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Current Undergraduate Students

Course Enrollment Information

Enrollment demands make it impossible to accommodate everyone who wants to take Undergraduate Business courses. If you are wait listed for a Business class you should also attend a back-up course.

On a space available basis, the Undergraduate Program Office enrolls Haas majors first in Business courses, regardless of wait list position, followed by non-Haas students starting from the beginning of the wait list. Priority for enrollment in undergraduate Business courses is as follows:

  • Undergraduate Haas Majors
  • All other eligible undergraduates on the wait lists (generally juniors and seniors)
  • Graduate students
  • Eligible Concurrent Enrollment and cross registration students

The Undergraduate Program Office recommends that non-Haas students wait list themselves during Phase I. When the Adjustment Period starts each semester, non-majors will be moved off the wait lists on a space available basis.

Students not meeting listed prerequisites for Business courses or not attending in the first three weeks of instruction may not be advanced from the wait lists or may be "Instructor Dropped" from the class list or wait list.

The Undergraduate Program finalizes enrollment on Friday of the third week of classes. We over-enroll our classes to allow for attrition. Students should check their enrollment in business classes on CalCentral on Saturday. If they have not been enrolled in a course by that time, they should NOT continue to attend as they will not be added to the class.

Professors and GSI's CANNOT enroll students in Business Administration courses.

Auditing of Undergraduate Business courses is not allowed.

Undergraduate students may not enroll in Haas MBA courses.

Concurrent Enrollment

Berkeley Courses for Non-Berkeley Students

Students at other colleges, UC employees, and others, can take UC Berkeley courses through UC Berkeley Extension's Concurrent Enrollment program. This program allows you, for a fee, to participate fully in a Berkeley class, have homework and exams graded, and receive an official course grade.

Requirements for admission to a course as a Concurrent Enrollment student are below:

  • The course does not have a wait list of current UC Berkeley students.
  • The course is not over-enrolled.
  • The prerequisite for the course is not being enforced. See the notes section at:
  • The course is open to current UC Berkeley Business majors only.

Please see below for the list of Haas Undergraduate Program courses that are currently open to concurrent enrollment students. If you wish to take a Haas undergraduate course from the list below please see UC Berkeley Extension's website to complete an application. Although faculty may approve a student for a course, the final decision is made by the Haas Undergraduate Program Office. Final approval for courses will be made at the beginning of the second week of classes, at the earliest. Be advised that the list below is subject to change. There is no guarantee of enrollment in any of these courses. We highly recommend you have back-up courses in case you do not get in your desired UGBA class(es).

Applications for courses that are not on the list below will be denied. Haas Undergraduate Faculty do not control enrollment in undergraduate business courses. If you have a question regarding Concurrent Enrollment you may e-mail Elinor Gregorio

Spring 2018

Enrollment is now closed.