Reunion, Class, and Special Campaigns

Celebrating Haas Values, Building Haas Community

Giving to the Haas Fund is an extension of the community spirit we share as graduates and friends of the Haas School. As a result, alumni events are often linked with opportunities to make gifts that celebrate deepening connections over the course of your relationship with the school.

Reunion Campaigns
Haas School reunions, held the first year after graduation, followed by every five years, provide an opportunity to reconnect with peers to celebrate shared student experiences and professional accomplishments since graduation. Reunions also invite you to deepen your connection to the Haas School by making an especially significant gift to the Haas Fund. Class volunteers rally peers during reunion years to go for 100 percent participation in the Haas Fund. In addition to marking milestones since graduation, reunions are opportunities to join forces with classmates to make a big difference in the future of the institution you share.

Class Campaigns

Each graduating class holds a unique place in Haas School history as, together, students prepare to take on the business challenges of their eras — from launching entrepreneurial ventures, to sustaining major corporations and nonprofit organizations, to maintaining vision and leadership amidst constant change. Building the bonds that grow from an intensive and collegial learning experience, many Haas School alumni volunteer to be class ambassadors for the Haas Fund, reaching out to classmates each year to boost their class's total contribution.

Class campaigns also encourage you to go for a "perfect 10" — gifts to the Haas Fund over 10 consecutive years, which make you an honorary member of Haas True Blue, our loyalty club.

Student Campaigns

Business undergraduates can make a Senior Class Gift pledge and MBA candidates can kick-start their philanthropy through their MBA Graduating Class Gift Campaign. Both programs let you pledge your first gift before graduating — and fulfill it a year later, after employment.

Special Campaigns and Challenge Matches

Special campaigns, including challenge matches, occur throughout the year and provide opportunities to make a gift to the Haas School.

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First Person
Greg Patterson
Greg Patterson
MBA 00

CEO, The Advisory Group

"I view our Haas reunion as a celebration of the relationships and opportunities that Haas helped create. During and after my degree, the Haas experience has been full of great people, great friendships and great ideas. As a result, I plan to do more during our reunion year, in terms of time and donations. "