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IBD teams have completed projects in a variety of industries – from manufacturing and energy to ecotourism and healthcare.

Growth Potential

Our work is not limited to US market entry opportunities. Because we conduct research on-site, you can leverage your IBD team to analyze business opportunities in the US, in your home country, or at another location altogether.

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If your organization has been struggling with management or strategic decisions, we can help you overcome them with innovative and thoughtful solutions.


We know managing a project's scope can sometimes be difficult. We are attuned to making sure the project stays on track throughout our collaboration with you.

Click on the sample IBD project descriptions below to learn more about the industry, scope, and team deliverables of each project.

IBD Project: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Distribution in Georgia

Business Plan
A private pharmaceutical manufacturing company in the Republic of Georgia asked IBD to provide a business model for future growth and development. The company aimed to take advantage of the strong demand for high quality pharmaceutical products in the Georgian market as well as abroad. The IBD team members provided a thorough regional market overview and clarified the company's competitive advantage, its key customers, its regulatory environment, its sales and distribution strategy, its operations and technology, and its financial projections.

IBD Project: Mobile and Online Restaurant Service in China

Marketing Strategy
A successful restaurant entrepreneur asked IBD to help design a marketing strategy for a mobile and online startup in China attempting to penetrate the restaurant market through Chinese consumers' use of mobile phone text messaging. Focusing initially on Shanghai, the IBD team members conducted a thorough analysis of the local restaurant market, Chinese consumer behavior, and the company's online and text offering. They provided recommendations for a product strategy roadmap, a market segmentation model, pricing and promotion, and internal reorganization.

IBD Project: Air Cargo Investment in Costa Rica

Financial Assessment
An airport management services company in Costa Rica asked IBD to recommend opportunities for the company to increase profits from air cargo operations at one of its airports. The IBD team members analyzed macroeconomic and import/export trends in Costa Rica, researched air cargo facilities in Latin America and elsewhere, and interviewed stakeholders in air cargo operations in Costa Rica. They made short and long term recommendations based on several criteria, including customer demand, technical and political feasibility, and the potential to generate significant profits. Some of their final recommendations included establishing a small hub facility for separating and storing in-transit cargo, implementing a charge for cargo left in the transit warehouse for more than two hours, and building export and import cargo terminals on the site of an existing facility.

IBD Project: Regional Automobile Sourcing Strategy in Asia

Strategic Plan
A major global automobile manufacturer asked IBD to help determine the optimal sourcing strategy for vehicle accessory parts in the Asia-Pacific region. The IBD team selected fog lamps as a test case solution because of the disparity in costs between countries. They researched fog lamp availability in Australia, India, South Africa, Thailand, and Taiwan. Their final deliverable included an analysis of the process and costs associated with sourcing fog lamps from Thailand and Taiwan and shipping them to various markets in the region. IBD concluded that Thailand was the optimal accessory parts sourcing base for the company.

IBD Project: Creating a Leadership Succession Plan in Ghana

Strategic Plan
Ashesi University opened in early 2000 with 30 students. Through the work of its visionary leader, Patrick Awuah, the university had grown to over 500 students, built and moved onto a permanent campus, and achieved a 90% job placement rate. As it entered its second decade, Ashesi needed to assure its continued growth and longevity by training and recruiting future university leaders. The IBD team developed a comprehensive leadership succession plan for the university, including budgetary requirements and short, medium, and long-term considerations.

IBD Project: Science and Technology Development in Bulgaria

Business Plan
In an effort to drive productivity through an innovation-driven economy, the Bulgarian government proposed setting up a technology park in which companies would come together to build businesses in the field of information and communication technologies. The IBD team developed key governance mechanisms for the pilot science and technology park, in accordance with national priorities that support Bulgarian companies and improve their competitiveness. The team's results were presented to the highest levels, including the President of Bulgaria, Rosen Plevneliev.

IBD Project: Supply Chain Management in India

General Analysis
World Health Partners, a non-profit organization, uses a private sector provider network to deliver health services to India's rural poor. WHP developed the Last Mile Outrider (LMO) supply chain system to effectively and efficiently deliver medicines and lab samples within their healthcare network. The IBD team analyzed the LMO system, focusing on the business model and financial data from the sale of medicines and products, identifying challenges and limitations to the system.