Prospective students are required to fill out the application, including the University of California Release Waiver Agreement, Medical Release Form and University of California Berkeley Multi-Media Consent Form. The application must be completed in English.


All students are required to remain at the campus and participate in the activities for the entire 14 days. (There are no exceptions)

Application Essay Questions
Applicants must write an essay (Single spaced, 12 font, 2-3 pages maximum) answering all 6 application questions below:


Entrepreneurship Session


Case Study Session


Supplemental Materials

2 Teacher Recommendation forms (see on line application)
Current Transcript including grades from the past two years (unofficial transcript ok)

Mail supporting documents to: S545 Student Service Bldg. #1900, Berkeley, CA 94720.


Each student must provide his/her record of immunization according to California immunization regulations prior to attending the program.



Application Fees

A non-refundable $75.00 application fee must accompany the copmpleted application. Applications will not be reviewed if fees are not included.

Application Deadline: Entrepreneurship (6/15/2015) & Case Study/Critical Thinking (7/6/2015). Students are encouraged to apply prior to the application deadline as applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Admission Requirements
The admissions team looks for academically motivated, mature students who are interested in attending the Berkeley Business Academy for Youth High School Program because they have an interest in developing their knowledge of business or a passion for business. The application and accompanying materials should indicate the student's level of motivation, and maturity necessary for this challenging program. The essay must be written by the applicant.

Applicants may be required to interview with a member of the admissions committee to determine admission to the program.

When we receive your complete application, meaning your online application and all supplemental materials, your application packet will be reviewed. An admissions decision will be made and e-mailed to you within two weeks.

Students admitted into the Berkeley Business Academy for Youth will have 10 days (weekend included) from their acceptance date to enroll on line and pay the program fee. Applicants are not enrolled until full payment is received.

International Students
International students who are proficient in English are welcome to apply to the program. Students will be required to interview with a member of the admissions committee to determine English proficiency and admission to the program, details here.


Visa Requirement

Berkeley Business Academy for Youth is a non-credit, two week program. International students of countries requiring a visa to enter the U.S., should enter the United States with a B-2 "Visitor for Pleasure" visa instead of F-1 student visa.  This allows students to engage in tourist-related plans as well as to participate in Berkeley Business Academy for Youth. Citizens of countries who enjoy the benefits of the Visa Waiver Program should enter the U.S. in WT "Waiver Tourist" status which permits the same activity.


Program Office
The B-BAY Program Office is located at the Haas School of Business S545 Student Services Bldg. #1900, Berkeley, CA 94720 and is open from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

For more information, please contact Olive Davis:

(510) 643-0923