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A Win for Women

As global senior director of human resources at NetSuite, JoAnne Taylor was dismayed by the disparity of men and women in company leadership positions. In 2013, women constituted 34 percent of NetSuite employees but less than 10 percent of company leadership—sadly common in the high-tech world.

In response, Taylor helped found Women in NetSuite (WIN), a grassroots group of both men and women dedicated to achieving gender equity in high-tech leadership. Taylor’s WIN encourages women to pursue leadership positions by focusing on recruitment, mentorship, education, and networking. WIN holds monthly trainings on topics such as negotiation, addressing unconscious bias, and financial planning for women.

Within a year, the group has over a dozen chapters worldwide and has achieved tangible results, including a new company program offering 16 weeks’ maternity leave for a new birth, leave for new fathers and adoptions, and nursing rooms installed in NetSuite’s U.S. offices. As well, by the close of 2015, women composed 24 percent of NetSuite’s leadership positions, up from 20 percent in 2014.

Taylor credits her education at Haas for giving her the tools to jumpstart her success in high tech.

“When I graduated from Haas, I was at the midpoint in my career in HR,” she says. “I went back to school because I believed in the whole concept of business HR. If I wasn’t speaking the language at the table, how could I be invited to the table? Ever since getting my degree, I feel like my career has taken off.” —Mike Rosen

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JoAnne Taylor, BCEMBA 06

JoAnne Taylor, BCEMBA 06

Global Senior Director, Human Resources,
NetSuite, San Mateo, Calif.