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Haas NewsWire, May 8, 2000

Treasury's Summers, Justice's Klein, and Fed's Ferguson Featured at First Annual    Haas/Berkeley New Economy Forum
Haas School to Launch its First Internet Course This Summer
Lucinda Watson Leaves Haas
Teaching and Student Award Winners Lauded at Dean's End of the Year Party
Student Campaigns Reach New Heights
Graham Receives Service Award
New Staff
Haas in the News
Happening at Haas

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Three top US Government officials, leading Silicon Valley business leaders, and distinguished academics will discuss macroeconomic, monetary, and antitrust policies in the New Economy at a special event in Silicon Valley, organized by the Haas School of Business, on Tuesday, May 9.

US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Roger Ferguson, and US Assistant Attorney General Joel Klein will be the featured speakers at the private, half-day Haas/Berkeley New Economy Forum. The event is being hosted at the Portola Valley residence of Walter Shorenstein, a prominent San Francisco Bay Area businessman and philanthropist.

The New Economy Forum, conceived by Dean Laura D'Andrea Tyson, is planned to be the first of an annual series of programs to bring together leaders from the technology, venture capital, and financial worlds, top scholars, and high-ranking federal policy makers to discuss trends and policy changes in the New Economy.

The board of advisors for the forum includes Cisco CEO John Chambers; venture capitalist John Doerr; W. Bowman Cutter (E.M. Warburg Pincus); Silicon Valley marketing consultant Regis McKenna; John Gage (Sun Microsystems); Roberta Katz (Technology Network); Ray Lane (Oracle); George M. Scalise, president of the Semiconductor Industry Association; Novell CEO Eric Schmidt; Business Week Editor Stephen B. Shepard; Walter Shorenstein; and E.piphany CEO Roger Siboni.

Major topics for the event are: "Rethinking Macroeconomic and Monetary Policies for the New Economy," to be led by Fed Vice Chairman Ferguson; and "Antitrust Policies for the New Economy," to be led by US Anti-trust Chief Joel Klein. Top scholars from Berkeley and elsewhere will present recent research and thinking on these issues.

Tyson said the idea for the annual Forum developed from thinking about ways to connect business and government leaders with scholars from the Haas School, from other Berkeley departments, and from other institutions who have been conducting leading-edge research on the "New Economy." The New Economy refers to the rapid technological innovations that are changing both business behavior and the economy's aggregate performance.

Among the Haas School faculty attending are Professor Janet Yellen, former chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisors, and Professors Carl Shapiro and Hal Varian, authors of the widely praised book Information Rules - a Strategic Guide to the Network Economy.

Tyson said the idea for the forum also stems from an attempt to nurture a smaller, focused US version of the famous annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which gathers world and business leaders, scholars, and others to talk about current economic issues. Tyson, who has attended the Davos events in the past, said because many participants from the US meet each other for the first time in Europe, it seemed logical to host a similar summit in Silicon Valley.

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For the first time, the Haas School will be offering a degree program course this summer with a distance learning option that allows students to take the course entirely over the Internet. The undergraduate course, "Special Topics: Strategic Planning for a Global Economy (BA 196),7quot; to be taught by lecturer George Cluff, will be offered during summer session with three options: to take the course completely on campus, to take the course completely over the Internet, or to mix the two delivery systems. This course is one of the first Internet-based, degree program courses approved by the UC Berkeley Committee on Courses and Instruction.

"George Cluff's undergraduate course is one of several exciting experiments the Haas School is launching this year to better understand how the new distance learning technologies and modes of delivery can enable us to combine the highest-quality content with the greatest level of access and convenience for students," said Dean Laura D'Andrea Tyson. "We plan to develop a menu of courses that can be delivered simultaneously on campus, online, and on-site to participants located at different campuses or corporate training centers. In the long run, we will be able to offer a choice of delivery modes to students in our degree programs and in our custom programs for corporate executives."

Distance learning is one of the areas that the University Office of the President is exploring as a way to accommodate the predicted surge in enrollment that UC and Cal State systems will face between now and 2010. UC Berkeley is slated to take 4,000 more students a year by 2010.

"Distance learning is one of several venues that Cal is exploring to address the increase in enrollment predicted for 2010," said Dan Himelstein, director of the undergraduate program. "George is working above and beyond the call of duty to create a new teaching infrastructure that makes this class possible and may make it easier for other faculty to follow in his footsteps." Other avenues being explored to address this surge are year-round school and increasing the number of students studying abroad.

Cluff is enthusiastic to be offering this course with an Internet option-he hopes that qualified students from anywhere in the world might sign up for the class. He stresses that this course, whether taken on campus or through the Internet, will still be a difficult course. "This will not be UC Berkeley 'light'," said Cluff, "This class will be of the highest caliber, whichever way it is taken." To support this level of quality, Cluff will conduct a weekly two-hour tutorial for each of the seven student consulting teams. (The students in the class will form into consulting teams and provide strategic planning assistance to a community organization.) This required tutorial will be conducted live in person and/or live on the Internet. Because the students can take the class from anywhere, the client organizations for whom they consult can also be anywhere in the world.

Cluff has spent months developing the Internet offerings for the class and building a web site that will help all of the students in the class share ideas, conduct research, and even take exams. The web site contains an examination room for two open-book, open-note midterms; a key documents room; a lecture room with 30 lectures and audio/video introductions by Cluff; a library room for course materials; a student lounge for students to chat and form teams; and a tutorial room for live chatting with Cluff. UCB Summer Sessions Web Site Team created the BA 196 Web Site under Cluff's direction.

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After ten years of contributing her wisdom, grace, wit, and style to the Haas School, Lucinda Watson is leaving the Career Center to pursue new challenges on the East Coast. Through her innovative workshops and one-on-one counseling, Watson helped MBA students prepare for interviews, learn to network, and most importantly, remember to breathe. She also arranged a series of lunches with business leaders who gave MBA students a chance to meet and mingle with some of the more important business celebrities in the Bay Area.

"For many years now, Lucinda Watson has been a unique and invaluable resource for Haas students trying to navigate the sometimes-treacherous social situations that inevitably play an important role in the launch and upkeep of successful business careers," said Jay Stowsky, associate dean for school affairs and initiatives. "None of us can imagine a more gracious or knowledgeable guide to these worlds or a more compassionate guide to the art of self-presentation, which generally involves delving deeply, and sometimes painfully, into the roots of one's self-esteem. Lucinda's generosity in sharing her many high-level personal contacts to America's corporate elite has enriched the lives of many Haas students. Her contacts will continue to broaden the networks of Haas students and alumni for years to come. We will miss Lucinda's wisdom and spirit here at Haas, but we look forward to her continued involvement the life of the school from her new base on the East Coast."

For Lucinda, leaving Haas means leaving behind a group of people that have become her friends. "I integrated those wonderful students into my life. I was fortunate enough to have this incredible group of friends that I will never forget," said Watson. "It sounds corny, but Haas has provided me with this amazing source of young people in my life."

Watson will be pursuing a degree in health advocacy at Sarah Lawrence College, the same school her daughter attends. She is also looking forward to being closer to her family, since all of her sisters and her mother live in Connecticut. Still, she would very much like everyone to stay in touch. She can be reached via e-mail at lucindaw@earthlink.net.

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At the dean's End of the Year event, the best-of-the-best teachers, instructors, and volunteers were celebrated. The Cheit Award for the Undergraduate Program went to Victor Stanton; for the Daytime MBA Program it went to Richard K. Lyons; the Evening MBA Program recipient was David I. Levine; and Glenn Carroll received it for the Ph.D. Program.

Haas School GSI Teaching Awards went to Jerry Millendorf (Undergraduate), Christopher Boerner (MBA), and J. Lamar Pierce (Evening MBA). The Hayase Award went to Jeffery Macher.

MBA Community Service Awards were given to Greg Hoffman (MBA 00), Lia Fernald (MBA 00), Melissa Daniels (MBA 00), and Cheryl Proctor (MBA 00).

In addition, the East Bay Outreach Project gave an award titled "Beyond the Call of Duty Award" for outstanding commitment and community service to the Young Entrepreneurs program to Lauren Buggs (MBA 00) and Oluwatosin Oduola (MBA 01).

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This year's student fundraising campaigns reached new heights of class participation. This year's undergraduate Feed the Bear Campaign, with the slogan "Show me the honey," raised an astounding $38,962 in pledges to next year's Annual Fund. With 84% of the class participating, the average pledge was over $150. The MBA Giving 101% Campaign had 95% of the class participating with $68,045 pledged - a new record.

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Evelyn Graham, director of information services in the Development Office, is receiving her pin for ten years of service to the university.

Recipients of service awards receive a congratulations letter, a Service Award Pin from President Atkinson, and accrue additional hours of vacation. The UC system and the Haas School have long recognized staff with many years of service. The Haas NewsWire will continue to report new service award recipients as they are announced.

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Tannwen Mount has come on board at Haas as the assistant director of the Annual Fund and Reunion Campaigns.

She is originally from New Jersey, where her family owns and operates an apple orchard just outside Princeton, NJ. Her move cross country was prompted by her acceptance of a position at Golden Gate University, as their community relations director.

As a Princeton University alumna, she is very active with the Princeton Club of Northern California and is the Bay Area Coordinator of Princeton Project 55, an intern and fellowship program for Princeton students. Her enjoyment of continued, active involvement with her alma mater has lead her to want to make the alumni experience rewarding for others. She is looking forward to working with the Haas Development and Alumni Relations team, alumni, and the greater Haas community. Tannwen can be reached at 2-6860 or via e-mail at mount@Haas.Berkeley.EDU. Her office is at S544.


Neal Fujioka, who worked in the UC Berkeley Chancellor's office for 16 years as a programmer analyst, joined the Haas Web Team in early April as the School's new Web Developer and Project Coordinator. In his previous position, Neal focused on the university's computer-based academic personnel system, building databases, handling statistical reports and analyses, and linking the database system to the university's web site.

At Haas, he will be responsible for working directly with Haas web page editors and others at the school to develop technical aspects of their web sites. Among his first duties over the next several months will be to help departments convert their existing web pages to the new graphic design and navigation system that has been developed for the Haas web site. The new look for the site will be unveiled officially in May. The Web Team, which is part of the Marketing and Communications Office, also consists of Lezlie Vincent, Debra Goldentyer, and Rich Kurovsky. Neal is working temporarily in S520. He can be reached by phone at 3-5340 until June 30. His e-mail is fujioka@haas.berkeley.edu.

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The annual MBA Draft article in today's Industry Standard mentioned that 23% of 1999 Haas MBAs went into Internet/e-commerce/software careers and quoted Ilse Evans, the Haas School's executive director for MBA admissions and career services, on the difficulty of figuring out which offer is the best when dealing with startups. You can read the article at http://www.thestandard.com/article/display/0,1151,14825,00.html.

Dean Laura D'Andrea Tyson appeared on the NBC Nightly News on May 5. She was interviewed about the prospects that the current economic expansion will continue.

This week's Wired article, A New Spin on 'Good' Business, covered the Haas Social Venture Business Plan Competition, quoting competition judges John May and Dan Geiger, MBA 98, and co-organizer Alison Lingane, MBA 2000, as well as competition participant Che Mott, MBA 2000 and founder of UrbaNet. View the article at http://www.wired.com/news/business/0%2C1367%2C35971%2C00.html

Professor David Levine was on BayTV at 5 on May 2 and KRON channel 4 at 6 on May 5. He was also in the San Francisco Chronicle a week ago, on the first page of their Bay Area 100 section.

The Haas School was well-represented in a recent San Francisco Business Times' special feature (April 28-May 4) on Women in Business 2000. Dean Laura Tyson and Stephanie DiMarco, BS 79, founder and chairman of Advent Software, were named among the Bay Area's 50 Most Influential Business Women. The article "B-school handing women a strong network of contacts" quoted Kim Niquette, MBA 99 and co-founder of MyHaystack.com, and Beth Scanlan, Evening MBA student and founder/CEO of Electronic-Advisor.com. Another article in this special section, "Valley's venture capital gets a woman's touch," featured Kim Fisher, MBA 94, founder and CEO of AudioBasket.

The German business weekly Die Wirtschaftswoche published an article on May 4 on the benefits European students can derive from attending US business schools. The article featured Dirk Freise and Thorsten Rehling, MBAs 2000, both international students from Germany and co-founders of handy.de, as examples. The article also mentioned Professors David Aaker and John Freeman, and quoted Michael Katz on the school's e-business and entrepreneurship offerings. View the article at http://www.wiwo.de/wwheft/2000/19/usa.htm.

Professor Severin Borenstein was quoted extensively last week on oil and gas prices. Borenstein was in the associated press newswire on May 3, commenting on the oil company profits reported for first quarter. Borenstein was on KRON-TV 11:00 p.m. news on May 2, night saying same thing. Borenstein was on KGO-TV some time last week (he's not sure when it aired) talking about energy policy and earth day. He says, "Among other things, I advocated cracking down on the old, heavy-polluting cars that now get a free pass on the smog check."

Cynthia Kroll, regional economist in the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle on May 1 on the strength of high-tech, multimedia, and Internet stocks.

Florian Zettelmeyer was quoted in the Washington Post on April 28, on the need to look beyond the paper wealth of Internet entrepreneurs and value them for their entrepreneurial spirit. The article can be found at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A29010-2000Apr27.html.

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