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Haas Finance


Deposits (Cash, Checks, & Credit Cards)

Haas makes deposits into the Campus Deposit System (CDS) and applies secure cash-handling procedures at Haas.

Making a Deposit

  • All units receiving cash, check, or credit card payments must follow the University's Cash Handling Policy and maintain secure control over the funds.
  • Deposits must be made weekly or when you have $500 in receipts, whichever comes first.
  • Haas Finance can make the CDS deposit for your unit if you submit a completed Haas Deposit Slip to the drop-off location in S549 along with the receipts, and copies of checks.
  • If you are unsure of which chart string to use, please contact your financial analyst
  • Please acknowledge that general revenue is subject to a campus assessment of 9%.

Application Fee/Enrollment Deposits

  • Units receiving Application Fee and/or Enrollment Deposit payments should contact Sumit Dhewajoo at and drop the deposit slip to Sumit Dhewajoo to receive an excel workbook developed specifically for depositing those funds. Email completed worksheets to and drop the Haas Deposit Slip to Sumit Dhewajoo at S549.

Gift deposits must be processed through Development and Alumni Relations. Please drop off checks/cash to the Haas safe at S549 with appropriate back-up documents. All deposits will be picked up at this location and safely transported to the DAR office in a timely manner.