Hire an MBA

On-Campus Interviews

Each year, approximately 81% of our full-time MBA student body takes part in on-campus recruiting. By following this checklist, your company can select and interview the best candidates in an efficient and economical manner.

1. Scheduling Your On-Campus Interviews

You can notify us of your interest in on-campus interviews by working directly with a relationship manager to schedule your recruiting activities. You can also submit an on-campus recruiting (OCR) Request form via CareerNet. A relationship manager will review your request and connect with you directly about your recruiting plans.

Position Title and Description

Firms that provide detailed information about the available positions, as well as some information about the company and division, consistently receive the most vigorous response from students. If your position requires specific work authorization, whether it is for the United States or for a target country, please inform us in advance so we can ensure that your instructions are clear.

Information on hiring international students.

Application Process

We can collect resumes and cover letters of interested MBA students through CareerNet. If your HRMS procedures require applications to your website, we can communicate that to our students as well, along with your deadlines. Your application deadline should be approximately one month prior to your interview date. Consult the recruiting calendar for deadlines.

Length of Interviews

Generally, firms choose to conduct 30-minute interviews (12 students per schedule) or 45-minute interviews (8 students per schedule). You may also opt for rotating interviews, which allow two interviewers to see a single candidate in back-to-back interviews.

Type of Schedule

You can choice to set up invite-only schedules, in which you pre-select all of your interviewees. We recommend, however, mixed schedule. In a mixed schedule, you pre-select some of your candidates, and allow interested students to bid for the remaining "open schedule" slots. This allows you to see both students whose backgrounds more obviously fit your needs, as well as students who will show you their deep interest in your opportunity.

2. Populating Your Schedule: Resume Drops and Invite Lists

Two weeks prior to your visit, you will select your interview candidates online or provide us with your invite list. We will invite and schedule the students for you. For schedules with open slots, we will conduct the bid process and award slots to the highest bidders.

We recommend that you choose three alternate candidates in case a candidate is unable to interview. Your final schedule, along with driving directions and logistical information, will be available online two business days before your interview.

3. Choosing Your Corporate Representatives

Students prefer to meet directly with functional area hiring managers during the interview process. We especially encourage alumni participation, since their support and enthusiasm are valued by students and corporate staffing alike. More senior members of your leadership team can often be helpful in later stages and for closing the deal.

4. Your Interview Day

We provide complimentary valet parking on your interview day. Typically, interviews begin at 8:30 a.m. in the Haas Recruitment Center, room S330. On the day of the interviews, we suggest that you arrive 15 minutes before your first interview to acclimate yourself for the day. Upon arrival, you will be provided with an information packet which includes your updated schedule and resumes of the students that you will meet. We provide morning coffee and pastries as well as lunch.

5. Second-Round Planning

As soon as you begin to plan second-round interviews, let your relationship manager know your proposed dates. We can inform you if there may be conflicts on those days that would adversely impact your ability to call back our students.

6. Follow-up and Feedback

Since firms have varying timetables for advanced interviews, we ask that you keep students apprised of their status throughout your hiring process. Students greatly appreciate open communication, regardless of the final outcome of their candidacy. At the end of your interview day, please be sure to complete our recruiter survey; your feedback helps us to continue to provide you with excellent customer service.

7. The Offer

Accepting an offer is an important decision that requires time to ensure that it is right for both the student and your organization. See the Recruiting Guidelines for information on our policies regarding offers.