Study Abroad

Current Undergraduate Students

International Business Courses

Some examples offered at UC Berkeley:

Haas School of Business

UGBA 117 International Finance, Theory and Institutions of International Trade
UGBA 118 International Trade
UGBA 178 Introduction to International Business (required for the concentration)
UGBA 196 Seminar in International Business
UGBA 196 Japan in the World Economy
UGBA 196 International Consulting for Small Companies

(UGBA 196 seminars are offered every semester; however the number of international topics (if any) varies from semester to semester.)


Econ 115 The World Economy in the 20th Century
Econ 151 Labor Economies (US, Japan & Germany or other EU country)
Econ 161 Economics of Transition: Eastern Europe
Econ 162 Economics of Transition: China
Econ 181 International Trade
Econ 182 International Monetary Economics

Environmental Economics & Policy

EEP 152 Advanced Topics in Development and International Trade (Village economies)

Political Science

PS 126 A or B International Political Economy
PS 138B The Politics of Market Economics: The National Roots of the Global Economy