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The card program issues university cards that enable the timely purchase of low-value goods and services (bluCard), support a department's travel study program (Travel Study Card/DBC) and events and ceremonies (Event Planner Card). All credit card purchases must comply with university policies and are subject to a federal audit. Haas Finance serves as an intermediary between the cardholder and Card Program Services and as a reviewer/approver of all card activities.

Our preference is that you use CSS campus cards for making purchases. For instructions on making purchases, please contact CSS BFS at or call (510) 664-9000, option 2.

Requesting a New Card:

If you believe your department may need a card, please find information on the cards here:



Travel Study Card/DBC

All card requests must be approved by Haas Finance. Please send a completed Cardholder Account Form (CAF) and a business justification to the Haas Card Program Manager:

Monica Porter
(510) 642-9754


Once your request has been approved, the cardholder must complete cardholder training prior to receiving the card. Certificates of completion must be sent to the Haas Card Program Manager. You can access online training via the UC Learning Center, accessible through The following courses are mandatory: bluCard Program Basics (course code: BEPRO300) and the bluCard Program Procedures (course code: BEPRO310). An annual refresher course is also required.

Card Reconciliation

Once you receive your card, you must request access to BFS through SARA, the Systems access Request Application to reconcile. For instructions on reconciling transactions on BFS watch an instructional video

All approved reconcilers must adhere to the Haas Card Reconciliation Process and must verify their purchases within 10 business days after the transaction date. Haas requires that a reconciler:

  • Verify the chart string on a transaction
  • Write a description of the purchase
  • Provide supporting documents

If your card has been lost or stolen or you suspect fraudulent activity call US Bank at (800) 344-5696, fill out a Loss, Theft or Fraudulent Use Form and contact the Haas Program Manager immediately.

Closing a Card

Before closing a card, supporting documents on all past transactions must be submitted to Haas Program Manager. For card issues or any other questions, please contact the Haas Program Manager.