortgages on CNBC's Street Signs, 6/26/13.

Professor Dwight Jaffee testified in Congress on 6/12/13, calling for private markets to replace Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. For more information, see Haas Newsroom.

Chair Ken Rosen lends his perspective on rising mortgage rates and the housing recovery on CNBC's Street Signs, 5/31/13.

The Asia Society has announced an upcoming conference on "Courting the Chinese Buyer: The New California Real Estate Boom". Registration is available here.

Chair Ken Rosen discusses the latest on the apartment market on CNBC's Street Signs, 5/17/13.

Congratulations to Linda Algazzali, Senior Financial and Project Analyst, recipient of this year's Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award! See Haas Newswire, 4/29/13.

Chair Ken Rosen addressed gradual improvements on the economic front at the 18th Annual Fisher Center Real Estate Conference. See The Registry's article, 4/29/13.

Chair Ken Rosen & leading industry execs to tackle "recovery or bubble" in real estate markets at the 18th Annual Fisher Center Real Estate Conference, April 22, 2013 - For further information, see Haas Newswire.

Congratulations to Real Estate PhD candidate Paulo Issler, recipient of the 2012-2013 Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award!

Bay Area housing prices are up! Chair Ken Rosen lends his perspective in the SF Gate article "Home prices in Bay Area up 17.5% in January," 3/26/13.

Chair Ken Rosen addresses San Francisco’s hot housing market on CNBC's “San Fran's Flash Sales” episode, 3/26/13.

Chair Ken Rosen discusses real estate investment prospects at Pension Real Estate Association’s 2013 Spring Conference in Washington, D.C. See Commercial Property Executive’s article, 3/16/13.

Professor Nancy Wallace lends her expertise in ongoing efforts to develop a sound financial model for Cal's Memorial Stadium renovation debt of $321 million. For the latest information, see KQED's article from 2/25/13.

Chair Ken Rosen relays the latest on the housing market on CNBC's Street Signs – 2/25/13.

Which housing reports are most important to your investments? Chair Ken Rosen offers insight on CNBC's "Housing Data Haze" episode – 2/13/13.

Chairman Ken Rosen presented at the Summit Meeting on the Future of Housing in California, sponsored by the Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics, on Tuesday, February 12, 2013. Other speakers included Governor Jerry Brown and Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan. See the SF Chronicle article, 2/12/13.

Chariman Ken Rosen shares his perspective on California home foreclosures in the Los Angeles Times article "Number of homes entering foreclosure drops 22.1% to six-year low" – 1/23/13.

The Oxford Handbook of Offshoring and Global Employment, edited by Ashok Bardhan, Dwight Jaffee and Cynthia Kroll, will be published March 2013. For further detail and ordering information, see the Oxford University Press website.

UC Berkeley's real estate program featured in ULI's Urban Land Magazine – December 2012.

Read about Chairman Ken Rosen's recent real estate and economic outlook presented at the 35th Annual Real Estate & Economics Symposium in the following Inman News article – 11/20/12.

Professor Nancy Wallace has been selected to serve on the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Financial Research Advisory Committee of the Office of Financial Research (OFR). See the U.S. Department of Treasury press release for further information, 11/14/12.

Business school website “Poets & Quants” profiles Professor Dwight Jaffee as one of the world’s top business professors, 11/5/12. See Haas Newsroom for more information.

Chairman Ken Rosen lends his perspective on yields and vacancy rates in the Bloomberg article "Not New York Towers Rise With Embrace of Yield: Mortgages" - 10/7/12.

Global Housing Markets: Crises, Policies, and Institutions, edited by Ashok Bardhan, Robert Edelstein and Cynthia Kroll, offers a global look at reasons behind the recent economic collapse and responses to it. For more information, see Haas Research News.

The Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics co-hosted a full-day forum addressing financing and energy efficiency improvements for commercial and multifamily residential buildings on 10/5/12. See Haas Newsroom for more information.

Professor Dwight Jaffee to speak on the topic of "Recovery: the Role of Housing Finance in the Economy" at the European Mortgage Federation Annual Conference 2012, November 14-15, Brussels.

Chairman Ken Rosen weighs in on the disconnect between impressive Lennar earnings and the S&P home builders index and disappointing existing home sales on CNBC's "The Housing Disconnect" episode – 9/24/12.

Professor Robert Edelstein weighs in on the need for government support and prudent housing policies in CNN Money article "Can the middle class thrive without home ownership?" - 9/11/12.

Are large scale energy retrofits a financially viable option for building owners? Professor Nancy Wallace weighs in on the topic in the following article, 7/24/12.

Chairman Ken Rosen lends his perspective on Bay Area housing value increases in the Contra Costa Times article "Bay Area Housing Values Jump In Second Quarter" - July 24, 2012.

Chairman Ken Rosen weighs in on Wall Street's single-family home investment trends in the following CNN Money article - July 24, 2012.

Professors Dwight Jaffee and Nancy Wallace will serve as keynote speakers at the upcoming SIFR Conference on Real Estate and Mortgage Finance, August 20-21, 2012 in Stockholm. For additional information, visit The Institute for Financial Research (SIFR).

UC Berkeley ties for 1st place in the Bank of America Low Income Housing Challenge, May 2012 - Go Bears!! For more information, see Haas Archives.

Chairman Ken Rosen addresses refinancing and record low mortgage rates on CNBC’s “Refi Roulette” episode – June 1, 2012.

Professor Dwight Jaffee lends his perspective on mortgage-backed securities in the following Market News International article "Investors, Analysts Don't All See Benefits In Single Agency MBS" – May 23, 2012.

Read The Registry's article highlighting Chairman Ken Rosen's economic forecast, featured at the 17th Annual Real Estate Conference on April 30, 2012.

Read "A Comparative Context for U.S. Housing Policy: Housing Markets and the Financial Crisis in Europe, Asia, and Beyond" by Ashok Bardhan, Robert Edelstein and Cynthia Kroll, released April 17, 2012 by the Bipartisan Policy Center Housing Commission.

Chairman Ken Rosen shares his views on San Francisco's tech boom in the San Francisco Chronicle article "S.F. tech boom triggers concern about another bust" – April 15, 2012.

Read Professor Robert Edelstein's latest entry on The Berkeley Blog – April 6, 2012.

Executive Director for Staff Research and Senior Regional Economist, Cynthia Kroll, and Senior Research Associate, Ashok Bardhan, to speak at Bipartisan Policy Center Forum addressing U.S. housing policy, April 17, 2012.

Watch Professors Dwight Jaffee, Richard Stanton, and Nancy Wallace discuss energy efficiency and commercial-mortgage valuation on Haas Insights, March 7, 2012.

Read Atif Mian's article in Bloomberg News on debt-ridden housing and the U.S. economy, March 1, 2012.

Read the National Real Estate Investor article revealing how the private sector's involvement could help turn the housing market around, featuring Chairman Ken Rosen, February 28, 2012.

Read "Social Networks and Interactions in Cities", the study by Fisher Center Co-Chair Robert Helsley and co-author Yves Zenou, Professor of Economics at Stockholm University.

"Entrepreneurs and Cities: Complexity, Thickness and Balance", the real estate research study by Fisher Center Co-Chair Robert Helsley and co-author William C. Strange, Professor at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

Rents continue to rise, even as housing prices fall. Read more in this New York Times article featuring Chairman Ken Rosen, February 24, 2012.

Read the Wall Street Journal article highlighting Chairman Ken Rosen's co-authored research paper on the foreclosure to rental model, February 23, 2012.

Chair Ken Rosen talks about investing in real estate investment trusts and the outlook for the U.S. housing market on Bloomberg News, February 2, 2012.

Read Atif Mian's co-authored article in Bloomberg Businessweek, highlighting the relationship between household debt, unemployment, and economic recovery.

Read Fisher Center Senior Research Associate Ashok Bardhan's blog post on the symposium/workshop in New Dehli, March 23-25, 2011: Berkeley goes to India

Housing affordability is at its best level in 30 years, according to Chair Ken Rosen, who says maybe now is the time to buy. Watch his conversation with MarketWatch from July 21, 2011.

Hear Chair Ken Rosen’s thoughts on why the housing market is in a period of sustained but choppy growth in California on Marketplace Morning Report, Wednesday, July 20, 2011.

Read Fisher Center Co-Chair Robert Edelstein's Policy Fixes for the U.S. Housing Finance System.

Read Fisher Center Co-Chair Dwight Jaffee's recommendations for Fixing the U.S. Morgage Market.