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Silicon Valley Product Management Association
When Culture is Their Product
Dean Lyons addressed the Silicon Valley Product Management Association in June, sharing with association members how Haas went about articulating its Defining Principles and mapping them into actionable behaviors to make them real. Participant Helene Eichler reviewed the event in this blog post.

Inside Higher Ed
Defining Principles
The Haas Defining Principles "provide a great example of a school looking inward to define its unique fingerprint and using this knowledge to chart its future success," writes Margaret Andrews, associate dean of management programs at Harvard's Division of Continuing Education in a post for StratEDgy, an Inside Higher Ed blog.

Financial Times
Business School Profile: The Haas School at UC Berkeley
Dean Lyons discusses a school Students Always initiative that encourages MBA alumni pursuit of executive education.

Poets & Quants
How Spaghetti & Marshmallows are Being Used to Teach Creative Problem Framing at Haas
Developing a capacity to be explicit about typically implicit assumptions is an important element of the school's Problem Finding, Problem Solving class, says Dean Lyons in a Nov. 23 article about this Haas course.

Wall Street Journal
At Berkeley's Haas, Risk-Taking Trumps 'No Stumbles'
In this September 5 article, Dean Lyons discusses MBA funding models and how Berkeley-Haas culture sets the school apart.

Huffington Post
In Search of Humility
June 7, 2012
In this June 7 post, Judith Samuelson, executive director, Aspen Institute's Business and Society Program, cites Dean Lyons 2010 MBA commencement comments and the School's Confidence Without Attitude principle as one of the only example she found in a search for "humilty" in commencement addresses.

AACSB International's ENewsline
Diversity in Groups Can Improve Innovation and Performance
June 2012
Dean Lyons discusses how "Diversity is less about how you look and more about how you think" in a video interview accompanying a story on the positive effect of diversity on group outcomes with regard to innovation and performance.

The Wall Street Journal
B-Schools' Innovation Rush
May 22, 2012
In this article on teaching innovation at business schools, Dean Lyons shares the Haas School's focus on creating managers who can foster innovation or oversee innovative organizations, not just come up with innovative ideas.

The Economist
Dean Lyons Performs
April 13, 2012
Dean Lyons closes out The Economist's Ideas Economy: Innovation 2012 event at Berkeley-Haas, with an innovation ode set to Bob Dylan's Don't Think Twice It's All Right.

Management Innovation eXchange (MIX)
Finding the Future Within
April 2012
Dean Lyons on the need for organizations to be explicit about competency models and to identify and demonstrate the value that the younger workforce can bring. (2:57 video)

Financial Times
Knowhow Needed for Real World Problems
March 19, 2012
In line with the Berkeley-Haas aim of developing path-bending leaders, the FT asks "Who better to tap for solutions to the developing world’s problems?" and answers: MBA students at the world's top business schools. The article cites as an example, the work of a student team from the International Business Development course that partnered with Comaco in Zambia on their mission to reduce poaching of protected wildlife and linked to the team's project video.

Financial Times
Degrees of Change
January 30, 2012
Dean Lyons was among the deans quoted in an article published with the Financial Times' global MBA rankings. He commented on business schools taking more of a stand on defining themselves. The Full-time Berkeley MBA Program jumped 11 spots to #14 in the world in this year’s ranking and to #7 among U.S. schools, up from #13 in 2011.

Fast Company
What Happened When UC Berkeley's B-School Cherry Picked Students Who Personify Its Values
In a blog post by David Aaker, Dean Lyons discusses the effect had by making Berkeley-Haas defining principles and culture a factor in MBA admissions.

Poets & Quants
An Interview With Rich Lyons, Dean of the Haas School of Business
November 26, 2011
Poets & Quants excerpts Dean Lyons' interview from "Passion and Purpose," a book in which recent Harvard Business School MBAs share stories about becoming leaders—and established luminaries in business, academia, and the public sector, share broader perspective.

November 7, 2011
Tweeted responses to the Dean's keynote address on authentic branding, given at the 2011 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education in Chicago.

Wall Street Journal
Master of 'Biz' Returns to School
September 1, 2011
Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone discusses his ongoing relationship with Berkeley-Haas and his new role with the school as Executive Fellow.

Delta Sky
Ask the Experts
September 2011
Rich Lyons is one of five b-school deans to field the question, "What trends are emerging in business education?" His answer: Take a stand on the type of leader you produce.

Wall Street Journal
B-Schools Give Firms Say Amid Tough Jobs Market
January 6, 2011
Dean Lyons is interviewed in this article on how b-schools are partnering with recruiters to ensure that students are prepared to meet real-world challenges.

Dean’s Digest
The Alsop Perspective: Defining a School’s Culture Is a Smart Strategic Move
October 2010
An Interview with Dean Lyons on Haas School culture.

National Public Radio
On Point
October 13, 2010
Dean Rich Lyons and other top b-school deans discuss the economy and the role of business schools.

San Francisco Chronicle
Recession lesson: Confidence without arrogance
September 12, 2010
An interview with Dean Lyons on teachable moments offered by the financial crisis.

Poets & Quants
The Four Guiding Principles of Berkeley’s Haas School of Business (Video)
September 2010
Dean Lyons describes the school’s guiding principles of Question the Status Quo, Confidence without Attitude; Students Always, and Beyond Yourself.

Wall Street Journal
Educating Tomorrow's Ethical Leaders (Video)
August 20, 2010
Dean Lyons on how Berkeley-Haas builds its culture, including through its MBA admissions selection process.

Times of India
Putting some soul into management
July 31, 2010
Dean Lyons is quoted in this story about business schools reflecting on their future course.

Financial Times
Before the curtain falls, three final words (registration required)
July 12, 2010
Dean Lyons and the revamped Berkeley-Haas MBA curriculum are mentioned in Stefan Stern’s final column, which considers management challenges of the future.

Financial Times
California dreamin’
June 21, 2010
Dean Lyons on the Haas focus on path-bending leaders and its efforts to attract a different population to the school.

Dean’s Digest
Five Questions for…Cal Berkeley-Haas Dean Richard Lyons
June 2010
Dean Lyons discusses how Haas has responded to the challenges faced by business schools today in a Q & A with this Graduate Management Admission Council publication/website.

Changing Course: Berkeley is the latest business school to shake up its MBA courses (registration required)
May 25, 2010
This article quotes Dean Lyons on what sets Berkeley-Haas apart and notes how the revamped curriculum teaches conventional subjects in new ways.

San Francisco Business Times
U.C. Berkeley’s Haas School unveils plan to revamp its curriculum
May 10, 2010
Dean Lyons is quoted on fundamental unsustainablilities in this article that announces Berkeley-Haas curriculum changes.