Study Abroad

Current Undergraduate Students

International Study Additional Information for Haas Applicants

Study Abroad Before Admittance into Haas

If you plan to study abroad before your possible admission into Haas, please review the information on Course Selection for your appropriate program (EAP or Non-EAP.) If you plan to study abroad the Spring semester before your start at Haas, you MUST complete all admission requirements prior to time abroad. Courses from abroad for the Spring semester will not post quickly enough to be considered for the admissions evaluation.

Major Declaration Requirement

It is important to remember that students are usually expected to have a major prior to studying abroad. Please check with your current college (L & S, for example) regarding this requirement. Many students plan to study abroad during their junior year, often the first semester at Haas. If this is your plan, we encourage you to prepare for a back-up major. This way, you may be able to participate in the international program even if you are not admitted to the Haas School.