Undergraduate Program

Make International Study Part of Your
Haas Major Program

We encourage all students to participate in international study programs as a means of broadening their education and developing a global view of business. International study can be enlightening and fulfilling on many levels but it requires organization and self motivation. We believe the benefits are well worth the effort.

Information for Studying Abroad

Quick question? E-mail the study abroad advisor at renee@haas.berkeley.edu

To make an appointment regarding study
To make an appointment regarding study abroad, call the Haas Undergraduate Program Office at (510) 642-1421 or email Renee Camarena at renee@haas.berkeley.edu Appointments can be made Monday- Friday.

Please use the appropriate form:
Haas Abroad UCEAP Workbook (.pdf)
Haas Abroad Independent Study Workbook (.pdf)
Global Management Concentration Workbook (.pdf)

External Resources
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