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Academic Dishonesty

The following is the Haas School of Business' policy as it relates to Academic Dishonesty:

1. To ensure that campus has a formal record, a faculty member will report any incident of academic dishonesty to the appropriate degree program office.

2. In resolving the incident, the degree program office will serve as a guide in dealing with both the student(s) and the Center for Student Conduct and Community Standards (CSCCS).

3. In cases of blatant academic dishonesty (as defined below), the presumption will be that the faculty member will assign to the student a final course grade of "F" and recommend to the CSCCS a one-semester suspension. Blatant academic dishonesty includes (but is not limited to):

3a. Arranging for another student to take an exam, or taking another student's exam,

3b. Plagiarism consisting of inclusion without proper citation of more than 50 words composed by someone else,

3c. Submitting an exam answer that is virtually verbatim to that of another student, or willfully allowing other students to copy one's own exam answers,

3d. Communicating with another student or using a resource (e.g., the internet) during the taking of an in-class or take-home exam, where the instructor has explicitly stated in writing that such communication or resource usage is impermissible.

Based on the specific circumstances of any particular incident, the faculty member retains the right to assign a final grade higher than an "F" and/or recommend to the CSCCS a sanction that is less or more severe than one-semester suspension. In any case, the CSCCS retains final authority to determine a student's actual academic sanction(s), as per campus policy.

4. At the beginning of each academic year, the Senior Assistant Dean for Instruction (SADI) will send an email to all students that stresses the importance of academic integrity, provides a link to a website with clear definition and examples of plagiarism, and emphasizes the Haas School's policy regarding academic dishonesty.