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Financial Times Ranks Haas Executive Education Custom Programs Best in the West
Warren Hellman to Speak on the Nasdaq at the Business Forecast Luncheon
Sun Microsystems Chooses Haas for Lessons in High-Tech Marketing
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The Haas School's Center for Executive Development (CED) offers the tenth best custom enrollment programs in the US, according to the executive education rankings published in the Financial Times on June 4, 2001. Haas was the top school west of the Mississippi in terms of executive custom programs.

The top ten US custom programs included Duke, Northwestern, Harvard Business School, Wharton, University of Michigan, Darden, UNC Kenan Flagler, Babson College, Cranfield School of Management, and, of course, Haas. Columbia Business School ranked first.

The same ranking named CED's custom programs 17th in the world and the second best in the world with regard to whether its programs fulfill participants' and corporate purchasers' aims. With regard to follow-up with the customers after completion of the program, Haas ranked fourth.

"We are very encouraged with this showing," said Paul Stames, assistant dean for Executive Learning at Haas. "For the past two years we have concentrated our efforts toward increasing custom programs for client companies and this strategy is paying off. We're very pleased that our clients are so satisfied with our programs. We went from not making the ranking pool last year to placing #10 in the US."

The Financial Times ranked schools that do more than $2 million of business in two categories: custom programs and open enrollment programs. CED ranked only in the custom programs category.

The custom programs ranking was based on responses from two questionnaires: one completed by purchasers of custom programs (which accounts for 80% of the total score) and one completed by business schools.

For more details on the ranking, visit the Financial Times web site at: http://career.ft.com/ft/gx.cgi/ftc?pagename=View&c=Collection&cid=FTD4PPTW1MC&live=true.

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Financier F. Warren Hellman, BA 55, will share his formidable investment knowledge with alumni and friends at the Haas School's 2001 Business Forecast Luncheon on June 14 in San Francisco. Having just paid $240 million for a 10% share in the Nasdaq Stock Market, Hellman will speak on the timely topic of, "NASDAQ's Strategic Restructuring into a Private, For-Profit Securities Market."

Hellman co-founded San Francisco-based Hellman & Friedman LLC 15 years ago and serves as the firm's chairman. Hellman & Friedman has raised and managed over $4.8 billion in capital and invested in 42 companies. Business Week called Hellman the Warren Buffet of the West Coast in an article on his investing prowess. He is known for orchestrating the massive deal that took Levi Strauss private in 1985. Hellman currently has large investments in Levi Strauss & Co., D.N.& E. Walter & Co., and Il Fornaio (America) Corp.

Prior to founding this firm, Hellman was a founder and/or partner at Hellman, Ferri Investment Associates; Matrix Management Company; Matrix II Management Company; and Lehman Brothers. At Lehman Brothers, he served as president and head of the Investment Banking Division, as well as chairman of Lehman Corporation (a closed-end investment company). At age 26, Hellman became Lehman's youngest partner ever.

Known for his physical intensity, Hellman runs 100-mile ultramarathons and does endurance horseback riding. He is also very involved in the San Francisco Free Clinic, serves as chairman of the San Francisco Foundation, and is a member of the Haas School's Advisory Board. He proudly wears his commitment to life and work on his sleeve: he has tattoos of his horse and his company logo adorning his arm and leg.

The Business Forecast Luncheon takes place, Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the City Club, located at 155 Sansome Street, 10th Floor, San Francisco. Registration is $35 for recent graduates (1995-2001) and $45 for other Haas alumni. Online registration is available at www.haas.berkeley.edu/alumni. For more information, contact the Haas School Alumni Relations Office at 510-642-7790 or e-mail alumni@haas.berkeley.edu.

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The Center for Executive Development welcomed representatives from Sun Microsystems' division in the Netherlands to a half-day program today at the Haas School. The program participants include the firm's executives and its top clients from Holland, including executives from CMG, EDS, GE Access, Cap Gemini, and Ernst & Young.

The program, "Entrepreneurial Leadership in a Competitive IT Sales Environment," is designed to meet the needs of three different types of participants: distributors, systems integrators, and value added resellers. Russell Winer, the J. Gary Shansby Professor of Marketing Strategy, is presenting a session on "Channels Management in the Era of the Internet." Drew Isaacs, executive director of the Management of Technology Program, is presenting a session on new venture marketing.

For information on custom executive programs at Haas, please contact the Center for Executive Development at 510-642-4735 or via e-mail at execdev@haas.berkeley.edu.

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An interview with Hal Varian, dean of the School of Information Management and Systems and Haas professor, was featured in the June 11 issue of Fortune Magazine. "Okay, Now What?" profiled four thinkers on their view of the economy.

Sea Power & Associates, the winners of the Social Venture Competition, was profiled in the Contra Costa Times on June 10. Read the full text here.

Dwight Jaffee, professor of banking and finance and co-chair of the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, and Ken Rosen, the California State Professor of Real Estate and Urban Economics and chairman of the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, were featured on the front page of the real estate section of the San Francisco Business Times June 8 - 14 issue.

Jaffee and California Economist Cynthia Kroll, were quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle on June 3. The article quoted their recent report on the state of the California economy.

A column by Varian appeared in The New York Times on May 31, on reasons to be wary of privatizing Social Security.

Carl Shapiro, theTransamerica Professor of Business Strategy and the director of the Institute of Business and Economics Research, was mentioned in the Los Angeles Times on May 29 in connection with General Electric's plans to purchase Honeywell International.

Rosen was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle on May 28, commenting that Bay Area real estate market has returned to reality.

The San Francisco Business Times featured Rosen in their May 25 issue in the article "Rosen: The economic hangover has just begun". Read at http://sanfrancisco.bcentral/sanfrancisco/stories/2001/05/28/newscolumn5.html

Dean Laura D'Andrea Tyson was quoted in Business Week "Financial Education for Undergrads" on May 21. Read the text at http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/01_21/b3733133.htm

Jonathan Berk, associate professor of finance, and Rich Lyons, professor in the Haas Economic Analysis and Policy Group and the Haas Finance Group, were quoted in the Contra Costa Times on May 21 in an article on Sybase Inc.'s jump from the Nasdaq to the New York Stock Exchange.

Tyson comments to the Silicon Forum were covered in Upside.com on May 21.

Sea Power, winner of this years' Social Venture Competition, was profiled in Business Week article "Ocean Notion" on May 21.

Abby Scott, director of the Haas School Career Center, was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle article, "Job market isn't all bleak for Class of 2001" on May 20. Read the text at http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2001/05/20/AW206271.DTL

Andrew Rose's research was mentioned in the National Post article "U.S. Dollar could lift our economy 37%" on May 19.

Paul Tiffany was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle article "The power behind POWER" on May 16. Read the text at http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2001/05/16/BU199770.DTL

Sea Power & Associates was featured in Oakland Tribune on May 16.

Janet Yellen, the Eugene E. and Catherine M. Trefethen Professor of Business Administration, was quoted on the Federal Reserves rate cuts in Market News International article "Latest Fed Rate Cut Welcomed by Most, Questioned by others" on May 15.

Paul Gertler, professor and faculty director of the Graduate Program in Health Services Management, was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle on May 9. Read the full text here

Severin Borenstein, E.T. Grether Professor in Public Policy and Business Administration, has been quoted extensively in the media on the California Energy Crisis.
Fortune Magazine, June 11, "Is Dick Cheney the New Hillary?"
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The New York Times, June 5, "Natural Gas Prices High in Southern California"
The New York Times, June 3, "Econ 101: It's Right and It's Wrong"
San Francisco Chronicle, May 17, http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2001/05/17/MN88959.DTL
The New York Times, May 18, "In the State of Power, Scant Praise for Bush Plan"
The New York Times, May 18, "Energy Executives Like proposals; outside experts see less need for action"
NPR, May 19, "Prices for Natural Gas and electricity in California Remain High, and further Rate hikes May be Necessary"

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