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Haas NewsWire, March 19, 2001

**Due to spring break, the next Haas NewsWire will come out on April 2, 2001.**

Tickets to Haas CEO Exchange with Cisco's Chambers and HP's Fiorina Available April 2
The Future of Venture Capital to be discussed at the UC Berkeley Entrepreneurs Forum
Dean Tyson to Give the State of the School Address in April
Haas Announces Club 6 for Fall 2000
Haas in the News
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Tickets will be available in two weeks to hear two of Silicon Valley's most high-powered CEOs: Hewlett Packard's Carly Fiorina and Cisco Systems' John Chambers speak at an event hosted by the Haas School on April 11 at Zellerbach Hall. The event will be taped for the PBS television series CEO Exchange. The show will be introduced by Dean Laura Tyson and moderated by CNN's Jeff Greenfield.

A raffle for the students will immediately follow the taping at Zellerbach Hall. Following the raffle, the audience is invited to a reception with the speakers and special guests at the new Haas Pavilion.

The event is free and open to the entire Haas community. Tickets are required and will be available the week of April 2, 2001 to all Haas students and staff at a table in the courtyard from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. every day. Evening MBA students will be able to pick up their tickets from the Evening MBA office during that week as well. Faculty will receive tickets in their mailboxes.

CEO Exchange is a series of debates with two CEOs in front of a business student audience and moderated by CNN's Jeff Greenfield. CEO Exchange has been hosted by a dozen business schools including Stanford, Harvard, UCLA, Chicago, and the London School of Business. The Haas event will be the 14th show in the series.

CEO Exchange usually airs on PBS on Friday evenings. The Haas School's CEO Exchange will be aired on PBS on or after October 1, 2001. The exact airtime will be determined by local PBS stations.

AT Kearney sponsors the CEO Exchange. The new CEO of AT Kearney, Dietmar Ostermann, will attend the show and the reception. He will be joined by members of his senior management staff. Haas alumni working at local AT Kearney offices will also be invited.

Because the event is for a television show, there are strict rules for attending. The most important of these is that seating begins at 5:30 p.m. and the doors will close at 5:45 p.m. Once the doors are closed NO ONE else will be allowed into the taping. Please show up early to the event. The taping begins at 6:00 p.m. and is followed by a reception around 8:00 p.m. at the new Haas Pavilion (Dana Street and Bancroft Way near Zellerbach Hall). Please hold on to your ticket for admission to the reception.

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In this time of turbulent markets and failing dot-coms, how can an entrepreneur get funding? Find out at this month's UC Berkeley Entrepreneurs Forum on March 22, 2001 at 6:30 p.m. in Arthur Andersen Auditorium. One year after the bubble burst for the dot-coms, the markets are still trying to determine what will be the final outcome. The forum will present a panel of seasoned venture capitalists, all graduates of Cal, who will discuss this new environment.

The panel discussion, titled "Venture Capital on the First Anniversary of the Dot-Com Meltdown: A Berkeley Perspective," will bring in three high-powered venture capitalists to share their thoughts on future investments. The panelists are Steve Domenik, general partner, Sevin Rosen Funds; Gary Kalbach, general partner, El Dorado Ventures; and Mark Kvamme, partner, Sequoia Capital. The event will be moderated by Steve Herrick, principal, Continental Capital.

"In the post dot-com meltdown, entrepreneurs need to understand the perspective of major venture capitalists and how they plan to approach the future," says Jerry Engel, executive director of the Lester Center. "This program will provide up-front and personal points of view from three leading venture capitalists."

Students may register in person with cash or check in room F450 or F453, weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or by phone with a Visa or MasterCard at 510-642 4255. The fee for those who pre-register is $5; registration at the door is $10. On-site registration is subject to space available. Special rates are available for faculty and staff. Faculty and staff are encouraged to pre-register by e-mail. For more information on the series, please visit http://www.haas.berkeley.edu/lester/bef.html.

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The entire Haas community is invited to the annual State of the School Address to be given on April 12 at 7:30 p.m. (in the Arthur Andersen Auditorium) and again on April 13 at 12:30 p.m. in the Haas Courtyard. All students (undergraduates, Full-Time MBA, Evening MBA, and Ph.D.), faculty, staff, alumni, and friends are encouraged to come and listen to Dean Laura D'Andrea Tyson discuss the Haas School's plans and progress on a wide range of issues. A question-and-answer period will follow the address.

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Andy Shogan, associate dean for instruction, announced the faculty members who made what's known at Haas as "Club 6" earlier this month. Club membership requires a median student evaluation rating of at least 6 on a scale of 1 to 7. In addition, seventeen professors and instructors received a median score of 7. They are:

Cristina Banks
Severin Borenstein
Stephen Chamberlin
Jennifer Chatman
Caroline Cole
Tulin Erdem
Stephen Etter
Bronwyn Hall
Hayne Leland
Richard Lyons
Gary McBride
David Mowery
John Phillips
Peter Thigpen
Paul Tiffany
Nancy Wallace
Franco Wong

Seventy-three percent of the instructors in the fall semester 2000 made it into Club 6. The instructors and course number for each program are:


Cristina Banks, 151
Rada Brooks, 120
Lisa Cain, 160
George Cluff, 190
Caroline Cole, C196W
Diane Dimeff, 196
Louis Drapeau, 126
Stephen Etter, 134
Victor Garlin, 175
Phillip Gordon, 148
Daniel Himelstein, 196
Gary McBride, 128A
Arturo Perez-Reyes,100
John Phillips, 100
Karlene Roberts,159
David Robinson,100
Holly Schroth, 150
F. Victor Stanton,123
Paul Tiffany,170
Ana Valenzuela,160
John Veitch, 187
Avinash Verma, 130
Steven Wood, 111
Xiao-Jun Zhang,120


Peter Alduino, 291A
Sara Beckman, 290A
Severin Borenstein, 201A
Stanley Breitbard, 294
Stephen Chamberlin, 282
Jennifer Chatman, BA/E259
John Danner, 295A
Rui de Figueiredo, 207B
Gregory Duffee, 232
Robert Edelstein, 280
Tulin Erdem, 262A
Neil Gandal, 201A
Richard Grant, 290L
Steven Green, BA/E296
Terri Griffith, 205
Ernest Gundling, BA/E259
Lynne Heinrich, BA/E296
Andrew Isaacs, 295C
Dwight Jaffee, 203
Sharon Landes, 291A
Reuven Lehavy, 220
Hayne Leland, 234
Roger Lewis, 265
Terry Marsh, 235
Thomas McCullough, 200Q
Robert Merges, 278
John Phillips, 207A
John Quigley, C296
Kristiana Raube, 296
David Robinson, 268
William Rosenzweig, 294
Jacob Sagi, 233
Holly Schroth, 252
Andy Shogan, 200Q
William Sonnenschein, 200C
Richard Stanton, 203
Hannah Sullivan, BA/E239
David Teece, 274
Paul Tiffany, 299B
M. Frances Van Loo, 215
Peter Wilton, 299D
Franco Wong, 202A
Xiao-Jun Zhang, 202A


Salvador Aceves, E220
Jonathan Berk, E203
Jennifer Chatman, BA/E259
Timothy Dayonot, E252
Nancy Euske, E205
Steven Green, BA/E296
Ernest Gundling, BA/E259
Lynne Heinrich, BA/E296
Roberta Jacobs, E295
Jonathan Leonard, E201A
Anthony Levitan, E295
Richard Lyons, E285
William Sonnenschein, E291B
Joydeep Srivastava, E261
Ronald Star, E295
Hannah Sullivan, BA/E239
Peter Thigpen, E278
Peter Wilton, E206
Russell Winer, E206

Jennifer Chatman, 254A
Tulin Erdem, 269B
David Mowery, 296
Bronwyn Hall, 296
Nancy Wallace, 289A
Franco Wong, 223B
David Mowery, 279C
Jacob Sagi, 238A/223A
Richard Stanton, 238C
David Teece, 279C

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Accounting Professors Brett Trueman, Franco Wong, and Xiao-Jun Zhang were all mentioned in the Oakland Tribune on March 19. The article "Professors Advocate Timing Stock Moves" was about the professors' recent research into stock prices and earnings announcement. Read the full text at http://www.oaklandtribune.com/default.asp?puid=480&spuid=480&indx=741452&art.

Janet Yellen, the Eugene E. and Catherine M. Trefethen Professor of Business Administration, was quoted in USA Today on March 19 on what the Fed should do with the next interest rate cut. In "What Would You Do if You Were Alan Greenspan?" Yellen commented that a three-quarters of a point cut in the rate would jolt the economy. Read the full article at http://www.usatoday.com/money/mear.htm.

Severin Borenstein, the E.T. Grether Professor in Public Policy and Business Administration and the director of the University of California Energy Institute, was quoted in the Los Angeles Times on March 18. In "Gas Co.'s Success Opens Debate," Borenstein commented on incentives offered to natural gas providers. Read the full article at http://www.latimes.com/business/20010318/t000023590.html.

David Aaker, professor emeritus of marketing, wrote an opinion piece that appeared in the Wall Street Journal Europe on March 16.

Dean Laura Tyson was quoted in the South China Morning Post on March 13. In the article, "US Unlikely to Follow Japan Experience," Tyson said that the US economy would not experience the sort of stagnation that Japan has experienced.

Borenstein was also quoted in the Seattle Times on the proposal to install real-time electricity meters to allow consumers to monitor their daily electricity use.

Borenstein was quoted in the Sacramento Bee on March 10 on the Federal Regulatory Commission's inquirer into power prices. Read the full text at http://www.capitolalert.com/news/capalert01_20010310.html.

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