Alumni Notes





Relda A. (Cunningham) Poffenroth, BS, passed away August 21 in Palo Alto, Calif. Relda entered UC Berkeley at age 16 and graduated with honors at age 19 with a degree in commerce, majoring in accounting and minoring in statistics. Earlier that same year Relda and some of her sorority sisters took a train to Pasadena to see her Golden Bears win the 1938 Rose Bowl and PCC Championship. She was faithful to her Golden Bears until the end, last attending the Stanford-Cal game in 2005 with her daughter’s family. After graduation she worked in her Uncle Elmer Cunningham’s radio vacuum tube assembly plant in San Francisco. In 1942, she obtained her first cost accounting position with Johns-Manville and retired from her last accounting position in 2007 at age 89½, after 46 years with her current employer and 70 years of continuous employment. She enjoyed all types of outdoor activities and continued to learn throughout her life. She was a member of the Audubon Society, Nature Conservancy, and Sierra Club. Her sewing skills were unmatched, making and distributing over a hundred quilts through her church to the homeless, those in need locally and around the world. She is survived by three children, John, Patrice, and Tami; and four grandchildren.


David Rea, BS, of Stockton, Calif., recently celebrated his 91st birthday and 51st wedding anniversary with a round-trip cruise to Hawaii.   



1940| 70th reunion
October 8-10, 2010       





Maxine (Sugarman) Newman, BS, one of only three women to graduate with a BS in business from Cal in 1944, passed away on Jan. 29. In addition to being a proud Cal grad, she was a supporter of the Bancroft Library and the Cal alumni association.





Richard Halliday, BS, of Orinda, Calif., writes, “This August Lois and I will celebrate our 60th with a family get-together at Crater Lake. We had a great trip to South Africa, Botswana, and Madagascar in the fall of 2009 and will be in Italy in June and Spain in September this year. We’re lucky to enjoy good health, so we can continue to travel and enjoy our family. We are still trying to play a competitive game of duplicate bridge, and it’s a constant challenge. Yours truly tries to play competitive tennis twice a week when I’m in town. We also continue our attendance and support of ACT in San Francisco and Berkeley Rep. Life is sweet.“



1950| 60th reunion
October 8-10, 2010


Charles “Chuck“ Single, BS, of Bonita, Calif., spent 19 years with Sears Roebuck in marketing and human relations and joined Boise Cascade as regional human relations manager in the building division. He retired after 15 years and joined Bernard Haldane as senior career counselor and then retired permanently in 1994. He is now a volunteer at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif., giving tours to the public, delivering athletes to and from the airport, and assisting at special events. He works out three times a week, lifting up to 23,000 pounds per session and runs on the elliptical machine for up to a mile. He is a member of the vestry at his Episcopal church, and happily married to his third wife, Ellen. His prior wives are deceased. He is the father of four children, one of whom is deceased; five stepchildren; seven grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.





Hugh Gordon, BS, writes, “Enjoying an active retirement life in this very pleasant location on Tasman Bay at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. Doing some volunteer community work and being PA to my not-so-well wife.“





David Willman, BS, see MBA 1956 notes.



1955| 55th reunion
October 8-10, 2010


After graduation, Herbert “Herb“ Schmitz, BS, left for Indonesia on a Ford Foundation grant to study inter-insular trade as an extension of his Cal-Indo project interests. Following a year’s work at Gadja Mada University he received a draft notice and returned to the United States and to the U.S. Army. Three years in Germany included public affairs and a direct commission to second lieutenant. Leaving the Army, he eventually was sent by the American Can Co. back to Germany for 5 ½ years with his family: Joyce (Meyer), BA, UCB, 1955 and MS 1973, a teacher; and their three children (who hold seven degrees), Kathryn (Duke) PhD and department chair at RIT; Michael (Carnegie Mellon) working in the technology world; and Elizabeth (Kent State), interior designer and community activist. Herb and Joyce have lived in the Washington, D.C., area for 37 years. He headed the D.C. offices of American Can, Combustion Engineering and ICI Americas before retiring.



1960| 50th reunion
October 8-10, 2010       





Christy Reehl, BS, see MBA 1962 notes.





Pat Boyl, BS, who also has a law degree, writes, “Not so current highlights of my career, but the most memorable were serving as a lieutenant in the Marine Corps for three years, working for Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. in the mid-’60s to get my CPA certificate and three years spent as an assistant U.S. Attorney in San Diego. I have served in every lay position in my church over the last 30 years and managed the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club rugby side to six national championships from 1987 through 1996. I am married to the former Charleen Cirese from San Jose, and we have two children, Molly, Cal ’03, and Jack, UC Davis ’05. Retired and surfing in La Jolla with fondest memories of Berkeley (La Vals on the North Side and the Library Morrison Reading Room, where I should have spent more time).”         





Schuyler Bailey, BS, see MBA 1965 notes.



1965| 45th reunion
October 8-10, 2010


Vijay Kumar Pandit, BS, of Mountain View, Calif, writes, “I am serving as member of the Board of Advisors of Internet Speech of San Jose, Calif. Internet Speech is having success launching its service in China, India, Thailand, and other countries. My son, Jay, and his girlfriend climbed Mt. Whitney a few months ago. My daughter, Amba, is busy as a mother to granddaughter, Linden. She continues to sell properties, and has just vacationed in Mexico with the baby and her husband, Marc. “                





John Lovewell, BS, of Atherton, Calif., writes, “Still working at The Lovewell Co., a commercial real estate developer I founded in 1987 in Silicon Valley, and serving on several volunteer boards, including The Institute of World Politics, a graduate school for statecraft in Washington, D.C.“         





Phillip Handin, BS, see MBA 1971 notes.



1970| 40th reunion
October 8-10, 2010


Mark Cheney, BS, of Lafayette, Calif., writes, “I am back at Cal volunteering as the Cal Men’s Lacrosse Boosters president. My son Forrest (civil engineering) is the goalie. My younger son, Cole, is applying to the UC system as well. I am very proud of both of them!“       





Alan Fong, BS, writes, “I have just completed my 22nd year with the State Compensation Insurance Fund. My wife, Charlene (UCSF ’77), is a nurse manager with the Department of Radiology at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco. Our son, Jordan, graduated from the University of California at Davis in June 2009 with a bachelor of arts in political science. Our daughter, Dana, will graduate from the University of California at Davis in June 2010 with a bachelor of arts in design with an emphasis in interior architecture and a minor in art studio. We continue to be active at the First Chinese Baptist Church in San Francisco.“


Richard Grogan, BS, writes, “After graduating in 1974, I went back to my summer job with the U.S. Forest Service and took a year off from school. I then attended McGeorge School of Law, where I graduated in 1978. I returned to Redding, Calif., my hometown, where I have practiced law ever since. I’ve had my own office since 1982; I’m a sole practitioner. We have two sons, and next year both will be working on their master’s degrees. I’ve been married since 1979. Back in 1974 we were in a recession and I didn’t know any classmates who landed jobs; several decided to go for their MBA. I am glad to see more emphasis on networking, internships, and career development because in my day it seemed there was very little of that going on with the School of Business, which is now known as Haas. I do recall some excellent professors there, including David Vogel (brand new on the faculty I believe at the time) and Joseph Garbarino.“



1975| 35th reunion
October 8-10, 2010





David Glanz, BS, writes, “2009 was not a fun year for commercial real estate lawyers with national practices. One of our largest clients had been Lehman Brothers Global Real Estate. (And they still are an important client, as their real estate assets—mortgage loans, mezz loans and equity, with some workouts of defaulted loans—continue to be administered.) But, at this writing, 2010 is much more active. I have three development ground lease deals going at once, and the bond financing for a major development covering two blocks in New York. Given that the economic cycle in real estate is a slow-turning wheel, this pickup seems ahead of schedule, but happily so. As another micro-econ tidbit, my wife’s fine jewelry business continues to be strong—was quiet only for the first six months of 2009 and then came roaring back. Very grateful for that. If you’re in commercial real estate and based in the New York City area, drop a line and let’s commiserate. And we sure do have clients who want to buy real estate assets at a discount, so if you have any to sell …“         





Linda (Owen) Hsu, BS, of Albany, Calif., writes, “I am married and have three grown children. Currently I teach ESL to adults and coordinate an ESL computer lab, helping teachers to integrate computer skills with language learning. I love what I’m doing.“      





Rich Hennum, BS, of Pleasanton, Calif., is northern California sales manager for USS. He writes, “We are a facilities maintenance organization, with offices in California and Arizona. My two sons are both in college; Max is nearing his computer science degree, and Martin studies business and plays rugby. I played rugby at Cal, follow the team, and still play for an ’old boys’ team, the California Bald Eagles. I also coach in a youth rugby program.“ 



1980| 30th reunion
October 8-10, 2010


Sally Carlson, BS, of San Francisco, managing partner of Terra Search Partners, is leading the search for the CEO for the nonprofit entity that will be mobilizing corporate America to support STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education in the U.S. This fulfills the White House initiative, “Educate to Innovate.“ The Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are providing funding. Corporate CEOs participating include heads of Xerox, Kodak, Time Warner Cable, and Intel, as well as the first U.S. woman in space, Sally Ride.


Cameron Hess, BS, of Sacramento, Calif., was recently appointed to the Board of the Rental Housing Association of Sacramento Valley. In addition to his business, real estate, and tax law practice, Cameron has been appointed to chair the 2010 California CPA Education Foundation Real Estate Conferences in San Francisco and Los Angeles. He had the pleasure to watch his son, Alexander Hess, who is in training for the 2011 Boston Marathon, take first place in his age category and second place overall in the recent men’s 10K Run in San Leandro, Calif.                


Justin Jelincic, BS, of San Leandro, Calif., writes, “I continue working for KP reviewing investments in IT. The move toward “Obamacare” drove me off the sidelines, and into the democratic process. I ran on the June 8 ballot for the Democratic nomination in the California 13th Congressional District.”                      





John Spilman, BS, of Mill Valley, Calif., is celebrating 25 years of successful law practice (JD, University of Michigan ’85), including 18 in renewable energy law. Since 2002, John has owned a solo business and real property practice serving wind and solar power developers and other project participants. On March 31, John added a non-exclusive “of counsel” relationship with Cleantech Law Partners, a boutique law firm catering to the unique legal needs of renewable energy and cleantech companies. He is married to Patricia Renaut Spilman. They have two boys in high school.





Mitch Collins, BS, writes, “In June of 2009 I accepted a position as president and CEO of the Oregon Center for Applied Science in Eugene, Ore. We are a leading recipient of funding under the National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovation Research Program. Our efforts focus on designing behavior change programs to address public health issues (smoking, weight loss, diabetes management, etc.) My charge is to transition the company from a grant-dependent, academically oriented company to one that has commercial success marketing our programs to payers concerned with traditional disease management and employee wellness. In addition to cutting-edge programs, there is a pressing need to develop a technology delivery platform to enable member recruitment, engagement, and analytics. The assignment is challenging, fun, and worthwhile. And Eugene is great, often referred to as Berkeley North.”           


Michael C. Sanchez, BS, and Gerald Posner (Berkeley and Hastings ’75 and’78) have founded the Cal Alumni Group of Miami Beach approved by the CAA in March 2010. They are reaching out to locate UC alums from all the schools and colleges in Florida. He welcomes contacts from alumni traveling to Miami or from other alumni groups who would like to partner for events in South Florida. Michael is president and chief officer of Cascais Investimentos with offices in Cascais, Portugal, and South Beach, Fla. (         





John Miller, BS, is partner at One Risk Group, a middle-market commercial insurance firm, partner at Oregon Yerba Mate, executive director of the Old Stone Foundation, and board president of the Green Economy Institute. He lives in Bend, Ore., and commutes to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he lives on a sailboat while in town. He writes, “Would love to reconnect!”



1985| 25th reunion
October 8-10, 2010


Pamela (Miller) Neumann, BS, is a panel member of the Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel in Germany. She lives with her husband, two children, and dog in Berlin.      





Michael Belkin, BS, of Bainbridge Island, Wash., is following a career at Salomon Brothers in research and proprietary trading, and publishes the Belkin Report, an institutional investment newsletter for hedge funds, pension funds, mutual funds, and sovereign wealth funds, among others. He writes, “Since having a child die after receiving a vaccine, I have devoted efforts to improve vaccine safety (see YouTube Congressional testimony) and to education about vaccine risks, which the medical profession (and most Cal scientists) refuse to acknowledge. Currently recording in the studio with an original funk/rock band against this and other forms of government intrusion, ’The Refusers.’ ( site to be launched this summer).”


Patrick Costanzo, BS, see MBA 1990 notes.            



1990| 20th reunion
October 8-10, 2010





Michael Lynch, BS, of San Francisco, writes, “Future Cal Bear Jack Michael Lynch was born March 28.”           


Timothy (Fahman) Pham, BS, of Huntington Beach, Calif., writes, “I have been traveling to Vietnam many times since 2004. My brother Henry (BS 1989) and I provided M&A services. We assisted the first Vietnamese company to list on a U.S. exchange. Now I serve as its director and vice president. I enjoy receiving the CalBusiness magazine and reading about other alumni stories and life after Cal.”


Norbert Tan, BS, of Oxnard, Calif., writes, “My wife, Tracy, and I are enjoying raising our 2 1/2- year-old daughter Ceora. I’m in my third year as executive director of the Ventura College Foundation, continuing my career in nonprofit management. I remain involved in the arts, doing some pro-bono consulting, and also playing music (drums). I’ve kept in touch with fellow Haas BS 91 alums: Antonio Hicks, Debbie Perry, Lisa Sohn Fulton, and Tad Freese.”          





Jennifer Gandin, BS, writes, “In May 2009, I married Dr. Peter Tontonoz (a physician/scientist at UCLA) in Laguna Beach, Calif. In 2010, I was promoted to principal of CIM Group, a Los Angeles-based private equity fund, focusing on investing in real estate and infrastructure in urban communities in North America.”   


Kristin O’Leary, BS, writes, “Our family welcomed a second daughter, Grace Carolyn, last July. We have relocated to sunny San Diego and are really enjoying all of the fun-filled activities the area offers. I am continuing to run my own personal financial planning business, in addition to doing volunteer work for local charities. Would love to connect with Haas alums. I can be reached at” 





Kevin Crow, BS, of Sacramento, Calif., writes, “Has it been 17 years already? Since then I’ve been blessed with a wonderful wife, two great kids, three narcoleptic cats, two durable fish, and an overactive hamster. Dad and I still manage to attend most Cal football games though. A man has to have priorities. Go Bears!”         





Lawrence “Larry“ Fox, BS, of Richmond, Calif., is organizing his 20-year high school reunion, raising three kids—Mike, Jenny, and Jacob—with his wife, Heather, and looking for work. He writes, “Anyone need an HR or business professional? Happy to have the friends and family that I do and looking forward to seeing some old friends soon. Go Bears!”     



1995| 15th reunion
October 8-10, 2010


John Harkavy, BS, of Monterey, Calif., writes, “My third son, Jude Aaron Harkavy, was born on Jan. 15, 2010. His brothers are John Alan Harkavy III (aka Trey) (7), and Jacob Axel Harkavy (2).”  





Sean Feng, BS, of Albany, Calif., writes, “My company, Space Coatings Inc., has been awarded its first major contract from the U.S. Navy, for the development of advanced ultralightweight decking material for nuclear aircraft carriers. The second company, Greenscend Inc., has been expanding into the premium green residential market. The company has an extensive portfolio of award-winning major projects. If our fellow Haas alumni have any business alliance/inquiry to which I may be of service, please email me at Most important, I’d like to express my deep appreciation for both Professor David Aaker and Stephen Etter. Their advice and encouragement have been profoundly priceless and life changing. Thank you, Professor Aaker! Thank you, Steve!”         





Camilla Cho, BS, of New York, is vice president of development at


Allen Lee, BS, of Los Angeles, writes, “I just launched Hollywood & Wall, which provides proprietary online data, research, and networking tools for producers and investors of film and other entertainment products. Please visit us at”


Sam Willard, BS, of Berkeley, writes, “I continue to grow my commercial photography business, working with corporate and editorial clients, and private individuals. I have recently been shooting for several new magazine clients. In fact, I photographed CEO and Haas alum Constance Moore, MBA 80, for the last issue of CalBusiness! I live and have my studio in Berkeley, so if any old friends are passing through the East Bay, please drop me a line. I can be reached through my website at www.samwillard”         





Gary Manalus, BS, of New York, recently moved into a product innovation role at American Express. In addition, he also accepted a position as a brand ambassador and model for Rogaine Foam, and will be appearing in print ads across national publications starting in June 2010.    



2000| 10th reunion
October 8-10, 2010





Caterina Gangale, BS, writes, “After a brilliant experience co-managing Salvatore’s Cucina Italiana in San Diego alongside my mother, Raffaella, I have decided to go back to my native Italy. I am living the dream in beautiful Toscana at my family’s castle inn, Castello delle Serre ( Anyone remember my speech in business communication? Hope to see some Haas alumni here soon!”     





Victor Pineda, BS, of Los Angeles, writes, “I just became married to Lizandra Montes. I will receive my PhD in urban planning from UCLA in June. The Victor Pineda Foundation is growing rapidly in response to the leadership that I have taken in implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities in the Middle East.”           





Charmaine Chua, BS, of Richmond, Va., has held a variety of leadership positions in Altria’s family of companies, and was most recently promoted to manager of sales programs for Altria Sales & Distribution. Altria Sales & Distribution provides centralized sales, merchandising, and distribution services to Altria’s tobacco companies and executes trade programs to grow Altria’s operating companies’ businesses and their customers’ businesses.         



2005| 5th reunion
October 8-10, 2010


Nancy Chen, BS, writes, “I’m in my third year working in Fremont, Calif., at a nonprofit organization coordinating large conferences overseas (mostly in Asia).”


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Peter Firmin, MBA, of Littleton, Colo., professor and dean emeritus at the University of Denver, retired for the fifth (and final) time from the university on June 30. He is also senior associate director of development for the School of Accountancy in the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. After retirement, Peter will increase his fundraising activities for the Sudanese Orphaned Rehabilitation Organization (SAORO), which operates an orphanage and a school in Pariang village, in southern Sudan. For more information, visit Peter and his wife, Jean, plan to visit SAORO’s operation in October.





David Willman, BS 54, MBA, helped create and was a charter member of a Habitat for Humanity affiliate in Boise, Idaho, serving at times both as the president or treasurer. He now is helping obtain funding to create a strong state support organization for Idaho’s Habitat affiliates, having served recently as president. Habitat is an international organization based on Christian principles to eliminate or reduce poverty housing focusing on needy very low-income families.



1961| 50th MBA reunion
April 28-May 1, 2011





Christy Reehl, BS 61, MBA, writes, “My article, ’Chapter 11 Real Estate Cram-Down Plans: the Legacy of Till,’ which details some of the unintended consequences resulting from a 2004 Supreme Court decision, was accepted for publication in The California Bankruptcy Journal, Spring 2010 issue.”                    





Schuyler Bailey, BS 64, MBA, writes, “Son John Kendall Bailey and his wife, Deborah, presented Susie and me with our first grandchild, Eliana Miranda Bailey, born on Feb. 9. Mom and Dad are sleepless, but Eliana is doing just fine.”


David Woolsey, MBA, of Orinda, Calif., has been married 45 years to Kathleen Marie McDonnell and has seven grandchildren, all in the greater Bay Area. After a long career in equipment leasing, commercial and real estate financing, he recently joined Carl Marks Advisory Group, a consulting and investment banking group serving middle market companies. As managing director, he is responsible for West Coast business development with
client revenues of $20 million to $100 million.



1966| 45th MBA reunion
April 28-May 1, 2011


Ronald Lim, MBA, of Honolulu, Hawaii, writes, “I have been retired now for seven years. My wife, Audrey, and I have two children. Chris, our son, is an attorney with WilmerHale in Boston. He graduated from Bowdoin College, The Kennedy School of Government, and UCLA Law School. Nicole graduated from Yale and is completing her MBA at Wharton. She has accepted a position with eBay in San Jose as a strategic planner. After graduating from Berkeley, I worked for three years with Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. (now KPMG). I left Peat to attend Columbia University to study urban economics and urban planning. I have spent much of my career in public service, as the director of the Housing and Community Development Department for the city and county of Honolulu and later as a special assistant for housing for the governor of the state of Hawaii. The passing of Professor Moonitz brought back many wonderful memories of the business school and the genius that was Professor Moonitz. I was his graduate assistant for one year and attended his accounting theory class. Because of Professor Moonitz, I decided to attend Berkeley. Under his guidance and for his class, I wrote a research paper entitled, ’The Mathematical Propriety of Accounting Measurements and Calculations,’ which was published in The Accounting Review. The paper was then cited in the seminal work by Philip Brown and Ray Ball entitled, ’An Empirical Evaluation of Accounting Income Number.’ The Brown and Ball research was awarded the first ’Seminal Contribution to Accounting Literature’ by the American Accounting Association. I am enjoying my retirement golfing, playing tennis, and traveling to the continental United States to attend various Major League baseball games. I also recently attended the Cal-Washington State football game. Each and every time that I am in the Bay Area, I visit the campus and note the beautiful Haas Business School as opposed to the old Barrows Hall, which was home in 1966. Aloha.“         





Leadership for Life by Douglas Gehrman, MBA, of Houston, Texas, recently won the overall best nonfiction book award from Bengal Book Awards. The book is available on Amazon. Doug is always pleased to speak to groups on leadership and can be reached at



1971| 40th MBA reunion
April 28-May 1, 2011


Phillip Handin, MBA, writes, “With a law degree obtained in 1974 from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, I continue to work in San Francisco as a sole practitioner in general transactional practice. My wife and I have lived in the Oakland hills for almost 33 years. I have one son who works full time in Los Angeles while attending USC pursuing an MBA and an MRED (masters in real estate development).”     





Ernie Bumatay, MBA, of Rolling Hills Estates, Calif., and his wife, Rebecca, have established a memorial scholarship at Haas in honor of a colleague and dear friend, Roy Fenstermaker. Two separate scholarships will be awarded: one in 2010 to a Haas undergrad and one in 2011 to a Haas MBA candidate. Roy Fenstermaker worked with Ernie at Summit Group Ltd. from 1992 to 2001. For his many contributions, Roy was named partner emeritus in 2003. Roy graduated from Cal with an economics degree and received his MBA from USC. Roy was a self-starter, tireless, analytical, had terrific foresight, and was an outstanding communicator. His work for Summit Group and its clients always exceeded expectations no matter how high. He was an exceptional colleague and friend. Ernie Bumatay is president of Summit Group Ltd., a corporate development and financial advisory firm based in Los Angeles. He served as Los Angeles HAN chapter president in 1994-1995 and again in 2004. He also served on the Haas Development Council from 2005-2007. In 2004, he was presented with the Raymond Miles Service Haas Alumni Service award at the Haas Gala in San Francisco.    


Writer and director Kazuo Ohno, son of Katsuto Ohno, MBA, of Urawa, Saitama, Japan, is making the film, ’Mr. Crumpaker and the Man from the Letter’ with Philip Seymour Hoffman, who starred in several scenes already shot for the Sundance Filmmakers Lab. The actor hopes to get financial backing off the strength of the scenes. The project was bought by Hoffman’s production company, Cooper’s Town, which he runs with Emily Ziff.



1976| 34th MBA reunion
April 28-May 1, 2011


Lodovico Gandini, MBA, of Milan, Italy, is an investment fund manager and has five children.         


Henry Wirz, MBA, of Sacramento, Calif., has been president and CEO of SAFE Credit Union since 1984. SAFE is the sixth largest financial institution serving the six-county Sacramento region. During his time at SAFE, the credit union has grown from about $100 million in assets to over $1.7 billion in assets. SAFE recently completed a merger with American River Healthpro Credit Union, adding over 20,000 members, partnered with Intuit/Digital Insight to provide members with Finance Works, and is also working with FISERV as a beta site to develop a new data processing platform for credit unions. SAFE also joined with other credit unions to build an interface between auto dealers and credit unions called CUDL (Credit Union Direct Lending), now one of the largest conduits for auto loans in the United States, and Henry served as chairman of the board of CUDL. SAFE was recognized as the second highest volume SBA lender in the region and one of the largest donors to charities in it service area. He writes, “I am proud of the fact that SAFE Credit Union has remained profitable when so many other local financial institutions are losing money. And SAFE has not benefited from any government bailouts.”      





Raymond Fry, MBA, of Oakland, Calif., writes, “After a long career at Levi Strauss, I became a certified senior advisor and now do reverse mortgages. I recently started doing a commercial on Comcast in the Bay Area on both CNN and the Hallmark channel. I also managed to get as my Web site. After six years doing reverse mortgages, I still haven’t done one for a Cal alum, obviously not having mastered the art of networking.”           


Robin William, MBA, of Concord, N.H., writes, “I retired in 2008 after 27 years in the insurance industry, the last eight serving as chief underwriting officer of Partner Reinsurance in the U.S. After retirement, I moved from Connecticut to New Hampshire and am currently enjoying exploring New Hampshire, Boston, the seacoast, and wider New England. I play a lot of chamber music, enjoy the family, and very occasionally do some consulting work. Now that I have some post-retirement free time, I look forward to some
West Coast sojourns, and perhaps visiting Haas for some of the
alumni events.”        





Daniel Kreps, MBA, writes, “My wife, Nancy Starr, MBA 92, and I have finally returned to our home in San Francisco after a 30-year global odyssey during which we lived and worked in four countries. We were most recently in Japan, where I was the senior country executive for American Express Bank. I am currently volunteering with Grameen Foundation’s Bankers Without Borders. The Indonesian firm I have been mentoring, PT Ruma, was a finalist in this year’s Global Venture Business Competition sponsored by Haas. You can follow my blog, Banking on the Poor, which focuses on adapting financial services to the needs of the poor. Nancy continues to run her global business, Starr Capital LLC, which provides financial planning and investment management for U.S. citizens living abroad.”         





Emilene (Emmy) Fearn, MBA, writes, “At the time most of my colleagues are planning for their retirements, I’m working toward finishing up my PhD in education at Berkeley, with an emphasis in special education. I still live in Oakland with husband, Jeff, MBA 83; daughter, Dria, a UCLA and UC Hastings grad, who’s now an attorney in San Francisco; and son, Jonathan, a UC Davis grad who’s finishing up his master’s in computer science engineering. Over the past five years, I’ve taught new teachers at San Francisco State University and am currently teaching students with disabilities at College of Alameda. Once I complete my degree, I plan to teach and do research at the university level in the field of special education.”     


Gunnar Rydning, MBA, writes, “I have been a partner in a Norwegian venture capital firm since 1986. The firm was named Four Seasons Venture from inception until we changed the name in 2006 to Verdane Capital. I live in Oslo, Norway, and I have been married to Helen for 27 years and have three boys, Haakon (26), Anders (24), and Erik (20).”      


John Simpson, MBA, of San Francisco, writes, “Suzanne and I visited South Africa on safari in 2002 and have wonderful tales of seeing wild animals, but we were most touched after a visit to the Nkomo Primary School and meeting its dynamic principal, Mrs. Zikhali. We have returned another four times to volunteer and have seen how the school has changed the lives of the children, most notably the many students who are orphans. We are returning this summer to shoot a nonprofit documentary film about the school and how the visionary Mrs. Zikhali has built the school up from under four trees and dealt with all the many challenges it has faced, and still faces. We are on the Web and Facebook: Under Four Trees.”



1981| 30th MBA reunion
April 28-May 1, 2011





Kirsten (Hydorn) McCarthy, MBA, writes, “I have been working for an amazing Bay Area nonprofit organization, Students Rising Above, for three years now. My main responsibility is managing the volunteer mentor program. If you are interested in mentoring a student as they go through college, please check out our Web site My own children are almost fully grown—the youngest is now a sophomore in college. My oldest is working for a nonprofit in Massachusetts and my middle child (and only Cal grad!) is about to start a career at Morgan Stanley. My husband is running an asset management company in Tokyo, so I have plenty of time to devote to friends, SRA, and two dogs!”         





Philip Mitchell, MBA, of Oakland, Calif., writes, “2010 is a year of transitions. My daughter is graduating this June from UCLA with a PhD in biochemistry. My son is living in Berkeley and attending Berkeley City College. Also, with my upcoming eligibility to retire from IBM, I am gearing up for a transition to a new and meaningful challenge. In true Cal spirit, I am interested in changing the world! An entrepreneur at heart, I am open to joining a startup, beginning my own new venture, or joining a dynamic nonprofit organization. I would like to leverage my extensive environmental and product management background. In my off-hours, I’m playing lots of tennis and learning guitar. Also enjoy cycling in the Oakland hills, hiking, and traveling. I’m finding it fun adapting to being an empty nester.”





Mauri Schwartz, MBA, of San Francisco, writes, “I am happy to say that my business, Career Insiders, is growing steadily. I enjoy helping job seekers market themselves and beat the tough competition in this rough job market. It thrills me to know that they are getting more interviews and landing new jobs because of our work. In addition, we are getting more and more outplacement work from companies who find us an effective and cost-savings alternative to the big guys in this market. I am also excited to be an adjunct advisor at the Haas Career Center, which is probably the best university career center in the country. The staff and services offered to students and alumni are extensive. I delivered the career development workshop at our reunion on April 23.”        


Julia (Szerdy) Young, MBA, writes, “I have stayed in the Bay Area since departing UCB and now live in Noe Valley in San Francisco with my husband, Ray Swartz, MBA 81. After stints in human resources/organization development in Silicon Valley and on the road as a management consultant, I have spent the past 17 years as a founder and principal at, a small business specializing in collaborative group processes and Web meeting software. I continue to be delighted and humbled by the ability to run an international business from a home office and benefit from the increasing necessity of businesses to work effectively in a virtual environment.”        



1986| 25th MBA reunion
April 28-May 1, 2011


Bob Merrill, MBA, of Chicago, Ill., is entering his 10th year as president and CEO of CraftMaster Manufacturing Inc., a leading manufacturer of building products for the residential construction industry. He writes, “The market has been tough, but we have made it through and just completed an acquisition in Illinois to add a fifth manufacturing location in the U.S. Domestic manufacturing does still exist. My wife, Maureen, and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in 2009. Our son, Matthew, graduated from the University of Michigan, and our daughter, Amanda, is in her second year at the University of Dayton.”       





Neal Civjan, MBA, of Palo Alto, Calif., has been at Sun Microsystems, acquired by Oracle, for 15 years. For the last nine years he has been running the World Wide Software Licensing team responsible for revenue of all software products at Sun including Java, Solaris, Middleware, Desktop, and Virtualization. At Oracle, he is vice president of the Java Division.       





Britt Anderson, MBA, is litigating trademark and copyright cases around the country and counseling clients on international brand protection. He and his wife, Karyn, live in Los Gatos, Calif. His son, Justin, is a freshman at Cal.           


Patrick Costanzo, MBA, of Pleasanton, Calif., writes, “After 14 years with the same home builder, I joined Regent Properties as division president, Northern California region, in January 2009. I have been re-positioning 60 acres in Dublin and seeking additional assets/notes to acquire throughout the region. Our daughter, Kristina (6), is truly a joy to spend time with. My wife, Wendy, and I will celebrate our 15-year wedding anniversary in April.”     


Quentin Falconer, MBA, writes, “After graduating from Haas, I entered the world of commercial banking and never looked back. I have been with Silicon Valley Bank, which finances venture-backed technology startup companies for the past 10 years. I head our Northern California cleantech practice. I am married to Yuko Tanaka, who is a freelance musician specializing in early keyboards. We have two little boys, Colin (2) and Evan (4 months). We live 10 minutes from campus in the Oakland hills and have the luxury of being able to visit Haas quite frequently.”   


Richard Newirth, MBA, writes, “After a long stint in San Francisco as director of cultural affairs, I relocated to Vancouver 2 1/2 years ago. I’ve just been formally named managing director of cultural services for the city of Vancouver. It’s been a great transition, both professionally and personally, and I hope that any colleagues who are up this way get in touch. Sorry to have missed the reunion!”                    


Takuo Nishikawa, MBA, writes, “As a director of Institute of Asset Management Research at Nikko Financial Intelligence, I’m involved in investment management for both individuals and institutions. Tetsuya, my only son, is 17, an anxious age between boy and adult being taken care of by Etsuko, my wife, and me. Oil painting and playing the sax still dominate my pleasure time on weekends.”     


Linda Wood, MBA, and Dave Sutton, MBA 90, met at Haas, married, and are living in Berkeley with their two children, Catherine (10) and Jonathan (7). Dave works for the Trust for Public Land, creating parklands in California and Nevada, particularly in the northern Sierra near Tahoe. Linda heads up the leadership programs and grantmaking for the Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund in San Francisco.    



1991| 20th MBA reunion
April 28-May 1, 2011


Derrick Mar, MBA, writes, “I was part of the management team at FrontBridge Technologies, which we sold to Microsoft in 2005. I came back to Microsoft and Seattle again after spending 20-plus years in Silicon Valley. My heart and soul is still with a smaller startup, so in 2008, I left Microsoft and joined another private company called Varolii as the chief technology officer, responsible for all technology, engineering, operations, and customer service functions for the company. I am having a blast! My wife, Korianne, and I have been blessed with two healthy and playful boys, (6) and (3). It is joyful to spend our time with them.”


Susan (Persin) Underberg, MBA, writes, “Matt Anderson, MBA 90, and I sold Foresight Analytics, the business we founded five years ago, to New York-based Trepp in February. Matt and I are very excited to join the Trepp team and look forward to having a wider audience for our products. We’ll continue to be based in Oakland.”  


Steven Sterns, MBA, of Oakland, Calif., writes, “I“ve been the director of IT for Flip Video for the past year and a half. We were purchased last May by Cisco Systems, and I’ve been spending my time integrating the business systems into the Cisco IT organization. Barry and I just celebrated our 18th year together. I wrote a novel and hope to get it published this year.” 



Arden Koontz, MBA
, of El Cerrito, Calif., writes, “After a stint back at Haas working in admissions reviewing MBA applications, I recently accepted a position in business development at SolarCity. It’s an inspiring place to be working with a real sense of mission and possibility—and a great solar lease program that’s making solar power affordable for everyone. Check us out at”


Bjørn-Inge Larsen, MBA/MPH, writes, “I am now in the public sector as director general of health in Norway. In May, I joined the Executive Board of WHO.”         





Art Altman, MBA, directs research in energy-derivative risk implications of wind, solar, and demand response at the Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, Calif. Those with related interest please email”


Frédéric Charles, MBA, writes, “Will be traveling in the Bay Area in July with my wife and kids. Would love to see some folks again. Contact me, and next time come to see us in Paris!”          


Bruce Deaner, MBA, writes, “After moves to and from Singapore, my family and I have settled back into life in Tokyo and are enjoying the fabulous nature and outdoor activities available nearby. This winter we had the opportunity to ski at Rusutsu (Hokkaido) and Niigata, both top-class ski areas. Highly recommended. On a professional note, I am now with Goldman Sachs, leading a team to deliver world-class solutions across the APAC region in the derivatives space. If you visit Tokyo, please feel free to drop me a line and if possible join in on Haas and Berkeley alumni activities here.”


Jim Kamradt, MBA, of Marin County, Calif., is the director of national accounts for the securities division of Thompson National Properties, a leading sponsor of public and private real estate investment programs.” 


Jeff Kragen, MBA, writes, “I continue to work for Merrill Lynch in Walnut Creek, where I provide financial planning and investment management services to high net-worth individuals. I recently earned the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. I have many Cal alumni as clients. Please call or email ( me if you need any financial planning or investment advice. My wife, Kate, and I live in Alamo with our four children (17, 15, 12, and 9). Kate started her own business last year providing commercial real estate appraisal services; she recently achieved the MAI designation. We’re quite busy!”


Jeffrey Johnsen, MBA, of Monterey, Calif., is back in graduate school, this time studying marine microbial ecology/marine science. He writes, “I’m interested in talking about green solutions for industry/energy and drug discovery, if you are.”


Clark Omholt, MBA, is founder and president of Spectraflow, a company that sells large format inkjet printers and provides color matching services. He writes, “Kirsten, my wife, works as Spectraflow’s bookkeeper. It’s fun. Daughters Elise (13) and Lexi (12) are enrolled at the Waldorf-inspired Novato Charter School. Clark coached Elise’s soccer team to the Marin Country Under-14 championship last year and is getting back into competitive tennis.”





Michaela (Schmieder) Ballek, MBA, of Munich, Germany, writes, “It has been a great journey, but now I am ready to start something new. I will be leaving McKinsey at the end of June, starting a new adventure: advising institutions in the areas of sustainability, energy efficiency, and climate change. My McKinsey experience, particularly on project and knowledge management, will come in handy for this exciting opportunity. In August, I will be visiting the Bay Area with my family and hope to catch up with some of my peers at Haas.”        


Eric Browne, MBA, writes, “I’ve been keeping busy in Seattle with three kids and a startup soft-ware company. is an online collaboration tool that’s getting great adoption as an easy-to-use project and task management tool with Google Apps integration and crowd-sourcing capabilities. We expect to be profitable in 2010. Saw Rob Nicholson at Whistler for a ski weekend at the end of March and many other classmates at our 15th reunion in late April. Please get in touch if you’re ever in the great Northwest (”



1996| 15th MBA reunion
April 28-May 1, 2011


Jed Katz, MBA, of Mill Valley, Calif., writes, “Two big updates in my life: Most important, Lisa and I had our first baby! A beautiful boy named Taylor Sean Katz, 8 lbs., 14 oz., 21 inches. I also joined former classmate and fellow entrepreneur Noah Doyle to create Javelin Partners, an early stage venture capital firm based in San Francisco. Having a great time with both Taylor and Javelin!”  





Cheryl (Weiss) Hayes, MBA, of Oakland, Calif., writes, “Since graduating with my MBA from the evening/weekend program, I entered the amazing field of real estate. I have been providing financing for single-tenant commercial buildings for the past eight years with GE Capital Real Estate. I work with small- and medium-size businesses, investors, and developers to provide financing for both owner-occupied as well as leased investment buildings that have just one tenant. The past couple years have been interesting and challenging, but I have had a lot of fun helping many people finance their real estate investments. My husband, Scott, and I got married in 2004 in Certaldo, Italy, with a small group of friends and family. We love to travel, explore, and do things outdoors, so we have had many adventures over the years, including a recent trip to Peru. I think we will do Alaska this year.”                





James Gray, MBA, of Woodinville, Wash., writes, “Over the last year I have been leading the investment management and product direction for Microsoft’s Enterprise Data Warehouse, which delivers critical information and analytical solutions across the worldwide organization. My role within Microsoft’s IT organization is a great fit that leverages both my technical background and the foundational business knowledge I learned at Haas. Daily family life continues to be quite eventful as my wife and I attempt to keep up with fun and busy times of our five kids (15,13,10, 5, and 5).”     


Betty Kaufman, MBA, of Mountain View, Calif., writes, “After nearly 20 years in high-tech marketing, I’m thrilled to be building an entrepreneurial wine business, where I lead in-home and in-office wine tasting, offer personalized wines and wine gifts, and give wine-loving entrepreneurs the opportunity to join me in this business. Please check out and to learn more. Cheers and go Bears!”


Jonathan Weinstein, MBA, of Washington, D.C., writes, “In March I celebrated one year at Unity Health Care, having helped raise over $50 million in state and federal grants to go along with private bank financing to build three new community health centers and renovate another. The project management work coordinating these developments has been challenging and is going well. On a personal note, Stacie and I and our 3-year-old son, Evan, welcomed our daughter/sister, Natalia, to the family in August 2009.”       





Andrew Parker-Rose, MBA, and Flavio Epstein were married on May 1, 2010, surrounded by family and friends at their synagogue in San Francisco. Drew currently serves as director of global customer support for Guidewire Software in San Mateo, Calif. Flavio has a business degree from the University of Sao Paolo, Brazil, and a PhD in psychology from Meridian University. He currently serves as heart transplant psychologist for Kaiser Permanente in Santa Clara, Calif. Drew’s son, Elias, who was born during the class of ’99, just turned 11, and recently returned from a two-week trip to Italy over spring break, now holds a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, among other achievements.               


Colleen Reilly, MBA, writes, “After a few slightly tumultuous years career-wise, I recently settled with a startup in San Francisco as their VP of marketing, which I’m really enjoying so far. Small-company life and dynamics are definitely for me! I’m still living in San Francisco and have a relatively new addition to my family—Maya, a rescue dog, who reminds me every day of the importance of work-life balance. I continue to volunteer with a couple of educational organizations locally. Life is good, and I wish everyone the best!”  


Celebrating the second day of spring and the melting of 48 inches of snow, MBA 99 classmates Nilmini Gunaratne Rubin, MBA, (and her daughters Renuka and Araliya), Kazu Masaki, MBA, and Nancy Riess, MBA, enjoyed a reunion in Baltimore, Md. Nilmini recently authored The International Financial Institutions: A Call for Change, which encapsulates Indiana Senator Richard Lugar’s oversight effort that began in 2003 and provides 50 recommendations to improve the IMF, World Bank, and regional development banks. Kazu is on a two-year rotation at the IMF in Washington, D.C. He is living in Bethesda, Md., with his wife and 2 ½-year-old son. Nancy’s firm, Interactive Technologies, recently launched the new Web presence for Johns Hopkins University, ranked No. 1 in “Top 11 Best Designed University Websites.” (                   


Tanya (Shaw) Steinhofer, MBA, writes, “This spring will be the one-year anniversary of my financial planning business, Redwood Grove Wealth Management. Despite the questionable timing (depths of the Great Recession) for a new startup, things are going better than expected. I’m particularly enjoying the flexibility to spend more time with my two young kids and often drop my son off at preschool and then continue on to my office in downtown Mill Valley on my bike. Now that’s work/life balance! My business focus is on families with young kids and socially responsible/sustainable investing. Check it out:”





Pascal Hoffmann, MBA, of Oakland, Calif., writes, “I’m contributing to knitting together two large banks, Wells Fargo and Wachovia, to build the largest bank in the United States with a network of 6,500-plus branches. In the division targeting mid-size businesses, my role focuses on sales strategy and planning. It’s an interesting and challenging experience to participate in a large merger integration.”


Kaoru Kano, MBA, writes, “I am currently living in the Midwest working for Eli Lilly & Company in the global neuroscience marketing team. My husband, Steve, and our sons, Ray (5) and Luca (2), are enjoying life in Indianapolis. Such a great place to raise children, but we miss the Bay Area.”                    


2001| 10th MBA reunion
April 28-May 1, 2011


Jason Gore, MBA, writes, “I moved to Boulder, Colo., and launched a new startup with my business partner, Michael Bissonnette, retired CEO of AeroGrow. Bissonnette Funding helps startups raise capital through alternative financing strategies and direct public offers (DPOs). It’s been a lot of long nights, but we are growing rapidly because our strategies work in any economic environment. I’m loving the work and really enjoying Boulder.”     


Coco Kee, MBA, writes, “I have been traveling back and forth between the U.S. and China, advising Chinese companies, both private and public, that want to go public or are already listed in the states. New York still treats me well. Love this city! However, I would love to visit the Bay Area and all the old friends over there. It has been a long time since my last trip there.’  


Leslie (Davis) Nicholson, MBA, writes, “Rob and I welcomed the arrival of our third child last summer. Sydney joined big sisters Marlee and Georgia in cheering for teams USA and Canada during the winter Olympics in Vancouver. With a 5- year-old, a 3-year-old and almost 1-year-old, just getting out of the house in the morning can be a challenge of Olympic proportion! The girls are loads of fun and keep us laughing.”       


Carlos Soublette, MBA, of Santiago, Chile, writes, “Thanks to everyone in Haas for their continuous support to the Chilean Haas community during the last weeks after the earthquake. The Haas community in Chile is doing well and we are working to rebuild our beautiful (sometimes shaky) country. From the first days we received numerous emails asking for us and our families; we appreciate your concerns, support, and affection. The LAHBA crew organized donations from the Haas community to the Chilean Telethon with great success. Today they continue in an ongoing effort through Thanks for the help and thank you for making us proud of our Haas-Berkeley spirit. Arriba Chile!”


Tomoko Yamabe, MBA, writes, “After six years in Tokyo, we have moved to Paris, France. Look forward to reconnecting with alums in Paris/Europe as well as with fellow classmates at the 10-year reunion next spring.”    





David (Klingle) Bowman, MBA, writes, “The first three months of 2010 have kept the Bowmans rather busy. The year started with knee surgery denying me several epic powder weekends in Utah. Thankfully, this was the lowlight of Q1. In February, we (my wife Megan, my son Jack, and I) welcomed my son Max into the world—undeniably the highlight of this year. One month later, I left Gallo after an incredible 7.5-year run and accepted a position with The Wine Group, a management-owned LLC based in Livermore, Calif. As president of Underdog Wine Merchants (the premium wine division of The Wine Group), I’ll be leading the creation of a portfolio of wines from around the world. We’re excited to be settling down in Pleasanton with a new job, a new house, and a new baby. And I’m looking forward to putting some outstanding wines into the hands of many Berkeley alumni in the coming years. Cheers!”         


Greg Campbell, MBA, of Laguna Hills, Calif., writes, “Jeanine and I had a beautiful baby girl, Cambria Raquel, last August, which increased our family size to six. Dawson is nearly 8, Everett is 5, and Sidney is 3. We’re having a lot of fun. I highly recommend weekly family night. Thank goodness the apartment industry seems to be holding up in this downswing.”       


Emilie Cortes, MBA, has left her role as account manager for Axioma Inc. and is joining a small multinational Himalayan expedition to climb the world’s fifth highest mountain, Makalu. When she returns in June, she will join Alan Biller & Associates as a senior investment consultant in Menlo Park, Calif. She continues to live in Millbrae, Calif., with her boyfriend and climbing partner, John, and two cats, Espresso and Biscotti.“         


Justin Gordon, MBA, writes, “Shortly after I graduated from Haas, I joined a Bay Area technology startup named Trigo, a company that makes a product that is now called IBM’s Master Data Management Server for Product Information Management, which pretty much sums things up. The company was acquired by IBM in 2004, and the product is used by large retailers to gather information from thousands of suppliers into one consolidated place so that the information can be reviewed, enhanced, and manipulated, such as being translated into different languages. This information is then typically exported to other systems, such as e-commerce engines that power shopping Web sites. Back in 2000, I purchased 2.2 acres of land next to the beach in Maui. After IBM acquired Trigo, I learned of how many IBMers telecommute. In about 2006, I started spending more than 50 percent of my time in Maui. The last three years, it’s been about 100 percent of my time. I’m still happily with IBM. I just finished up construction of a large house and I’m applying for one of Maui’s new B&B permits, which legitimizes doing short-term rentals in a residential neighborhood. Here’s a good overview of my project, Sugar Ranch— This is a Flickr slideshow and the last picture shows my family including my now 21- month-old baby boy, with all of us at the beach behind my house. I’m expecting a second child, a baby girl, in about two months! If you or anybody you know is thinking of a trip to Maui, please contact me and I can provide an insider’s guidance on where to stay and what to do when in Maui. Aloha.”


Eric Meyerson, MBA, of San Francisco, writes, “I recently started a job at Google, where I’m leading the business marketing team for YouTube and Google TV Ads. Almost simultaneously, my wife, Annette, gave birth to a wonderful baby boy, Judah. Older sister, Ellie, is thrilled. Life is awesome.”       





Jay Atkinson, MBA, writes, “Julie and I have returned to San Francisco after spending the last three years living in China. Most important, I would like to announce the birth of my son, Trey Xavier, on March 8, 2010.”   


Francesco Carantani, MBA, writes, “Cristina, Paolo, and I moved from Singapore to Istanbul in February 2009, and the family grew larger just a couple of months later when Isabella was born. I am still keeping myself busy at Italcementi, while Cristina is looking at starting her small business. We welcome visitors!”


Ramesh Dewangan, MBA, has been involved in Toastmasters for more than four years and now is vice president of education for the Cupertino Toastmasters Club. He co-founded NITKAN, an alumni group of KREC/NITK (a premier engineering institution in Southern India), and co-organized the first-ever Bay Area NITK alumni event on March 13, 2010, at Santa Clara. He writes, “It was exciting to see nearly 100 alums attend. Work-wise, I have solidified my career in product marketing after completing my MBA at Haas. Going strong as a senior director of marketing at a private chip design automation company.”    


Adam Goldworm, MBA, celebrated the one-year anniversary of Aperture Entertainment, his new management/production company. Aperture set up several major motion pictures, including “The Last Witch Hunter” written by Aperture client Cory Goodman to be directed by Timur Bekmambetov (“Wanted”) and distributed by Summit (“Twilight”), and “Nocturne,“ written by Jeremy Passmore and Andre Fabrizio with Len Wiseman (“Die Hard 4”) directing. Aperture client Jessica Lowndes can be seen every week as Adrianna on the CW’s hit series 90210. Upcoming releases “Red Dawn” (MGM), “Priest” (Screen Gems), “Fix,” “Red, White, and Blue,” and “Altitude” were also created by Aperture clients.


Siddharth Sanghvi, MBA, of Oakland, Calif., writes, “At the beginning of this year Priya Haji, MBA 03, David Guendelman, MBA 06, and I sold the World of Good brand to eBay. Over the last six years we have grown World of Good from a business plan at Haas to a venture-backed company connecting artisans from developing communities with mainstream retail markets. Through partnerships with Whole Foods, Disney, Hallmark, and eBay, World of Good built market access for 25,000-plus global producers from more than 70 countries. I am now the general manager of at eBay, and Priya is advising the eBay Global Citizenship team on their sustainable shopping initiatives. We are both in very good hands, as Robert Chatwani, MBA 08, the director of global citizenship is also a fellow Haas alum.”


Richard Velazquez, MBA, of Redmond, Wash., writes, “On a personal note, my father, Vidal Velazquez Sr., passed away in an automobile accident on Feb. 25 while visiting our family in his native Puerto Rico. As a U.S. Army veteran, Vidal Sr. received a funeral with full military honors. Vidal Sr. was a hard-working and self-sacrificing family man who always put the needs of his children above his own and instilled in his six children a great sense of honor and community service that we carry forward today. We all love him and will sorely miss him. On a professional note, I was prominently featured in the February/March 2010 issue of Latino Leaders magazine on a segment for emerging leaders in the Pacific Northwest. While the article was written before my father’s passing, I have pointed out that I owe all of my accomplishments to my father. Rest in peace, Dad.”           





Steven Egli, MBA, was recently named associate director at the investment bank Sandler O’Neill & Partners L.P. Steve advises financial institutions throughout the western United States on mergers and acquisitions as well as capital raising alternatives. Steve is married to Sarah Leeper, who was just promoted to partner at the law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP, and
they currently reside in Mill Valley, Calif.


Julie Maas, MBA, writes, “We are enjoying our fifth year in San Diego now. I’m also happy to have launched my new business, California Mediterranean, earlier this year. It’s a media company that celebrates elegant, green living.“           





John Cornwell, MBA, writes, “Last year I married Briana Anderson at the Corinthian YC in Tiburon, with us spending our honeymoon in Rome and on Sardinia. Recently, I joined both venture-backed vaccine company Vaxart as VP of business and product development and as a managing partner of Falcon Partners, a newly formed real estate investment fund based in San Francisco. I’m really enjoying the challenge of working in two disparate industries.”


Apurva Davé, MBA, of San Francisco, writes, “Has it already been five years? The Bay Area has treated me well since we graduated. I’m engaged to Heather Mills, and we’re tying the knot this August in Mill Valley, Calif. I continue to travel the world, surf, and backpack. I’m now the vice president of product marketing at Riverbed, the company I joined right out of Haas. Please keep in touch!” 


Colin Duthie, MBA, and wife, Janelle, are proud to announce the birth of a baby boy, Campbell Robert. He was born on Dec. 16, 2009, weighing 7 pounds, 6 ounces. The family resides in Hermosa Beach, Calif.          


Toshiharu Sakurai, MBA, of Tokyo, Japan writes, “I am working as EVP of Mitsui Medical Associates Co. since July 2009, helping health care providers (hospitals) improve their purchasing of medical devices and supplies. Our three daughters (15, 12, and 9)
are growing up quickly. Quite noisy at home.”    


Phil Strauss, MBA, of San Francisco, is a business development executive with Xerox Litigation Services, a division of Xerox Corp. providing software and services for litigation support and discovery.               



2006| 5th MBA reunion
April 28-May 1, 2011


Wes Kong, MBA, of San Francisco, writes, “Working feverishly to bring Bulldog Gin to California and beyond.”                       





Nicole Baer, MBA, writes, “I recently took on a new role at Radford/Aon as vice president of sales and marketing. We are also expecting our second child and are awaiting the completion of our new East Bay home in June, just in time for our baby boy’s arrival in July!”


Nate Bucholz, MBA, writes, “Back in December, I spent a month in Mexico City as part of a Google rotation program. That trip reignited the travel bug. In May, my wife, Anya, and I will move from Seattle to London, where I’ll work out of Google’s European headquarters for advertising and sales. If you are in the area, look us up!”    


John Donovan, MBA, of San Francisco, has been splitting his time doing business development for a small biotech and practicing anesthesiology. Earlier this year he helped lead a 15-member surgical team that traveled to Haiti shortly after the earthquake.  





Bonghun Lee, MBA, is associate director, corporate finance for Standard Chartered First Bank Korea Ltd.


Darrin Steele, MBA, of Colorado Springs, Colo., writes, “In 2007 I accepted the position of CEO of USA Bobsled & Skeleton Federation (I competed in 1998 and 2002 on the Olympic Bobsled Team). Our four-man bobsled team made history at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver by earning the first gold medal in the event in 62 years. Leading a national governing body is very much like running a small business. I’ve been able to apply my MBA education to everything from marketing and sales to operations and finance. I’m spending most of my time now seeking new sponsorship partners as we begin our planning for the next Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, in 2014. You can learn more about the team at”


Victor Tse, MBA, of Foster City, Calif., planned to bicycle in June in the AIDS/LifeCycle 9, a 7-day, 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to make a world of difference in the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS. Thanks to generous donations
from colleagues, friends, and Haas alumni, he has raised a few thousands dollar so far.” 


Kamesh Tumsi, MBA, of Atlanta, Ga., is heading product management and strategy functions to create innovative products at Allconnect, a 600-person company focused on helping customers with convenient solutions for a broad range of home services. He is playing a key role in transforming the company from a B2B focus to a consumer-focused brand by creating deeper relationships with consumers.





Charlene Chen, MBA, writes, “At the beginning of April, I moved to Nairobi to start a new job as a product manager at KickStart International, a nonprofit whose mission is to help millions of people out of poverty by promoting sustainable economic growth and employment creation in Kenya and other developing countries. We develop and promote technologies such as foot-powered irrigation pumps that can be used by entrepreneurs to establish and run profitable small-scale enterprises. Since I sadly wasn’t able to attend our one-year reunion, I’d like to extend an invitation to everyone to come visit me in Kenya!”  


Sanjay Choudhry, MBA, of Sunnyvale, Calif., joined the board of Karmic Foundation Organization. Karmic provides a sophisticated Web-based platform for individuals, corporations, and institutions to participate in the social transformation of India, where donors can help the poor of India by giving online to a pre-certified NGO of their choice. Sanjay is currently responsible for product and release management at MSC Software, a portfolio company of Symphony Technology Group. In this position, he is responsible for product strategy, planning, pricing, quality, documentation, training and university program of all of MSC’s software and enterprise products. Prior to that he was VP of products at Marc Analysis Research Corporation, managing all aspects of the products. Sanjay has a B.Tech. in mechanical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur as well as an MS and a PhD in engineering with focus on computational mechanics and applied math from Ohio State University at Columbus. He has numerous publications and has been an invited speaker in several national and international conferences.


Christopher Cronk, MBA, of San Francisco, and Kara Fischer (travel/study, Stanford Alumni Association) were married in
San Francisco Jan. 30.

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Sayuti Hasibuan, PhD, writes, “After working for the government of Indonesia from 1971 to 1996, I am now back in the education business as dean in the department of economics at Al Azhar University Indonesia. I have three children, one deceased, and six grandchildren. You may access my writings at in English. I would like to hear your comments and please send them to me at”   

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Jing Wang, BCEMBA, writes, “My family and I have moved temporarily to Beijing, China, since May of 2009. I’m working with the CIO of Lenovo as her TA on Lenovo business transformation projects. My daughter (9) goes to Beijing traditional Chinese school, and it’s surprising how quickly she picks up Chinese.”





Stephen Bulfer, BCEMBA, moved from New York to San Francisco to live out the entrepreneur’s dream. He joined a sales and marketing strategy firm, Method Partners, and served several high-tech and digital media clients in Silicon Valley on Customer Intelligence challenges. In 2009, he founded a startup called, whose mission is to simplify individuals’ lives through smart information management. LifeCellar is an interactive platform that allows people to intelligently manage their life information and collaborate with people they trust—anywhere, anytime.





Sonya Kim, BCEMBA, MD, writes, “After graduating from the BCEMBA program, I was determined to build a startup that would have a positive impact in our healthcare system while leveraging my passion in medicine and business. While I was connecting with my prospective clients (during my customer development phase), I have found a path to deliver world-class, same-day medicine at the comfort of my patients’ homes. Special thanks to Professor Teck Ho for sharing his pearls of wisdom with me. The mission of Best MD House Calls is to provide our patients world-class acute medical and wellness care, including the information they need to make their personal healthcare decisions. We provide these services with a dedication to the highest level of patient satisfaction by delivering the best quality of timely care with compassion and personal attention. As the founder and the medical director of Best MD House Calls, I welcome any comments or feedback at”

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Ernesto Diaz, Executive Development, of San Francisco, writes, “I just published a book called Jesuit Education and Mathematics: Review of Literature on the History of Jesuit Education and Mathematics, based on my research at Dominican University of California. The book tells the story of Jesuit education and mathematics since the 16th century to the present day. Much of it has to do with the influence of Jesuits, Jesuit education, and the role of mathematics in the late Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution. It has all the appeal of a great thriller: humble beginning with a small band of idealists choosing the best tools and methods to tackle monumental goals, hardships and struggles to convince the current wisdom that a radical change is necessary, unexpected growth of new technology and knowledge and its implications extending beyond the imagination, attacks from the competition (and sometimes from inside) and being forced to disband, the absolute joy of working with people that share your ideas and passion, and the striving to make a difference and have a positive impact on society. I loved working on it.” 



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Other Affiliations

Harvey Rowen, JD 67, a member of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology and former member of the Dean’s Advisory Board and Degree, of Danville, Calif., had breakfast recently with Professor Emeritus Dr. Janet Yellen, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. She talked about the Fed’s take on the economy and interest rates. Read Harvey’s blog on the breakfast at“


Darryl Henley, MPH 71, writes, “I was a hospital administrator from 1965 to 2001, with several gaps in related fields. I have been managing the Los Banos Cemetery for the past eight years, so I have done well with my Cal education.“


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