Alumni Notes






drayLester Dray, of Litchfield Park, Ariz., writes, "Celebrating the 75th anniversary of my international business BS degree (with honors) at the Old Blues event on Dec. 8 brought back many nostalgic memories. My UCB education greatly impacted my ensuing career in military logistics in World War II, 30 years with a petrochemical company, and 15 years as a community college administrator and teacher in domestic and in domestic and international trade. At the age of 95, I reflect on the connection between these 60 years of opportunities to put to work the basic education principles with great pleasure. Since retiring, volunteer activities in the community and church have become important to me. I now live in a retirement community after 65 years of happy married life—Sybil passed away in 2009."


Hugh Gordon, of Mapua, New Zealand, writes, "Enjoying life and summer weather overlooking Tasman Bay at the top of the South Island in New Zealand. Having good health is a bonus. Best wishes to any former classmates who remember the post-war days at Cal (1946-51)—the big tent and scramble to register all the returning vets. Good memories!"


Ron Milligan, of Westminster, Calif., is semi-retired and teaching journalism at California State University, Long Beach.


Rodney LaRocque, see MBA 1977 notes.



Richard "Dick" Fay, of Penn Valley, Calif., followed his business and journalism studies with a career in creative advertising and marketing management for major corporations in the Bay Area. He directed advertising for U.S. Sprint and managed communications and marketing functions for Octel Corp. and divisions of United Technologies, CBS, and FMC Corp. Semi-retired, he lives with his wife, Terry, in the Sierra foothills and visits his two sons and four granddaughters whenever possible. Time permitting, he continues writing for publication.


Phil Braverman, see MBA 1959 notes.


John Dellar, of San Francisco, sold his chain of retail beauty supply/ salon stores in 1999. Since then, he has been a counselor for small businesses with SCORE through the Small Business Administration.In addition he has co-chaired a weekly homeless shelter feeding program in San Francisco for 16 years. John writes, "My BS in business at Cal was invaluable in providing me with the ability to grow a business. It has also been important in my volunteer work at SCORE." John's wife, Jobyna Akers Dellar, another Cal Business graduate, sold her successful office products representative agency and is a volunteer in the San Francisco schools, working with at-risk children. John and his wife enjoy music, theater, travel, their grandchildren, and rooting for Cal at football and basketball games.




Michael Wood, of Honolulu, Hawaii, is the principal of MW Group Ltd., a commercial real estate firm. He has been married to Joanne Wood for 50 years and has three children and nine grandchildren.




Clay Henley, of Chicago, Ill., manages separately managed accounts for clients at J.P. Morgan. His is still married to Cheryl, and his only son, Keven, will go off to college next year.






Vijay Kumar (Pandit), of Mountain View, Calif., writes, "My Thanksgiving was spent at my daughter Amba's house in Santa Cruz. She's a successful Coldwell Banker agent in both Santa Cruz and Menlo Park. My son, Jay; daughter-inlaw, Alyse; and granddaughter, Linden, were also there. Jay works for Solar City as a structural engineer and Alyse is a lawyer. Jay and Alyse climbed Mt. Conness (12,590 feet) using ropes, adding to their triumphs over Mt. Whitney and the peak Incredible Hulk in the Sierras. I am on the board of advisors of InternetSpeech. InternetSpeech sales are static in the United States, but stronger in Thailand, India, and the Middle East."




Bob Kellerman of Portland, Ore., writes, "Graduated in marketing and ended up being a store buyer, then a wholesale rep in fashion, mainly in—horrors!—Los Angeles. I made a later-in-life career change to interior design, via UCLA. The tanking of the economy tanked me, too. In 2011, I moved to Portland, which is more like Berkeley than Los Angeles was. Haven't found my way yet, but I will. I am a great problem solver and endlessly curious. Would love to hear from other alums!"




Anita (DeArmond) Vogel, see MBA 1971 notes.




Jim McAdler, of Santa Rosa, Calif., is the administrative services director for the town of Windsor in Sonoma County. In his spare time Jim serves as the treasurer of the Santa Rosa Southeast Greenway Campaign, a grassroots effort to transform an abandoned highway right-of-way into a two-mile gateway to Spring Lake Regional Park. Jim also chairs the Cal Alumni Leadership Award district committee.




Christine Lee is working as an adviser and consultant for multinational companies. Her primary focus is on commercial real estate investment, development, design concept, leasing, and marketing. She is working on an active lifestyle senior housing project in the United States and Asia. Christine has lived on four continents and is multilingual. 1976 Jean (Bingham) Jones, of San Francisco, is the CFO and CAO at Burr Pilger Mayer. Headquartered in San Francisco, BPM is the largest California-based tax, accounting, consulting, and wealth management firm.




Kathy (Teng) Dwyer, is the executive director for Harbor House Ministries, a nonprofit that serves people living in the San Antonio neighborhood in Oakland, Calif. The agency provides programming to a high-poverty, multicultural population. Harbor House Ministries' programs include a daily after-school program for 65 Oakland Unified School District students, free food and clothing distribution, ESL classes for adults, and a community garden. Kathy and her husband, Terry, are busy raising their three children, getting involved in local Oakland politics, and volunteering in Oakland public schools.




Linda (Parinella) O'Keefe, writes, "Auto racing took my husband and me, formerly Bay Area natives, from California to the greater Indianapolis area earlier in 2011." Linda is the CFO of Elevate Ventures, a firm backed by the state of Indiana to build, nurture and expand the entrepreneurs and early-stage, high-growth companies and ecosystem within the state.




Sheryl Hawes, of Concord, Calif., writes, "I concluded my 30-plus year career at AT&T, and now I am able to be spontaneous and play golf, travel, or hang out at the coffee shop whenever I want! My UC Berkeley accounting/ finance education served me very well at Pacific Bell, now AT&T, and I often felt I had an advantage because of that. My first director was an alumnus of UC Berkeley Business School, and that helped me get in the door back in 1981! Soon I'll be heading to India for two weeks to attend a wedding and all the wonderful festivities surrounding an Indian wedding. After the wedding, the groom's family is treating the American visitors to a jungle retreat for three days. It is an opportunity I could not pass up."


Russ Irwin, of Sausalito, Calif., writes, "Retirement is good! 2011 was a full year of sailing. We started in the west Caribbean, specifically in the San Blas Islands on the east coast of Panama. We ended in Raiatea, 125 miles west of Tahiti. We sailed 6,000 miles via the Panama Canal, Galapagos, Marquesas, Tuamotus, Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora. More information can be found at www.newmorning. info."




Hal Bogotch, of Los Angeles, is teaching ESL to Korean students at Nexon America in El Segundo, Calif. He recently co-authored Compelling American Conversations, an ESL conversation textbook. Hal's wife, Laura Lacamara, recently completed an illustration project for Arte Publico Press in Houston. Her first bilingual picture book, Floating on Mama's Song, will soon be available in digital formats from HarperCollins. Their daughter, Annalisa, is a second grader in the English-Spanish immersion program at Grand View Boulevard Elementary School in West Los Angeles.




Alan Deitch, of Corvallis, Ore., is the owner of Raising the Bar Real Estate, a real estate brokerage. Alan has three children, one of whom is a freshman at Georgetown University.




Tama Smith, of New York, accepted a new position as CEO of The Tyra Banks Co. Inc.




Christa Pedersen, of San Ramon, Calif., is the marketing manager for health care, nonprofit, and manufacturing/ wholesale/distribution industries for Armanino McKenna, a CPA firm. Christa enjoys helping produce webinars and planning client appreciation events.




Kim (Crossley) Carter, of Palo Alto, Calif., writes, "Happy New Year to all! I've read the alumni notes for years and wanted to submit my own. At this point in my life and career I feel tugged in two directions: wanting to continue to pursue my career and capitalize on my great education at Haas and wanting to enjoy my family. Balancing is hard but consulting has helped me to meet this challenge. I still miss the camaraderie of the work environment, though. In 2012, I'll be looking for a new work arrangement and to reconnect with fellow Haas alums. Go Bears!"




Kevin Tolsma, of Camarillo, Calif., is the president of the estate planning council of Ventura County and is an alumni adviser to prospective donors for the UC Berkeley Foundation. He also volunteers at the local youth center at his church. Kevin is a certified financial planner and advises individuals and business owners regarding their finances, insurance, and positioning of their assets as it relates to their retirement, business succession, and estate planning goals. When not working, Kevin enjoys spending time with his family and at the beach.




Mark Coker, of Los Gatos, Calif., founded Smashwords, a free e-book publishing platform for self-published authors, in 2008. Smashwords

has grown to become the world's largest distributor of self-published ebooks with a catalog of over 100,000 titles. The books are distributed to the Apple iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, Sony, and Kobo. Mark writes, "Every day, I'm thankful for my Cal education and experience, and thankful to Ruth Nice and team for accepting me into the undergraduate business program. Peace all!"



Linnet Kwok, of Shanghai, China, is working as the operations director for a recruitment firm based in the United Kingdom. Previously, she worked at World Wildlife Fund as a fundraiser. Linnet, her husband, Edward Tung, BS 83, and her two sons, Nathan and Nicholas, enjoy traveling throughout China.


Harvey Schwartz, is working for the Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, as the deputy for fleet and joint exercises division. He and his wife, Mary, have lived in Oahu for the past six years and plan on making Hawaii their permanent home after serving in the U.S. Marine Corps for over 24 years. Harvey recently served as the lead planner for a United States and Australia military exercise involving over 20,000 participants in eastern and northern Australia in June and July of 2011.




Vidya (Ramanjaneya) Kagan, of Boston, continues to enjoy her work as a fundraiser in the world of education. She was recently promoted to director of major gifts and campaigns at Noble and Greenough School in Dedham, Mass.




Pauline Ng, of San Jose, Calif., has worked extensively in different areas of accounting, including tax filings, financial audits, general ledgers, consolidations, and SEC support. She is now in charge of consolidation and the maintenance of internal reporting. Pauline is married and has two daughters.




David Cain, see MBA 1997 notes.





woldEric Wold, of San Francisco, writes, "There have been a lot of changes in my life recently, and I'm excited for what's in store in the years ahead. First, following five years in New York, I've relocated back to San Francisco to be closer to Cal. Then, after almost 10 years with Merriman Capital, I joined B. Riley and Co. at the end of September with a team of my former colleagues, where I will continue research coverage of the media and entertainment industry. Finally, I proposed to my girlfriend, Selin, this summer in Venice, and we are getting married next June in Napa. She's a UCSB Gaucho, but she's been quickly learning the ways of the Golden Bears."




Dan Moser, of San Francisco, now leads the mobile and supply efforts for the largest video network in the U.S., BrightRoll. Dan and his wife, Maeve, are expecting their first child, a son, in April of 2012.




tassellMelanie Rhinehart Van Tassell, of Alexandria, Va., writes, "In August, I was named chief of staff to Rep. Mike Thompson, who represents much of California's North Coast in Congress. The job brings me back to California more often, which enables me to see family and friends. If any Haas alums find themselves in D.C., please drop me a line if you need a Capitol or White House tour. Go Bears!"




chanJosephine Chan, writes, "It's amazing that I've been able to stay with the same company for such a long time! I've been through several mergers and ended up as a senior business consultant at IBM. Once traveling 90 percent of the time, I now work from my home office. I live in Brentwood, Calif., with my daughter, Chaya (7). My grandparents and parents are both living in Hong Kong, so I travel quite a lot to Asia with Chaya—almost two or three times per year. My little girl is such a world traveler! She has already been to more than 10 countries."


Viola Sutanto, of San Francisco, writes, "My design studio, chewing the cud, which focuses on branding for small businesses, continues to expand its eco-friendly gift presentation product offerings this year. On the home front, we are blessed with our daughter, Maika."


Ailien Tran, of Saigon, Vietnam, writes, "After graduation from Haas in 1997, I joined Morgan Stanley, then the Capital Group Companies, as an IT person. I then left the financial industry to pursue a public-service endeavor. I earned an MPP from the Goldman School of Public Policy in 2009. Right after graduation, I moved to Vietnam for my Fulbright tenure. I'm currently building a nonprofit in Vietnam. We provide classes in parenting skills and educational games for local parents and kids. The experience has been a rollercoaster ride, but its reward is beyond expectation. I also freelance for BBC Vietnamese and a local newspaper. In less than two years, my nonprofit ( has served over 1,500 parents, 4,000 children, and 200 college students."




Irene (Chen) Poston, see MBA 2003 notes.




Sun-Sun (Chen) de Swaan, of New York, joined Glocap, an executive search and recruiting firm, as a director and leads the firm's real estate practice. She brings over 10 years of real estate and principal- investing experience to the role. Sun-Sun works with clients across the real estate sector, including firms involved with acquisitions, development, financing, and property management.




pompeoKristine (Fernando) Pompeo, of Upland, Calif., writes, "The newest addition to the Haas Family arrived on Aug. 29, 2011. Drew Fernando Pompeo was born in Burbank, Calif., blessed with tons of hair. My husband, David, and I are extremely thrilled with our first child, but most of all we just want more sleep! I'm still working at Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment in Burbank, Calif., so if anyone is working in entertainment and wants to connect or reconnect, send me a note. Go Bears!"




Jennifer Ma, of Venice, Calif., is the director of finance and accounting at Grubwithus Inc., a startup that takes online relationships offline by connecting people over great food.


Monica Patel, of Los Angeles, is in her second year of the MBA program at UCLA's Anderson School of Management. After graduating from Haas, Monica worked in marketing for the hightech industry. She looks forward to returning to the Bay Area after graduating in 2012 from Anderson.




balistreriFresas (Flores) Balistreri, BS 04 of San Diego, Calif., has been married to Piero Balistreri since 2008. Fresas is currently the teacher community manager for the music lessons company and the center representative for the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory's The Achievement Program. In addition, she is a member of the faculty of Colorado Technical University and the La Jolla Conservatory of Music. Fresas serves on the executive boards of various nonprofit organizations, including the California Association of Professional Music Teachers, the National Federation of Filipino American Associations, the Philippine American Community of San Diego County, the Fil-Am Humanitarian Foundation, and ACCESS International. Since winning the titles of Miss Philippines San Diego County and Miss RP-San Diego Tourism, she has been an active promoter of Filipino culture. Fresas has also performed internationally for U.S. troops in 2007 and 2009, as part of a USO Tour in Afghanistan and Qatar.




Johan Kharabi, of New York, is the senior program officer for Global Policy Programs.




Oscar Cabot, of Walnut Creek, Calif., and his wife are expecting their first baby. Oscar's wife is an evening and weekend Haas MBA candidate, and he is getting his MBA from Babson. He writes, "Between our studies, the baby coming soon, and our funded startup, we have our hands full!"


Paul Duan, of San Francisco, took time off to travel through California and Colombia after completing his two-year investment-banking program. He is now looking to make a career switch into the technology industry.


Brian Ouyang, of Washington, D.C., works in the health care industry doing corporate development and strategic planning.


Benjamin Wu, of Portland, Ore., works in corporate strategy at Nike.




Shan Kachhi, of Hollywood, Calif., is pursuing a career in music and entertainment. His company, Royal Fam Productions LLC, is planning on releasing its first two projects in early 2012.


Jeff Wiguna, of San Francisco, recently launched Be a Remedy, a nonprofit dedicated to turning people's everyday lifestyle choices into opportunities to help a cause. Considered an extension of Remedy Music Project, the charity concert production club he started while in school, Jeff is now working to build relationships in communities in San Francisco and launch a pilot in Dolores Park in early 2012. He attends church, is a member of RealitySF, and is an avid jazz fan and musician.


Richard Zen, of Hong Kong, started a new job with Deloitte Consulting.




blockDoreen Bloch, of New York, recently left the financial services industry to pursue new projects, including writing a book. Doreen's book, The Coolest Startups in America, is now on sale online.





Marc Pfeiffer, of Venice, Calif., completed his first real estate investment project the year after he graduated. The property provides a 23 percent cash-on-cash return on $325,000 worth of equity. He writes, "Turning the theory from my real estate classes into action has been extremely helpful in increasing my overall understanding. The project was not free of problems. I learned the hard way to get contractor estimates in writing before starting projects and to pay invoices only after work was completed. Now I'm collaborating with new investors and getting prepared for the next project."




Kevin Land is currently living with fellow 2011 alums Carlos Mosqueda and Karl Andersson in San Francisco's West Portal district. The three are respectively working

at Triage Consulting Group, KPMG, and Yelp. They spend their free hours together launching their event production and music business, Elephant Guns Music, from their inhouse studio. They enjoy sharing their house with a computer programmer from Stanford and a professional chef of twelve years.


Anjali Menon worked at The Economist in New York City this summer. Stanley Quan of Madison, Wis., began working as a project manager and implementation consultant at Epic Systems in November. Kuan Yang writes, "I have been doing an internship at UBS Hong Kong."






Phil Braverman of Folsom, Calif., joined IBM after graduating from Haas. He writes, "Those were exciting days to be in the computer business. My career with IBM, mostly spent in the marketing divisions, was rewarding, and I got to travel all over the world— including a three-year assignment in England." After retiring in 1989, Phil started a consulting firm and spent 19 years traveling around the country helping clients plan and develop new products and services. He is involved in multiple volunteer projects to help regional performing arts organizations.




45TH REUNION APRIL 26-29, 2012




Don Hendon and coauthor Jay Congrad Levinson, an expert in guerrilla marketing, will publish their book, Guerrilla Deal-Making, in early 2012. The book highlights the 100 most powerful negotiating and influence tactics from Don's 365 Powerful Ways to Influence. Don's book is a "fractured fairy tale" about what might have happened if Donald Trump had tried to negotiate a deal with Mao Tse-tung to build a casino-hotel in Shanghai.




45TH REUNION APRIL 26-29, 2012




Tod Gregory, of Menlo Park, Calif., retired from Korn/Ferry International in 2009. He is currently helping newly recruited Stanford GSB professors' wives, husbands, and significant others find appropriate job opportunities through the Dual Career Program. He also helped the Cal Alumni Association recruit its new executive director, Jefferson Coombs. Tod is also active in Palo Alto University Rotary.He has three grandchildren, and his youngest daughter was recently married.


Alejandro "Alex" Stolarski, of La Jolla, Calif., recently visited Berkeley to see his son's graduation. He graduated with a PhD in physics.




Steve Fabricant, of Okinawa, Japan, writes, "After leaving the beautiful Bay Area in 1978, I'll be spending more time there now. My son, Daniel, and I recently bought an apartment in San Francisco's Mission district. Daniel is a wellregarded jazz bassist, which gives me access to lots of great music. My daughter, Elise, is a yoga entrepreneur in Denver. My own international health economics consulting is drying up as a new and more optimistic generation takes over."


michaelPeter Michael published his book, Remembering John Hanson, a biography of the first president
of the original United States government chartered by the Articles
of Confederation.





Garrett Vogel and Anita (DeArmond) Vogel, BS 71, live in Dallas. Garrett has a specialized litigation support practice and also provides compliance, analytic, and back-office services to a number of small public companies. In his free time Garrett sits on a foundation board, stays politically involved, and is a city council appointee to the board of Dallas' Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center. Anita, formerly senior vice president at Comerica and vice president of finance for the Richardson Independent School District Tomorrow Foundation, is evaluating her next move while consulting with several small public companies. In the meantime, she's serving on the board and as treasurer of the Grammy-nominated Dallas Wind Symphony and is on the loan committee of the Dallas Center for Nonprofit Management.




40TH REUNION APRIL 26-29, 2012


James "Jim" Schnell, of Orinda, Calif., retired after running his own mortgage company in Berkeley for 31 years. Schnell Investment Co. served Bay Area real estate buyers, investors, and refinancers of commercial and residential property. Before starting the company, Jim worked as a loan officer in the savings and loan industry and as a lending analyst for the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco. Jim looks forward to traveling with his wife, Andrea, and son, Ryan. In addition, he enjoys golf, bocce, fly fishing, skiing and playing the ukulele.




Cox Ferrall, of San Francisco, is an executive sales coach for successor CEOs of manufacturing and distribution companies selling in the business-to-business marketplace. He works for Sales Wisdom Now.




Donald Smith, see PhD 1981 notes.




35TH REUNION APRIL 26-29, 2012


carlsonJoseph Carlson is a retired CPA and grandfather with three children (8, 7, and 5) at home. He is a senior vice commander for VFW Post 7829 in Monument, Colo. and a motorcycle rider with the Colorado VFW Warriors. He writes, "This past year has been filled with numerous motorcycle riding activities, including the Laughlin River Run, Sturgis, and the Top of America Run, combined with activities with the children, including the Space Derby and Pinewood Derby. As the VFW senior vice commander, I'm involved in projects such as the Buddy Poppy events on Veterans Day and Memorial Day, preparing care packages for the troops in Afghanistan, and the July 4 parade in Monument. This coming year, my wife, Kathy, the children, and I will travel to Uruguay to enjoy the beaches."


larocqueRodney LaRocque, of Las Vegas, Nev., retired from Dean Witter (now Morgan Stanley Smith Barney) in 1977 as first vice president of the corporate tax department. Rodney also served as a financial officer for a nonprofit organization for several years. His wife has not yet retired and is the senior food and wine editor for Luxury Las Vegas magazine. They have five sons, four daughters-inlaw, one grandson, and four granddaughters. Rodney and his wife love to travel and have visited countries across the world. They have two foreign trips planned for this year.


Craig Pynn, of Walnut Creek, Calif., started his own technology marketing business, Helios Marketing Advisors Inc., in 2003, after spending 35 years in the electronic and semiconductor automatic test business. Craig currently works with small-business clients in China and the United States, helping them improve their marketing strategies and tactics. He continues to receive treatment for his prostate cancer. His diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer in 2009 led him to work with prostate cancer advocacy and support organizations, including Us TOO International and Project Zero. Craig is also a consumer reviewer for the Prostate Cancer Research Program of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP). His book, One Man's Life-Changing Diagnosis: Navigating the Realities of Prostate Cancer, will be published in May 2012.




Azmat Malik, of Saratoga, Calif., writes, "After a couple of years of figuring out what to do when I grew up, several initiatives have begun to coalesce into a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)- based after-school activity for Oakland high school students. I provide an integrated program bringing together a drive to learn STEM subjects with entrepreneurship in environmentally responsible business practices. I'm just getting started and will update as we move along."




Susan (Marchant) Angel, of Greenbrae, Calif., worked for a cargo airline before going to UCLA Law School. After becoming an attorney, Susan worked for a few large law firms before starting her own legal practice in San Rafael, Calif. She focuses on estate planning—wills, trusts, settling of estates— and real estate law, including evictions. Susan has been married for 34 years and has four grown children. She is active in the Marin Cal alumni group, and has season tickets to the Bears' football games. Don Rath, of Burlingame, Calif., is the vice president of corporate tax at Synopsys Inc., a public electronic design automation software company in Mountain View, Calif. Don is married and has two children. He is the chairperson of the financial reporting committee of the Tax Executives Institute and an active member of the Silicon Valley Tax Directors Group.




30TH REUNION APRIL 26-29, 2012


Tom Alberts, of Sacramento, Calif., left Intel five years ago to pursue his interests in teaching and consulting. Tom is teaching part time in the Sacramento State Executive MBA program and consulting with several small businesses in the area. He has also done some work with the UC Davis Center for Entrepreneur Entrepreneurship. During the 25 years he spent at Intel, Tom was able to work in and visit over 30 countries. He writes that trips to Ghana and Cambodia were among the highlights. Tom is looking forward to seeing his classmates at their 30th reunion in April.




Mark Berger, of Menlo Park, Calif., started a new position at NVIDIA Corp. in April 2011. He is the life and materials sciences alliances manager and works with software developers to accelerate applications on GPUs. Three of the top five supercomputers use GPUs to accelerate their simulations and computations.


Michael Cooke teaches international finance at Khon Kaen University in Khon Kaen, Thailand. Previously, Michael was director of financial planning and analysis at Ocular Sciences Corp. and held finance and project management positions at Kaiser Permanente International and Wells Fargo Bank. William Zarit, of Beijing, China, was recently promoted to career minister and is now heading the U.S. Department of Commerce operations in China.




Mary "Peggy" Bush, of Oakland, Calif., is practicing law with a focus on business transactions and litigation. Mary is considering putting her business and legal backgrounds together to audit legal work for businesses to

ensure that they are being properly and reasonably charged and to recommend ways in which they can economize.




mba86Karen Criddle, of Bellevue, Wash., writes, "Every year for the past 10 or so years, six or seven of us get together for an MBA girls weekend away to catch up, hike, drink, dine, shop, and have fun. This year we went to Capitola, where, among other activities, we went sea kayaking—hence the lovely 'skirts.'"


Jennifer Eccles, of Fairfax, Va., is the senior adviser to the senior deputy comptroller for large bank supervision at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Her department is responsible for supervising 20 of the largest banks and thrifts in the United States.




25TH REUNION APRIL 26-29, 2012


moragoPamela Moraga, of Ashburn, Va., is excited to join General Dynamics as a director of business development. Pamela will be focused on working with customers on imagery systems and geospatial solutions.






Hiroshi Matsuda, of Tokyo, Japan, has been president of Financial Learning KK since it was founded in 2007. The company recently received an e-learning award.




Arturo Taboada, of Albany, Calif., founded ALMA Strategies after spending a decade with Turner Construction. ALMA Strategies continues to expand its presence in the facilities planning and program management business in the Bay Area and Sacramento, working on public facilities and capital programs throughout California. Arturo writes, "Our oldest daughter, Arianna, who attended UCB's childcare center while we were at Haas, is now getting her MPH/ MSW at UNC Chapel Hill. Mireya, our middle daughter, is doing an internship in a community garden in Southern California while taking a break from Brown University. This summer she interned with Steve Ramirez, MBA 12, and Shaw Taylor, MBA 92, at Beyond the Arc. Our youngest one, Lilia, will start college next fall either in the Pacific Northwest or Southern California. Diane, my partner and soulmate of almost 25 years, continues to work in education for the Vallejo School District. When she is not teaching teachers there, she continues to do research in literacy in central Mexico. We continue to be involved in the local schools and girls soccer, as we rapidly become empty nesters. It was great to see quite a few of our Haas 91 classmates at our 20th anniversary reunion. Be well!"




20TH REUNION APRIL 26-29, 2012




bucklesMichelle Buckles, of San Francisco, returned to the Bay Area after working two years in East Africa as part of TechnoServe's Coffee Initiative, a Gates Foundation-funded project aimed at improving incomes of coffee farmers in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. As regional credit manager, Michelle partnered local and global banks and closed over $14 million in SME loans. In her time off, Michelle also traveled extensively in Asia. Michelle hopes to continue to increase access to capital and impact investment opportunities in developing countries.


kelleyMelissa Kelley, of Santa Rosa, just started work at her "dream job" as executive director of the nonprofit Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation. She writes, "It's a challenging time for our regional parks, with significant cuts to our funding because of declining county revenue. We have some

exciting opportunities to become more entrepreneurial, though, and I'm eager to help the Parks Foundation grow into a more substantial supporter of our amazing park system."




Andy Davis, of Seattle, is a consultant for Revel, after spending 13 years with Microsoft.


Morris Noble, of San Anselmo, Calif., is in his fourth year as Northern Trust's regional senior investment officer for Northern California. In the spring, he completed the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst program, earning the CAIA designation. Morris is a director of Friends of Laguna Honda, county vice president of the Society of California Pioneers, trustee of Saint Mark's School in San Rafael, and El Presidente of Frontier Boys, a trail riding organization. He writes, "Not much has changed on the family front except we are all getting older: Sarah (10), Caroline (13), Cindy (I know better), Morris (43)."




Anya Axelrod, of Berkeley, Calif., now works in the health care industry at Kaiser Permanente.


Michaela (Schmieder) Ballek, of Munich, Germany, recently joined B.A.U.M. Consult, a consulting company specializing in sustainability strategy. She is working on an international project on smart grids, funded by the European Union. Michaela writes that she is enjoying this work, as it combines her skills and her interests well. Her two children, Collin and Carina, sing in a choir, giving concerts and touring internationally. Her husband, Brian, is still doing strategy work in the photovoltaic industry.


bequistKehau Kali Berquist married Greg Berquist on Sept. 10, 2011, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Kehau is still managing her two companies, The Ho`ike Group (a sustainable technologies company) and Ho`ike and Associates (a management consulting firm for social enterprises) while they launch their new ventures (married life and family).


neyGina Ney moved back to California last year after 12 years in Seattle and Chicago. She currently lives in Lafayette with her husband, Richard, her 11- and 14-yearold sons, and dog. She works in MBA Career Management at Haas and just got back from Hong Kong, where she accompanied a group of finance students who were meeting with Asian banks. She writes that while there, she had breakfast with Haas MBA buddy, Chris Lee, MBA 95, "who was just as fun as ever." Gina hopes to see more of her local Haas classmates in the coming year.




Mark Beckford, of San Francisco, is back in the United States after a two-year assignment in China. Mark formed a company, NetBridge Global Inc., to help technology companies do business in China. He is very excited to follow his passion for entrepreneurship.




15TH REUNION APRIL 26-29, 2012


David Cain, of Piedmont, Calif., writes, "Just had a beautiful baby girl named Madison Grace Cain on Oct. 20 with my wife, Regan. The twins, who were born while I was at Haas, are now almost 15 and adjusting nicely to high school and their new baby sister. I'm still in the tech marketing field and loving it. I recently joined a great company in the social marketing space called Crowd Factory. It's a blast to market to marketers! Hope all is well with everyone!"


Johan Smet, of Denver, welcomed Catalina Patricia Maria Smet into the family on June 13, 2011. She joins older siblings Graciela (11)

and Diego (9). Johan's wife, Renee, continues her affordable housing consulting business and the management of the ski rental condo in Copper Mountain. Johan is getting ready to take a new position at Trimble Navigation as director of technology consulting and services. Diego has joined his school's Grizzlies basketball team, and Graciela continues to be engaged in theater class and the local choir.


Deborah (Chaplin) Spalding, of New Haven, Conn., received a faculty appointment in forest and ecosystem finance at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She is a managing partner at Working Lands Investment Partners LLC, which specializes in the investment and longterm stewardship of sustainably managed working lands through the creation and sale of environmental credits from wetlands, wildlife habitat, and water quality restoration projects.


Dan Stryker, of Asheville, N.C., writes that his volunteer opportunity search engine, www., was acquired by the Points of Light Institute HandsOn Network. Dan continues to run the search engine, which searches for volunteer opportunities on a variety of large nonprofit and government sites. He will also move into an expanded role at the Points of Light Institute as vice president of digital products.




Gonzalo Deustua, of Mexico City, Mexico, plans to expand Dresden Partners' near-shore outsourcing services to the San Francisco Bay Area. Dresden provides high quality, near-shore staffing, sourcing (recruiting), and software development work for U.S. clients from its Mexico City offices.


Nate Mullins, of East Sandwich, Mass., works for a Web consulting firm specializing in highly customized content management systems. The company is developing a suite of products to bring to market in 2012. Nate lives on Cape Cod with his wife and three children.




Alan Knitowski, of Austin, Texas, continues to run Phunware as its founding CEO. Phunware creates branded mobile experiences, mobile application infrastructure, and content and programming for digital distribution worldwide. Phunware has grown from its three co-founders to nearly 100 professionals in less than three years of operations. It has now achieved profitability and is debt-free. Its customers include CBS, NBC, Sprint, and NASCAR. For more information, visit www.


reissNancy Riess writes, "Celebrating Adam's Nobel Prize in Physics in Stockholm, Sweden, was a most extravagant adventure—VIP Airport Service, private limousine, dinner with heads of state and royals! The Swedish people embrace and celebrate the success of scientists in a way that Americans only celebrate movie stars. It begs consideration— which celebrities make better role models for the future of our nation? The U.S. leads in many areas of science, technology, and innovation. I see a great business/public service opportunity to elevate and celebrate these leaders here in the U.S."


Leslie Tyler, of El Cerrito, Calif., joined JustAnswer as the vice president of marketing. JustAnswer connects people to doctors, lawyers, mechanics, and other professionals for online help on a flexible schedule.




Drew McMorrow was recently named president of Ballentine Partners, one of New England's largest independent wealth managers. Drew resides in Carlisle, Maryland, with his wife, Melissa, and their three children.


Aylin Gezguc, of Istanbul, Turkey, writes, "As the corporate social responsibility coordinator of Koc Holding, l am responsible

for two community projects. Both of the projects have earned numerous awards, nationally and internationally. We reach 81 cities with hundreds of volunteers. It is very fulfilling to scale up local efforts to the national level. I am also responsible for progress under the UN Global Compact and sustainability reporting across the divergent sectors and companies of Koc Holding. I am pleased to observe my son, Kaan, grow. He is in seventh grade now. I miss my friends from Berkeley."


Werner Goertz, of Danville, Calif., recently joined Qnovo, a venture-funded startup company, as the vice president of business development. Qnovo is a fabless chip company whose product optimizes the charging of lithiumion battery cells to increase runtime and cycle life. The batteries are used in mobile handsets, portable computing devices, and electric vehicles.




Patrick De Neale, of Oakland, Calif., and three peers from Neato Robotics were given a 2011 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award for the design and development of the Neato XV-11 robotic floor cleaner. Launched in 2010, the Neato XV-11 was a grand award winner in Popular Science's Best of What's New roundup last year and was selected for recognition by the Wall Street Journal this year based on its advanced artificial intelligence.


Kelly (Davis) Hernandez, of New York, writes, "I am happy to announce the birth of our first child, Leila Parissa, in April 2011! Along with our return to the United States after an assignment abroad in Dubai, 2011 was quite the exciting year. I am enjoying all of the changes and would love to hear from any classmates in the New York area!"


Deepak Murthy, of Pittsburgh, Penn., has married and taken paralegal courses since graduating from Haas. He is looking for venture capital seeding or interested investors.


Radhika Shah, of Palo Alto, Calif., started SocialVilla, an online social creativity company. Several of SocialVilla's team members, advisers, and investors are Cal alumni and faculty. SocialVilla aims to have an impact on the way people interact online and learn from each other as well as to create a deeper awareness about various cultures.




10TH REUNION APRIL 26-29, 2012




creightonCharles Creighton, Vancouver, Canada, recently joined Artspoints

Rewards International as managing director. Artspoints Rewards is a loyalty program with a goal of ensuring longterm sustainability of the arts. Charles also recently joined the board of the Douglas Park Community Association (where his two children play soccer) and is an adviser to Pacific Horizon Consulting.


Russ Havranek joined CareFusion in San Diego as a director of marketing and product management.


koideHitoshi Koide, of Tokyo, Japan, writes, "My company, eBook Initiative Japan Co. Ltd., was listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market on Oct. 28, 2011. My company boasts a vast lineup of comic titles, which earn 80 percent of the Japanese e-book market. In the future, I'd like to expand our contents to English-translated Japanese comics."


mannheimerPaulo Mannheimer writes, "2011 was a terrific year for my family and for Instant Solutions, the venture I started after leaving Haas. On the personal side, I decided to end 47 years of being sedentary and became a marathoner. On the corporate side, Instant Solutions has increased its revenues tenfold in the past two years, developing advanced communication platforms for the financial sector and the government. Hope you all are well and in good shape. Warm regards from sunny Rio de Janeiro!"


Sunita Parasuraman, of Fremont, Calif., works in corporate treasury. Since graduating, Sunita has worked at Apple, Genentech, and VMware, and currently works at Facebook Treasury. Her book, The Panchatantra, was recently published in India. The book is a rewrite of a 1925 translation of the Sanskrit original by Arthur Ryder. It is available on Amazon.


postonIrene (Chen) Poston, of Redwood City, Calif., works at Verifone and enjoys spending time with her husband. She looks forward to pursuing volunteer work in the upcoming year.







Richard Velazquez, left the Xbox group at Microsoft in Seattle after nearly seven years to join the executive team at PepsiCo. As the senior director of strategic innovations, he focuses on creating new marketing equipment that leverages emerging technologies to create engaging experiences for consumers. Richard was also honored as a 2011 Top 100 under 50 Emerging Executives from Diversity MBA magazine. Richard and his wife, Christine Chen (also a Cal Bear), moved to the Upper West Side of New York in September. Before leaving Seattle, they enjoyed a cruise to Alaska, which included dog sledding, whale watching, and helicopter tours over the glaciers. Christine retained some of her clients in Seattle (including Microsoft) for her marketing and communications consulting firm, Chen Communications, while also establishing a yoga practice in New York. Richard and Christine vacationed in Turks and Caicos for Thanksgiving and visited Chile for the first time last Christmas.




Arul Daniel, of Cupertino, Calif., joined Amyris Inc. He writes that it's "a company founded by a bunch of folks from UC Berkeley. It's an exciting opportunity in an exciting space." He and his wife, who works at Intel Corp., have two children

(10 and 13). The family spends time volunteering at church and at soup kitchens.


Martin Huffmann, of Buenos Aires, Argentina writes, "On Nov. 26, I got married to Natalia Maggi in Buenos Aires, Argentina, after almost three years of living together and raising her lovely daughter, Thais. I was fortunate and delighted to share this precious moment with a lot of family and friends, many of them from Haas, who flew from near and far: Fernando, Alejo, Carlos, Luis, Marcelo, Renato, Pablo, Todor (8,400 miles from Moscow!), Jorge, Manu and Nacho. Many more couldn't make it but sent their love and are in my heart."


Carter Keller, of Atherton, Calif., writes, "At the end of 2010 I moved from Genentech (where I had worked since graduating Haas) to a startup, Achaogen, that makes antibiotics for lifethreatening bacterial infections. My two sons, Graham and Taylor, keep me busy, but I've been waking up early lately to relearn surfing."


Akshay Lele, of San Jose, Calif., is still at Boston Scientific but is now the international marketing manager for his division. Akshay's primary responsibility is to expand the business in emerging markets. He and his wife, Mona, celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2011 and are the parents of two energetic boys.


Venkat Tummalapalli, is director, advisory, at Pricewaterhouse- Coopers LLC. He writes, "Built a new home in San Ramon, Calif.; we love the new community. Varun, who was born when I was attending Haas, is now in the third grade, and we are busy these days with Pokemon."




pellerinFrancois Pellerin, of New York, joined UBS Global Asset Management in February of 2011 as the head of asset liability investment solutions after working at Citi and J.P. Morgan. He writes, "If you want to read about pension risk management, or need something to put you to sleep, you can download my recent paper at http://www. management/gis/ whitepapers.html."


Dror Shimshowitz, of San Francisco, writes, "After six years at Google, I moved to our YouTube division to spend my days watching cat videos. When I've seen enough, I lead our product platform for content creators and curators, including our recently announced effort to fund a hundred channels from celebrities and Hollywood production companies. We're making major changes to the site, so tune in!"


Phil Strauss joined KPMG LLP's San Francisco office in its forensic technology services practice.




Gretchen DeKnikker, of San Francisco, is the president and co-founder of SocialPandas.


Mary Francis is the chief corporate counsel for Chevron Corp. in San Ramon, Calif.


liQing Li, of Mountain View, Calif., writes, "Time flies. Can't believe it's already 2012. Our older daughter, Klaire, who was born the year I applied for Haas MBA, will turn 10. And our younger one, Aiji, born the year before I graduated, will soon turn 7. 2011 was a year of spiritual growth, hard work, and fun leisure time with the family. May 2012 be a year of revival and breakthrough for everyone."


Whitney (Bennett) Michael, of San Francisco, is in her second year as director of marketing for Cleantech Group, a research firm focused on clean technology innovation. Cleantech Group recently launched the i3 online market intelligence platform, and the challenges surrounding a new product launch have kept Whitney busy. She and her husband moved into their first house in February 2011 and are enjoying getting to know the neighborhood with their dog, Loki.




5TH REUNION APRIL 26-29, 2012


Haseeb Budhani, of San Jose, Calif., writes, "I joined Infineta right at its inception as the company's vice president of products. The company's first few months found us camped out in one of our VC's office kitchens, but we have since grown into a well-funded company with close to 50 employees and much nicer offices. I manage the company's marketing and product teams. Three of my fellow Haas alums are driving specific portfolios within the overall team (outbound marketing, partner management, and product marketing), and all are making a significant impact on the company's forward progress in their own right. Hire Haas indeed! My wife and I were blessed with a baby daughter the same week that our engineering team at Infineta starting writing our first piece of code. Both babies are almost 3 years old. I have also been fortunate to have had the opportunity to assist a few really smart entrepreneurs in the last couple of years, as they fine-tuned their business plans and worked on raising funding. Nothing is more exciting than seeing an idea take life!"


Todd Richards, of Palo Alto, Calif., writes, "After graduating from the plastic surgery program at Stanford University this past spring, I spent the summer hiking the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail. I made the trip from Mexico to Canada over four months, often hiking 25 to 30 miles a day. This spring I'll be travelling to Europe with my family where I'll be working with several surgeons in Paris."


David Saxe co-founded Calvera Partners, a San Francisco-based real estate investment firm along with fellow Haas alums Brian Chuck, MBA 07, and Brian Milovich, MBA 06. Calvera Partners recently acquired a 42-unit apartment complex in Sunnyvale, Calif. It is the firm's second acquisition.




Eiji Hagiwara, of Osaka, Japan, continues to develop Internet-based B2B and B2C multisided platform business for Mitsui & Co. Ltd. In his spare time, he is working on an Internet community to encourage study abroad and events conducted in English.


Angelos Kottas, of San Francisco, and Phyra McCandless welcomed their first child, Hyonia Pauline Kottas, on Oct. 4, 2011. Angelos writes, "She is the first grandchild on both sides of the family and already has many admirers and supporters. If you are in the San Francisco area, stop by and meet the new addition to the family!"


Jens Dueing, president of the HAN UK Chapter, joined the chapter in hosting a dinner for new arrivals on Oct. 21, drawing 18 alumni, including eight who recently arrived in London. Dueing writes, "The evening was cornered by a very inspirational presentation by Alan Lock, MBA 11. In the past he rowed across the Atlantic Ocean despite being partially blinded. He was about to embark on another incredible challenge, trekking unsupported to the South Pole to raise awareness for charities supporting the blind. More information can be found on his team's web page http://polar-vision. org.


Vitaliy Kuznetsov, of Glenview, Ill., continues to work as a vice presipresident, product, at Zenfolio, the company he founded. Zenfolio continues to grow steadily and serve the needs of tens of thousands of photographers.


Danae Ringelmann writes, "Remember that crazy idea Eric Schell, MBA 08, and I had way back in 2006 to democratize fundraising online? Well, it's happening! IndieGoGo just passed the 200-country and 50,000-campaign marks. We now help entrepreneurs, artists, and cause organizations raise money across the world. We were also the

only sub-billion-dollar company to partner with President Obama's Start-Up America initiative to support entrepreneurs in the United States in 2011. Looking forward to making 2012 rock even more."


swannJessica "Jess" Swann, of Boston, was recently promoted to director of marketing and community relations at Biogen Idec. Jess left Bayer HealthCare in the Bay Area in 2009 to become a founding member of the hemophilia global market development team at Biogen Idec and now oversees the field-based community relations and market education teams while preparing to launch two new drugs in the next several years. Jess and her husband, Brian Curry, a pilot, have a 1-year-old son, Jack.




Ali Butt writes, "After graduation, I moved back to Islamabad, Pakistan, to fulfill the two-year home residency requirement of the Fulbright Scholarship. Having done that, I'm moving to London to accept a global marketing planning position at BAT headquarters. I am thrilled about the position, and my family is also excited about the prospects of living in London and exploring Europe over the next few years. Looking forward to connecting with Haas alums and catching up with MBA 09ers in London!"




Ari Beliak, of San Francisco, welcomed her first child, Joshua Aharon, in September.


Sanjay Krishnan is a management consultant at Keystone Strategy, a top-tier strategy consulting firm founded by Harvard Business School Professor Marco Iansiti. Hansoo Lee, of Berkeley, Calif., and Bhavin Parikh, MBA 10, are working on, a company that provides online test preparation products for the GRE, GMAT, and SAT. Magoosh has over 25,000 users from 200 different countries.


Navinjai Mittal, of Fremont, Calif., is responsible for a portfolio of products and solutions in the data center, virtualization, and collaboration space driving strategic serviceability requirements across products and solutions at Cisco.


Jay Patel, of San Jose, Calif., recently joined TiVo as product manager for TiVo Apps and SDK to develop a strategy for third-party apps and to bring innovation and new experiences to DVRs, TVs, and mobile devices. Previously, Jay worked on Web technologies at DoubleClick, Netscape, and Mozilla. He writes, "My Haas experience not only helped me transition from engineering to marketing just a few years ago, but it has also prepared me for the challenges ahead as I enter a new industry and continue to grow as a product manager. Go Bears!"


John Pavolotsky, of San Francisco, is practicing law, focusing on technology and corporate transactions for both startups and established companies. He writes, "It's hard to believe that almost two years have passed since the program, which still brings back fond memories."


Elise Singer, of Palo Alto, Calif., recently cofounded ShareTheVisit, a service that securely video-conferences family members into their loved ones' doctor visit when they can't be there in person. In November she stepped back from her position as chief medical officer of Cal- HIPSO, California's Regional Extension Center that supports physicians transitioning to electronic health records.




Brooks Kincaid, of San Francisco, writes, "It's been busy since graduating from the Full-time MBA Program in May. The startup I cofounded while in school, Imprint Energy, successfully raised seed capital mid-summer and was

awarded two research grants, including one from the UC Regents. My co-founder is a PhD grad from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Cal. It's amazing what can happen when you combine the right set of business and technical talent. I hope Haas will continue to promote this through programs like Cleantech to Market. At Imprint Energy, we are continuing to build out the core team and have created four jobs already in this tough economy. The focus is on engineering for now, but hopefully soon I'll be able to pull in another Haas grad. At the end of August, I was lucky enough to marry my fiancée Katherine Kupsis. To top it off, I was lucky enough to find the time to take a muchneeded honeymoon right after—Bali is beautiful! My nose is to the grindstone for now, but I hope to get back to my quest to visit 100 countries soon."


Ajay Kshatriya, of Silicon Valley, Calif., writes, "Welcomed our first son, Nikhil Kshatriya, into the world. I'm proud to be a Haas Alum. Go Bears!"




Dharmin Parikh, of Santa Clara, Calif., writes, "Just moved to the Bay Area and loving it! I'm looking forward to getting back in touch with the class of 2012."






Antonia Cusumano Binetti was recently named one of Silicon Valley Business Journal's 2011 40 under 40.




Anuj Ralhan, writes, "New career (sales to investment banking), new city (San Francisco to New York), new ideas (first-time angel investor into a fellow classmate's company). It's never too late to 'path bend.' Thank you BCEMBA program."




Kian Sandjideh is the director of online operations in the label operations group at Electronic Arts, continuing a 15- plus year career in video games. Kian lives in Los Altos, Calif., with his wife and two young children.




Carter Reue, of San Jose, Calif., was selected to serve as the commanding officer for a Navy Reserve detachment specializing in submarine maintenance. The unit is based in Sacramento, Calif. Carter will continue to work full time as a project manager for Stryker, a medical device company in San Jose, Calif.




Bijun He, of Mountain View, Calif., writes, "Since I joined the BCEMBA class of 2013, I've noticed the changes in my life—more motivation in my career, more leadership at work, and more passion in life. While learning a lot of business knowledge from professors, I am also inspired by my classmates. I am a leader and liaison across teams for Google's billion-dollar business in display ads. I recently led my team to successfully

launch a milestone product and was promoted to senior level this month!"






Tao Wang, of Washington, D.C., works as a senior operations officer at the World Bank, focused on carbon finance operations.




Wilson Lee, of San Francisco, works as a strategist at BlackRock within the multi-asset client solutions group.






Theodore "Ted" Mock, of Palos Verdes, Calif., recently won the AAA Outstanding Education award.










Donald Smith, of Dover, Mass., has been on the finance faculty at the Boston University School of Management for 30 years. He wrote a book, Bond Math: The Theory Behind the Formulas, based on his research articles and teaching materials.




Thomas Wright, of Manhattan, Kan., was elected to fellow status of Division 5, (Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics) of the American Psychological Association. He is also a fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and the Western Psychological Association and an at-large fellow of the American Psychological Association.


Executive Development & Friends


Sheng Xu, of China, is coming to UC Berkeley as a visiting scholar at Haas, after getting a PhD from Ocean University of China.




Hans Wiik, MPH, of Denver, Colo., is the president and executive director of a clinically integrated network of independent medical practices and providers.




turnerJoel Turner, BA (English), of Louisville, Ky., was elected to serve as president of the American College of Equine Attorneys Inc. In his role as the chief executive officer of the college, Turner will lead the organization in its efforts to develop and promote continuing legal education opportunities relating to the equine industry, encourage ethical practices among equine counsel, and serve as a legal resource for parties promoting equine related legislative initiatives across the United States.




Kevin Stone, Exec. Ed, of Portland, Ore., is the CEO of EdCaliber, a company that provides a powerful online tool for K-12 teachers and administrators to organize content, plan, collaborate, and improve results.

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