Berkeley-Haas Alumni Network

39,000+ Strong

39,000+ Strong

Berkeley-Haas alumni are advancing careers across 50 U.S. states and territories and in 81 countries around the globe. We lead in all industries, from traditional to emerging, and can be found in public service and academia, where our distinctive approach to business leadership is shaping policy decisions and the next generation of business graduate. What connects us? The worldwide presence of the Berkeley-Haas Alumni Network - a reflection of the Haas School's belief that a strong, engaged community is the ultimate expression of our breakthrough approach to business leadership.

The Berkeley-Haas Network

Program Degrees Awarded Living Alumni % Living Alumni
Undergrad 26,457 19,210 50.68%
BCEMBA/EMBA 667 663 1.75%
EWMBA 4,483 4,415 11.65%
FTMBA 13,090 12,158 32.07%
MFE 692 688 1.81%
MS 168 108 <1%
PhD 710 662 1.75%
ALL 46,267 37,905 100%

Source: Cal Advancement Data System 2016

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Source: Cal Advancement Data System 2015