Key Processes

Haas Finance

Budgeting and Forecasting

On an annual basis, each division needs to submit a forecast/budget to the campus.

Campus and division goals

Fortify our Financial Strength

  • Implement a portfolio of revenue generating and cost containment initiatives to improve our financial position and prepare for potential exogenous shocks.
  • Emphasize a culture of philanthropy.

Manage data-informed decisions

  • Focus on the holistic trends presented by our budgets and variance analysis in comparison to actuals.
  • Understand the implication of these trends, take appropriate actions and adjust budgets and plans accordingly.

Ensure our current resource allocations work harder

  • Our 2021 Strategic Business Plan (OGST) should drive our budget
  • We place a new focus on reallocation in this tight financial environment, so our current assets are working in the right places, and support strategic shifts and trade-offs