Summer 2005

In Brief

News from the Haas School

  • Haas Alumnus Gives $25 Million for Executive Education Building
  • $3M Gift to Create Maxwell Fellows
  • Rudd Family Endows Chair in Finance
  • Big Apple Office for Hiring Haas
  • Future Optometrists Get Business Edge
  • Digital Media Thrives at Haas
  • Haas Trains Russian Professors
  • Hendershott and Dal Bó Honored
  • Lester Center Honors Kramlich
  • Haas Moves Up to #6 in US News
  • Haas Student Teams Win National Competitions
  • Redesign Promotes Collaboration
  • Intel and Haas Join Forces

  • Haas School Dean Rich Lyons, BS 82

    Talent Show

    A very musical Haas School Dean Rich Lyons, BS 82, gives his all at the MBA Talent show, one of many events that make up "dis-orientation" week in May, a time for graduating students to celebrate the completion of their full-time MBA experience.