Dean Lyons' Message to Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering your time and energy to the Haas School. Your generosity means a lot to me and to the rest of the Haas team. Your leadership and commitment as ambassadors for the Haas School in your many roles — reunion, class gift, and regional committees are essential to the success of our annual giving program, and to the evolving excellence of the Haas School.

As you know, the Haas Fund is the foundation of support for our school's excellence. Through alumni participation each year, we gain the flexibility to provide critical resources that directly benefit our students, faculty, and alumni.

We had another strong showing of unrestricted support this past year due largely to the innovative efforts of our dedicated Development Council volunteers. We cracked the $3 million threshold for the second time in our school's fundraising history, and connected with over 4,100 donors. You played a key role in this success by facilitating peer-to-peer contact among classmates, which fosters our ties with alumni, raises awareness about the importance of alumni support, and secures gifts.

Thanks again for supporting Haas as both donors and volunteers. My colleagues and I look forward to partnering with you to push our success even further.

Dean Rich Lyons
Dean Rich Lyons
BS 82