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Haas Faculty Lead a Group of Experts in Responding to the Energy Crisis
Haas at Davos: Tyson, Chatman, Katz, and Shapiro Attend the World Economic Forum
Assistant Professor Priya Raghubir Receives Hellman Award
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An ad hoc group of professors from the Haas School, other Cal departments, and leading US universities, along with former public officials and consultants, released a manifesto on the California energy crisis last Friday. The group unveiled a 10-page manifesto on the California electricity crisis - and the resulting financial crisis - that includes ways to solve the situation. Read the full manifesto at http://haas.berkeley.edu/news/california_electricity_crisis.html.

Led by David Teece, Haas professor and the director of the Haas School's Institute of Management, Innovation & Organization (IMIO), representatives of the group told reporters gathered at a press conference in the Arthur Andersen Auditorium that it's time for sound public policy advice to take back the center stage from politics. There is no escape from higher retail rates, they said, and what's needed in the long run is additional power generation and long-term purchasing contracts.

Teece was joined in front of the cameras by Pablo Spiller, chair of the Haas School's Business and Public Policy Group; Nobel Laureate and Cal economics professor Daniel McFadden; Mitch Wilk, former president and commissioner of the California Public Utilities Commission; and, by phone, Philip Verleger, a visiting fellow at the International Institute for Economics in Washington, D.C., who has advised the U.S. government on economics and domestic energy policy.

The manifesto was generated by experts in regulatory and energy economics who organized under the auspices of IMIO. The list of manifesto endorsees includes Haas Professor Janet Yellen, who chaired President Bill Clinton's Council of Economic Advisers; Robert Solow, a Nobel Laureate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); and Stanford University law professor and former Congressman Tom Campbell, among others.

Teece concluded the press conference by saying the group wants to carry its "perhaps not politically popular" message to all. The wide consensus reached by this array of experts, he said, and the solid foundation of their positions, ultimately will sway policy makers.

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Dean Tyson and three Haas faculty members have been at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, since late last week taking part in far-ranging discussions of global economic issues. Haas' contingent of faculty is made up of Jennifer Chatman, the Harold Furst Professor of Management Philosophy and Values; Michael Katz, the Edward J. and Mollie Arnold Professor of Business Administration; and Carl Shapiro, the Transamerica Professor of Business Strategy.

Tyson will appear on two panels:



Chatman's panels are:


Shapiro's panels focus on intellectual property:


Katz will speak on:



Since the forum schedule is often subject to change, each faculty member may speak on additional panels that have not been announced.

Over the past 30 years, the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum has gained prominence as the world's global business summit. This year's theme, "Sustaining Growth and Bridging the Divides: A Framework for Our Global Future," will be discussed and debated by more than 1,000 top business leaders, 250 political leaders, 250 foremost academic experts, and 250 media leaders. According to the organizers, "Discussions are held at the highest level among participants who belong to the same community of top decision-makers, fostering a unique club atmosphere that is very conducive to a forward-looking approach in addressing key issues of global relevance or initiating new business contacts."

For more on this year's World Economic Forum, go to http://www.weforum.org.

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Priya Raghubir, assistant professor in the Haas Marketing Group, is one of thirteen assistant professors at UC Berkeley who have been named recipients of the Hellman Family Faculty Fund 2000 Awards. Established by F. Warren Hellman in 1995, the fund provides support for assistant professors in the physical and life sciences, engineering, arts, humanities, and social sciences that show the promise of great distinction in their research. The maximum award is $50,000. The 2000 awardees received a total of $300,000 in research support.

Raghubir's research project, "Attitudes, Inferences, and Behavioral Responses to Credit Card Information," examines how the mode of payment affects the amount of payment in purchases.

The purpose of the Hellman Family Faculty Fund is to support the research of promising assistant professors. The quality of the research proposed is the most important criterion for selection. Awards are made without regard to the apparent timeliness or popularity of the field of study and without reference to ethnicity or gender. With the exception of faculty salaries, awards may be used for any research-related expense, such as research assistants, equipment, or travel.

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The MBA Association rings in the new year with a new line-up of leadership. MBAA president Hans Grande is joined by eleven vice presidents:

Douglas Park, academic, dpark@haas.berkeley.edu
Keitha Pansy, admissions, pansy@haas.berkeley.edu
Phil Robinson, alumni, probinso@haas.berkeley.edu
Teresa Hegdahl, career, hegdahl@haas.berkeley.edu
Becky Frank, clubs, frank@haas.berkeley.edu
Dennis Cox, communications, cox@haas.berkeley.edu
Stephen Coughlin, community, coughlin@haas.berkeley.edu
Chad Nokleby, finance, nokleby@haas.berkeley.edu
Miguel Villa, international, villa@haas.berkeley.edu
Inder Grewal, social, grewal@haas.berkeley.edu
Marcelo Vasquez, technology, vasquez@haas.berkeley.edu

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Linda Coffee Promoted to Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

Linda Coffee has been selected to be the school's new assistant director of Alumni Relations. Coffee has been promoted from her current role as alumni relations office assistant. She will serve as the lead alumni events coordinator and main liaison to the Haas Alumni Network Chapters and Regional Representatives around the world. She will also coordinate a multitude of student-alumni programs and activities, and serve as a member of the team helping to build stronger class reunion programs at Haas. Alumni Relations Director Tenny Frost says, "I am very excited about promoting Linda to this new role. She's a great team player and knows how to juggle many projects at once - a must in the alumni relations field."

Coffee joined the Haas School in the spring of 1999 as an administrative assistant for the Haas Career Center and, later that fall, moved to a position in the Alumni Relations Office. She has customer service and event planning skills from her work at Haas, REI, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. She is a 1991 Business Administration graduate of CSU Chico and was born and raised in the Bay Area. Linda can be reached at 3-7442 or coffee@haas.berkeley.edu.

The alumni office will be recruiting for a new administrative assistant. In the interim, Andrea Hilkovitz, a recent Rice University graduate, is serving as temporary assistant. Andrea can be reached at 2-7790 or hilkovit@haas.berkeley.edu.

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Paul Rice, MBA 96, executive director of TransFair USA (http://www.transfairusa.org/), has won an Ashoka social entrepreneurship fellowship. TransFair USA is the only non-profit certification organization for Fair Trade products in the US. TransFair's certification label on a package indicates that every step in getting coffee or tea from crop to cup has been monitored and certified to ensure it was fairly traded. Currently over 80 coffee and tea companies offer a Fair Trade option.

Ashoka is an organization of "social entrepreneurs" founded in 1982. Ashoka is not a foundation and only accepts private donations. Ashoka now spends about $11 million a year financing "fellows" in 40 countries who can make a difference in a community and whose innovations can be extended to a state, a region, or the world. For more information go to (www.ashoka.org).


Ronnie Thierman, MBA 99, was appointed to the ERISA Advisory Council by the Clinton Administration's Secretary of Labor, Alexis M. Herman, last week. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974 mandates the creation of this advisory council. The council is charged with making recommendations on employee benefit issues to the Department of Labor.

Thierman, a senior consultant with William Mercer's health care and group benefits practice in San Francisco, was tapped for the actuarial counseling position. She has more than 20 years of experience in employee benefits consulting, and she has been the chief actuary for Pacific Telesis and Chevron Corporation. She has experience in all aspects of employee benefits consulting, including plan design, valuation, funding arrangements, vendor negotiations, strategic business planning, bargaining, mergers and acquisitions.

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M. Frances Van Loo, associate professor and chair of the Public and Nonprofit Management Program; Severin Borenstein, the E.T. Grether Professor in Public Policy and Business Administration; Ben Hermalin, associate dean for Academic Affairs and the Willis H. Booth Professor of Banking and Finance; and Dean Laura Tyson were quoted in the Los Angeles Times on January 29. "Teaching How to Give Stirs Doubts in Business Schools" focused on Van Loo's Contemporary Philanthropy course.

Jay Stowsky, associate dean for school affairs and initiatives, and current MBA student Stuart Bush were quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle on January 28 in an article on the front page of the business section about dot-commers returning to business school.

Several Haas grads and staff were quoted in the Contra Costa Times on January 28. "Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Go Back to School" quoted Alan Knitowski, MBA 99, on his experience in the Evening MBA program. Also quoted were Evening MBA Program Director Diane Dimeff and Richard Kurovsky, executive director for Marketing and Communications.

Severin Borenstein appeared on ABC's Nightline on January 24 to discuss the California Electricity Market. He also was on KSBK news radio, NPR's All Things Considered, and Newsweek Radio. This week he was quoted in The New York Times, the Sacramento Bee, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Dean Tyson was mentioned in the National Journal on January 27. The article was about Treasury Secretary designate Paul O'Neill's political positions.

Tyson was also mentioned in the London Independent on January 27 in an article about the World Economic Forum. She is quoted as predicting that the economic slowdown will be short-lived.

Nibha Aggarwal, MBA 99, and her company Sky-Flow are mentioned in an article in the Times of India on Springboard 2001: Silicon Valley Venture Forum. Sky-Flow was one of 24 women-led companies that presented at this year's forum.

The Energy Crisis Manifesto was covered on Fox/Channel 2 on the Ten O'Clock News on January 26. David Teece was interviewed on air.

Teece appeared on CNNfn on January 26 discussing the energy manifesto.

Pablo Spiller and Teece were quoted in the Los Angeles Times on the Electricity Crisis Manifesto. "Power Crisis a Peril to Nation, Fed Chief Says," quoted sections of the Manifesto and mentioned the Haas connection.

The energy manifesto was also mentioned in the San Francisco Chronicle on January 27.

Tyson was also quoted in the Industry Standard on January 26 in an article titled "At Davos Forum, Optimism Amid the Warnings." Tyson is quoted as saying that she hopes the Bush administration will continue to utilize the Council of Economic Advisors.

The new Master's of Financial Engineering Program was covered in depth in the East Bay Business Times on January 19. "Haas Answers Demand for More Financial Engineers" quotes one of the new students, Yi Zhou, and the new MFE program's Executive Director, John O'Brien.

Haas grad Steven McConnell, MBA 92, is quoted in a BusinessWeek story on January 19 titled "MBAs Slink Back to the Nest." The story is about MBAs at several schools returning to traditional fields and asking their alma maters for help in finding more traditional jobs.

Michael Katz was quoted in the Financial Times on January 15 on e-business courses at Haas.

Louis P. Bucklin was quoted in Newsweek Magazine, January 8 on the closure of Montgomery Ward & Co. and the future of both JCPenney and Sears.

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