Berkeley Business Academy for Youth


Parents and students love the Berkeley Business Academy camp! Here’s what some of them had to say:

Parent: “We are pleased with Kimberly’s experience while she attended B-BAY. This experience has given her the confidence to meet students anywhere her age and work together, on a project, to a resolution. She gained much confidence and self-esteem in herself, that upon her return to Hawaii, she searched for more programs at Berkeley and UCLA.”

Parent: “The camp was one of the best activities Jonathan has ever participated in. He learned so much and was very motivated to start a business when the camp ended.”

Student: “The curriculum was interesting well designed and comprehensive. Free time made camp even more fun. Program exceeded my expectations.”

Student: “I thought it was really fun! I didn’t really know what to expect going to business school camp, but it exceeded my expectations. I was really excited to be on the Cal campus, but the lecturers that visited were my favorite part. It was really fun seeing all of the different facets of business and all the different things you can do with a business major...”

Student: “This camp was something I look forward to a lot and now it’s already over. I thought that this camp taught me a lot and I’m glad I went here. I never thought about business as an interesting or fun activity but now I know otherwise... Another thing I really liked was that all the teachers and peer leaders were open, organized, fun and nice to talk to. Thank you for the great camp!”

Student: “This camp rocks! I totally enjoyed and learned a lot. I totally recommend this camp. This camp taught me a lot about marketing, public speaking and how to budget my money. I met lots of new people here and this camp has inspired me to start my own company. The food was also amazing!”