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Managing Innovation

The father of Open Innovation shares his knowledge

Companies that don’t innovate won’t last, but managing innovation can be one of the most difficult tasks facing business leaders. So what’s a good model of industrial innovation? At Homecoming, Henry Chesbrough, PhD 97, adjunct professor and faculty director of the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, explored just such a question.

During the talk, Chesbrough, known as the father of Open Innovation, showed how being more open—both in sharing one’s new ideas and in licensing others’ inventions—can help companies thrive.

One example is Procter & Gamble. Rather than competing with the Clorox Company in the plastic wrap category, P&G sold its seal-on-contact invention to Clorox for a minority share of profits. The result, Press ’n Seal, is now a $1 billion business. Swiffer, also a billion-dollar business for P&G, came from a licensing agreement with Unicharm, a Japanese company that created the cleaning system.

Africa Business Forum

Tambu Kisoki and Yvette Ankunda, BS 17

Co-chairs Remona Moodley and Sadiya Nur, MBA 16s

Olivia Anglade, MBA 16, and Serge Ouedraogo, MBA 15

Full-Time MBA Orientation

Adrian Williams, Mary Harty, and Mariana Martinez Alarcón, all MBA 18s

Zachary Garrett, Nonyerem Onyeador, and Yvener Petit, all MBA 18s

Faraz Bala, MBA 18, and Nikita Mitchell, MBA 15

Kristin Groos Richmond, MBA 06

Haas Volunteer Conference

Chapter of the Year (Silicon Valley) winners Victor Adint, MBA 98, and Abha Bhagat, MBA 10, with Dean Rich Lyons, BS 82

East Bay Chapter Co-Pres. Steve Wood, BS 66, MBA 67

Former Los Angeles Chapter President Natalie Alchadeff

Boston Chapter President Dan Parker, MBA 11


Kelly Bo, BS 17, Chris LaFerla, BS 17, and Divya Saha, BA 18 (Econ.)

Emily, MBA 08, and Andrew Walling

Dan Asera, BS 69

Faris Natour and Robert Strand of the Center for Responsible Business

Dean’s Speaker Series

Deborah Hopkins, chief innovation officer, Citigroup & CEO, Citi Ventures

Bob Shanks, EVP and CFO, Ford Motor Company

Christie Smith, managing principal, Deloitte University Leadership Center for Inclusion

Haas Sacramento Alumni Chapter Event

Craig Mitchell, BS 92; Steve Ricketts, MBA 69; and John Krizman

Shaoching Bishop, BS 97, and Will Boeger, MBA 83

Brian Miller, MBA 07; Pankaj Pathak, MBA 19; and Brent Haapanen, MBA 13

Hong Kong Mixer

Richard Ann, MBA 03; James Man, MBA 03; Han Feung, MBA 03; David Richardson; and Alan Y.C. Cheng, BS 13

East Bay Chapter Social Media Event

Barbara Jordan and Orion Parrott, EMBA 14

Ron Tallia, MBA 93; Jon Moreno, MBA 14; and Kathleen Kish

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December 15–16, 2016
Barcelona, Spain

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February 1, 2017
Atherton/Menlo Circus Club

15th Annual Berkeley Haas Celebration in San Francisco

March 8, 2017
San Francisco/Gap Inc.

21st Annual Women in Leadership Conference

March 11, 2017

Haas Healthcare Conference

March 17, 2017
San Francisco

22nd Annual POWER Conference on Energy Research & Policy

March 24, 2017

Reunion Weekend

April 28–30, 2017

Alumni Conference

April 29, 2017