Haas Alumni Network

The "Berkeley-Haas" Way of Networking

Come network the Berkeley-Haas way: Network beyond yourself.

Networking is about creating a community of tight and loose connections and growing social capital. It is about building personal and business relationships that create support and opportunities.

To network the Haas way, always try to give more than you get...

  • Help someone else at an event
  • Connect someone to someone else that can assist them
  • Take the call.

By participating in the community this way, the network's value increases, and the average benefit increases for everyone. By regularly being active helping others, rather than just tapping in when you have a need, the whole will increasingly grow greater than the sum of it's parts... If everyone tries to help others, everyone in turn gets helped.

Good networking questions to ask after you establish a personal connection:

  • What are your biggest business challenges currently?
  • Is there any way I can be helpful to you? I may know someone you should talk to.
  • Is there anyone you suggest I talk to about [insert your own business or personal challenge]?

"Don't just take, also give back. To Haas, to fellow students and alumni, to the world." — Greg Patterson, MBA 2000

For more information, please contact Meg Roundy, Assoc. Director, Student-Alumni Relations