Introducing Berkeley Haas magazine



Welcome to Berkeley Haas magazine.


This newly redesigned issue of our alumni magazine, formerly CalBusiness, is just the latest of many changes resulting from our strategy to capitalize on and celebrate what sets us apart from other top-tier business schools.


As many of you know, this strategic initiative has included codifying what makes Berkeley Haas unique in four Defining Leadership Principles and refining our mission to focus on developing path-bending leaders who redefine how we do business. Such leaders are crucial to bending paths our world is currently taking in areas like healthcare expenditure, public education, and energy use. We also developed a new Innovative Leader curriculum to better develop our students into such path-bending leaders. These efforts reflect and build on our distinctive Berkeley Haas culture, which has been part of our school for decades.


About a year ago, this process inspired us to begin reimagining CalBusiness, which we last redesigned in 2004. Our school, alumni, and students are a vibrant, energetic community brimming with new ideas. We wanted our alumni magazine to better reflect this community and its four Defining Leadership Principles. We wanted our magazine to surprise and Question the Status Quo. We wanted it to educate, inform, and probe, enabling you, our alumni, to remain Students Always. We wanted to showcase how you go Beyond Yourselves, and do all of this with Confidence Without Attitude.


As part of the redesign, we unanimously decided to change the name of Cal-Business to Berkeley Haas. When non-alumni outside the Bay Area, including prospective students, hear "Cal," they are likely to think of athletics. Or they could happen to see a copy of CalBusiness and mistake it for a magazine about … California businesses. That's a missed branding opportunity.


The CalBusiness name predates the business school's renaming to Haas in 1986. In the past decade, Haas has become an increasingly well-known name for our school, particularly when coupled with Berkeley, a durable and remarkably powerful global brand. These two strong brands deserve to appear front and center on the cover of our alumni magazine.


The focus of our inaugural issue is food because the topic is relevant to everyone and so many alumni are charting new paths in this important field. Future issues may be dedicated to other themes or industries.


We would appreciate your feedback on Berkeley Haas magazine at letters@ As always, I welcome any other suggestions and comments at


Sincerely Yours,


Rich Lyons, BS 82



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