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Exempt research: We have introduced the new system for Haas-level review of exempt protocols for human subjects research. Suzanne Stone has been trained in CPHS procedures and is qualified to offer advice on preparing and submitting CPHS protocols. In particular, her advice will be useful in helping researchers determine whether their research project might qualify for exempt status. If your project is exempt, you do not need to submit consent forms or recruiting materials, and an exempt determination is good indefinitely—unless you change your project, you need not apply to renew your protocol.

From now on, any protocol submitted via Berkeley's eProtocol system from a Haas researcher as exempt will go to Suzanne Stone for review. She encourages you to consult with her prior to submission so that she might be able to provide guidance that could smooth the review process and reduce the chances that a problem in your submission slows its approval:

  • If you would like speedy feedback on the question of whether a research project might qualify as exempt from review, you might considering filling out the short "Project proposal form" (below) which covers the issues most essential to the exempt determination, and email it to Suzanne Stone.
  • You will find helpful guidance to the e-protocol longer form questions under the "Exempt protocol template."

Project proposal form
Exempt protocol form

Non-exempt research: Non-exempt protocol template
Tips for Efficient Approval
Research wiki

For reference:
RPP Protocol #2010-11-2500 and RPP Guidelines for UGBA 105
Participant recruitment template