Undergraduate Program

CampusGroups Portal - Special Preview

Dear Haas Undergraduate Student,

The Haas Undergraduate Program has introduced powerful new group management software called CampusGroups during the Fall 2011 semester. While CampusGroups is already well established at many universities as a powerful group management platform, we are extremely excited to bring you some brand new custom-built features. They include directory and social networking. Below are just a few preview screens. There are many more features!

If you are a current Haas undergraduate, you can log-on to CampusGroups by going to:

Preview Screen 1: Browse our student photo directory to find your classmates. Browse by different categories, including year and cohort.
Sneak Peak 1

Preview Screen 2: Click on any classmate record to view their full profile that includes their photo, e-mail (if released), cohort, hobbies, other major or minor, home town, career interests and other fields.
Sneak Peak 2

Preview Screen 3: Use powerful CampusGroups features to sign-up for workshops and register with instant confirmation.
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