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Haas Alumnus to Head International Monetary Fund
Faculty, Students, and Staff Recognized for Excellence
Students Make Five-Year Pledges to Haas
Nominations Sought for New Haas Award for Accounting Practitioners
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Rodrigo Rato
Rodrigo Rato, MBA 74

Haas Alumnus to Head International Monetary Fund

Rodrigo Rato, MBA 74, Spain's former minister of economy, has been selected to serve a five-year term as managing director and chairman of the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) beginning in June 2004.

"It is exciting to see Mr. Rato move into a position with even greater global reach," says Dean Tom Campbell. "We have followed his management of the Spanish economy with great interest here at the Haas School."

After completing his MBA at UC Berkeley, Rato entered politics in his native Spain, becoming a member of parliament in 1982. In 1996 he became Spain's finance minister, managing economic policy with long-term objectives of low and stable inflation and low public deficit. His successes positioned Spain to meet the criteria for membership in the EU's Economic and Monetary Union in May 1998. "What we have achieved is a good example of how the right policies deliver results," said Rato in an interview later that year with the Haas School's alumni magazine CalBusiness. In 2000, Rato gave the commencement address at the Haas School graduation.

Most recently, Rato was Spain's minister of economy and vice president for economic affairs, serving on various boards of governors, including of the IMF and World Bank. He attended the EU's Economics and Finance Ministers meetings and represented the EU at the Group of Seven Finance Ministers meeting in 2002, when Spain held the EU presidency.

Rato, who holds a law degree and a Ph.D. in economics, both from the Universidad Complutense, has pledged continuity and an "open-door" policy at the IMF.

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Faculty, Students, and Staff Recognized for Excellence

The Haas School celebrated the outstanding achievement of faculty, students, and staff at the End-of-the-Year party for the 2003/2004 school year on May 7. Emcee Dean Tom Campbell recognized the following award winners.

Haas School of Business 2003-2004 Outstanding Staff Award Winners
Rich Wong, account manager in the Career Center; Forrest Smalley, database development and administration in Haas Computing Services; and Susie Hanna, executive assistant to the dean.

Cheit Awards for Excellence in Teaching
The teaching award is named after Dean Emeritus Earl F. Cheit, who made teaching excellence one of his top priorities at Haas.

Cheit Award for Undergraduate Program: Steve Wood
Honorable Mention: Holly Schroth

Cheit Award for Full-time MBA Program: Teck Ho
Honorable Mentions: John Morgan and Rashi Glazer

Cheit Award for Evening MBA Cohort: Richard George
Cheit Award for Weekend MBA Cohort: Ernesto Dal Bó

Cheit Award for Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA: Paul Tiffany

Cheit Award for Ph.D. Program: Pierre Collin-Dufresne
Honorable Mention: Ernest Dal Bo

Cheit Award for Master of Financial Engineering Program: Rich Lyons

The Haas School Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Awards

Undergraduate Program winner: William Wong, MBA 05
Full-time MBA Program winner: Ronnie Chatterji, Ph.D.
Evening MBA cohort winner: Bimal Sangari, MBA 04
Weekend MBA cohort winner: Salar Jahedi, Ph.D., economics
Master of Financial Engineering Program winner: Keenen Hughen, Ph.D.

UC Berkeley Campus Outstanding GSI Award winners were Sally Kwak, Ph.D., economics; Ryan Stever, Ph.D.; Keenan Hughen, Ph.D.; Irene Corantis, MBA 04; Nelly Spieler, MBA 04; Alexander Hacking, MBA 04; Brian Payne, MBA 04; Deep Tankha, MBA 04; Josh Savage, MBA 04; Mark Gervase, MBA 04; Kathryn Poettcker, MBA 04; Anne Heibel, MBA 04; Sarah Fried, MBA 04; and Jenny Machida, MBA 04.

The Ph.D. Hayase Award went to Jennifer Kurkoski, Ph.D., OBIR, and Jason Snyder, Ph.D., BPP. The award is named in honor of late Ph.D. student Henry K. Hayase.

Outstanding MBA Student Service Awards went to Caroline Lew, MBA 04; Angel Martin, MBA 04; and Matt Weathers, MBA 04.

For the first time, the Haas School is recognizing Outstanding Haas Community Fellows. The outstanding fellows are those with the highest number of volunteer hours in their program. All of the fellows will be recognized at commencement.
Undergraduate Program: Amita Agnihotri, BS 04
Evening & Weekend MBA Program: Sean Housley, EWMBA 04
Full-time MBA Program: Linh Do, MBA 04

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Students Make Five-Year Pledges to Haas

For the third year undergraduate and MBA students have banded together to support the Haas School by making five-year pledges to the school as part of the Lifelong Giving Campaigns.

The undergraduate Feed the Bear Lifelong Giving Campaign raised $35,785 with 39% of the students participating. The Berkeley MBA 101% Lifelong Giving Campaign raised $160,585 with 87% of the students participating (a new record).
The undergraduate students' Feed the Bear and the MBA 101% Lifelong Giving campaigns focus on educating students about the importance and benefits of maintaining a lifelong connection to the Haas School to the students and to the school. Private support continues to be a key component of the financial strength of UC Berkeley.

A group of Haas students led the 2004 undergraduate Feed the Bear effort aided by their campaign mascot, Haaski. The Feed the Bear co-chairs are Nicole Essakow, Mahta Eghbali, Jeff Holliday, Patick Hogan, Yelena Nisenbaum, Val Savelyeva, Jason Tanner, and Allen Chang. The MBA 101% Lifelong Giving campaign executive committee members are Rafael Alenda, Tanya Brara, Mark Gervase, Brian Leslie, Ross McConnell, Arturo Morosoff, and Pablo Seminario.

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Nominations Sought for New Berkeley Award for Distinguished Contributions to Financial Reporting

With all the focus on how the accounting profession has failed in light of recent corporate scandals, the Haas School's Center for Financial Reporting and Management wants to shine a light on those practitioners who have done an outstanding job in the service of the accounting profession through the new Berkeley Award for Distinguished Contributions to Financial Reporting.

Initiated by Professor Emeritus George Staubus, the award will be bestowed by the Center for Financial Reporting and Management and the Haas School's Accounting Group to recognize courage, leadership, or other meritorious performance in the interest of providing financial information useful to investors in making investment decisions.

The award will be given to an individual, corporation, or other entity for making investor-oriented choices in accounting methods and reporting (e.g. providing voluntary disclosures), actively encourages transparency in financial reporting and improves the financial reporting culture of an organization.

The deadline for nominations is August 1, 2004. A nomination form can be found at http://groups.haas.berkeley.edu/accounting/award/index.htm.

A selection committee consisting of distinguished business members from industry, the accounting profession, the investment profession, and academia will select the winner. The recipient will be honored at the November 5, 2004, Conference on Financial Reporting in San Francisco.

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John Freeman, the Helzel Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and faculty director of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, was quoted in the Silicon Valley Business Journal's article titled "Feeling Lucky? Watch out for IPO hype" on Friday, May 7. Freeman questioned whether Google could grow large enough to generate the kind of revenue that would justify its expected $25 billion market cap. For full text: http://sanjose.bizjournals.com/sanjose/stories/2004/05/10/story1.html.

Proton Power, the winner of the UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition, appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle's Daily Digest on Friday, May 7, in an article titled "Fuel-cell technology wins UC contest." For full text: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi? file=/chronicle/archive/2004/05/07/BUGQ06GPSR1.DTL&type=business

Hal Varian, professor in the Operations and Information Technology Management group, authored an article in the New York Times on May 6 titled "How Much Does Information Technology Matter?" The article is a response to Nicholas Carr's new book, Does IT Matter? For full text: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/05/06/business/06scene.html? pagewanted=print&position=

Proton Power and the UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition were featured in the Oakland Tribune on May 5 in an article titled "Cal Students to Develop Fuel Cell." For full text: http://www.oaklandtribune.com/cda/article/print/0,1674,82%257E1726%257E2128326,00.html

John Freeman, Helzel Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, was quoted in Wired News on May 4 in an article titled "Prepping for the IPO Aftermath." Freeman commented on maintaining momentum after a successful IPO. For full text: http://www.wired.com/news/business/0,1367,63295,00.html? tw=wn_tophead_2

Rodrigo Rato, MBA 74, was featured on Bloomberg.com in an article on May 4 titled "IMF Names Rodrigo Rato of Spain as Managing Director." For full text: http://quote.bloomberg.com/apps/news? pid=10000087&sid=aTbaozbsJjBg&refer=top

Jennifer Chatman, Paul J. Cortese Distinguished Professor of Management, was quoted in the New York Times on May 3 in an article titled "A New On-the-Job Hazard: Turning Into a Mall Rat." Chatman commented on the pros and cons of people working outside an office using wireless technology. For full text: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/05/03/technology/03wifi.html? pagewanted=print&position= (registration is required).

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Alumni Events

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