Teams in Action

You've read about the program. What is it really like to be in country though? Let our MBA students tell you. Watch the videos below and travel the world with them, as they conduct field research and discover first-hand what it means to work in an international environment.

The loveLife Project

The loveLife Project from Archit Bhargava on Vimeo.

Memories from Zambia

First Person
Team Comaco


Strategic Plan

"Our IBD project in Zambia this summer was inspiring, and certainly a defining experience in our two year MBA program. We had the opportunity to consult for a phenomenal organization that is making a difference in the lives of others, as well as on the wildlife and land in Zambia. We built tremendous relationships with COMACO employees, relationships that I'm confident we'll maintain for years to come. We also developed extremely strong relationships with our classmates, as we were all working incredibly hard together to ensure that we had a positive impact on our organization."

— Team Comaco