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The BASE Summer Program

Young professionals today must have the skills necessary to operate in increasingly complex environments. Six weeks in the BASE program will give you the tools you need to conduct business research, analyze product and financial markets, examine human resource management issues, and use technology resources with confidence.

The BASE Summer Program is an intensive, six-week educational experience designed to provide students with a solid grounding in the fundamentals of management and a competitive edge in the marketplace. BASE is designed for:

The ideal participant in the BASE Program is a student who will have recently completed his or her sophomore, junior or senior year, or has graduated within the last two years from an undergraduate institution. However, we also encourage current freshmen who are completing their first year of university with strong academic performance to apply.

The program builds upon students' foundations in liberal arts, sciences or engineering, providing students with the additional knowledge and skills essential for careers in a variety of fields, including marketing, management consulting, banking and financial services.

After completing this intense, integrated program, students have a competitive edge in securing a job in the business arena and a better understanding of today's global economy. They are better able to make an informed decision about the future pursuit of an MBA. Whether planning ahead for the job search, or gearing up for a new job, the BASE Program gives participants the advantage they need in a competitive job market.

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BASE students in class

BASE students in the classroom