Haas Alumni Network

Student-Alumni Connections

Short-term student projects
As most MBA alumni remember fondly, many Haas courses require a student project. As a graduate of the Haas MBA program, you can continue that experience by posting a short-term project for today's students to tackle.

Projects are available to students in all degree programs. Students can search and organizations post projects by industry, project area, and geographic preference.

Coaching, Mentoring, and Networking Opportunities

Being a coach or a mentor for your classmates, Haas students, or Haas alumni is an amazing way to stay connected to the Berkeley Haas Network.

  • Network with current Haas students—as well as alumni—by keeping your information updated and visible in the @cal Alumni Directory.
  • Lend your expertise by speaking in a class or working as a volunteer through the many Centers at Haas.
  • Connect with Haas Undergraduate students through their Haas-sponsored clubs and fraternities.
  • Connect with Haas MBA students through their clubs and student run conferences.
  • Join your local Haas Chapter to assist with programming a presentations. Share your expertise and your network with the Berkeley Haas Network.

Finding a coach or a mentor is a very personal process. Are you looking for someone who has had a similar career trajectory? Or, are you switching careers or industries, and need to source the best connection as you make this transition?

Learn more about building a coach/mentor relationship. It takes time and effort, much like any relationship.

  • Start with a clear picture of your networking journey—What are you interested in achieving and why are you connecting to specific members of your Berkeley Haas network?
  • Search the @cal Alumni Directory or LinkedIn to find Haas students or alumni who represent the kinds of connections you need to make (within a company, industry, geographic region, etc).
  • Connect! Reach out via email to request an informational interview or request a time to meet in person or via phone.
  • Prepare for your meeting—What questions will you ask? What information are you most interested in learning from someone on the "inside"—info that can't be found on a company website?
  • Be transparent—Would you like their assistance connecting to a hiring manager or passing along your resume?
  • Thank them for their time, knowledge, and connections. A little bit of thanks goes a long way.

Learn how can you turn networking requests and meetings into a stronger relationship.

  • Follow up with your new connections. Keep them updated on your job search, current classes, relocation, etc.
  • Share industry related information, articles of interest, and Haas events of interest (Invite your new connection to one of the Haas student-led conferences or Alumni Signature Events!) Keep your common interests and goals top of mind.
  • Continue to build the relationship and stay connected.
  • The best and most effective mentor/mentee relationships are built organically, and strengthen overtime.
  • Not all relationships need to last a lifetime. Some have limited lengths, and that is ok. You are looking to build a mutually beneficial relationship that may not need to last forever.

For more information, please contact Meg Roundy, Assoc. Director, Student-Alumni Relations: