Berkeley Business Academy for Youth

B-BAY class

Program Courses

B-Bay courses are taught by Haas graduate and undergraduate students, with guest speakers and faculty lecturers. They cover these areas:


Learn the five stages of team formation, group process organization, problem-solving strategies, and leadership and communication skills essential to effective teamwork.


Learn the four main characteristics of entrepreneurship, as well as how entrepreneurs identify market needs and structure their businesses.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Understand the roles and responsibilities of business in society and how a written code of ethics for both management and employees can serve as a framework for decision making and customer commitment.

Business Principles

Learn the laws of supply and demand, profitability, product development, and ROI.

Perform a SWOT analysis.

Financial Accounting

Learn how to prepare financial reports that provide information about a company's performance to external investors, creditors and tax authorities.

Understand income statements, balance sheets, financial planning concepts, and finance strategies.


Understand what motivates consumers, and learn how to develop a marketing plan.

Review components of marketing, including advertising and promotions, sales, public and media relations, and customer service/satisfaction.

Computer Skills

Learn how to use computers to conduct research, compile information, and develop PowerPoint presentations.

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